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Anathema - Falling Deeper lyrics


03. Kingdom

Music by Danny Cavanagh
Lyrics by Darren White, Danny Cavanagh
This kingdom is so real
My hand on your heart
I feel a beating
The kingdom is so real
The beauty is endless

05. Everwake

Music by Danny Cavanagh
Lyrics by Darren White
Somniferous whisperings of scarlet fields
Sleep calling me, and my dreams are wondrous

My reality is abandoned, I traverse afar
Not a care if I never, ever wake

07. Alone

Music & lyrics by Danny Cavanagh
I gave you my soul
You left me dying

(Freezing in the cold wind that screams through the
Silence in the barren wastes of my heart)

Within the walls of my mind
The winter serenade fell silent to me

09. Sunset Of Age

Music by Danny Cavanagh
Lyrics by Vincent O'Connell, Duncan Patterson
Throne of grief
In a dying essence
Crying beauty
The fettered aura

Forgotten oceans of hope
Betrayed aphony
Sullen laughter
In unventured paradise

As one, forever searching
For landscapes serene
Amidst the sunset of age
With joyous masquerade
The summers died