Xandria - Kill The Sun lyrics


01. Kill The Sun

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
I am down at the water
My bare feet are numb
And for aeons now nothing seems real

Now it´s hard to hold sight
Through your soft eiderdown
But I still got my hands on the wheel

You have set my mind
Between worlds spinning round
I´m a stranger in my universe

But Í see my sun
And I know that it will
Be forever shining on earth

You can rain down on me
But you can´t darken the sun
You can cast a spell on the moon
But you can´t kill the sun

02. Mermaids

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Sigh - for they make you feel alive
Try - it´s just one step aside
Fly - over seas of drunken wine
Lie - cause you´ll never draw a line

Cry - for they leave you cold and dead
Ride - til the last of suns is set

Don´t dive too deep - too deep into the sea

Come and be a child of the blue
We make the azure dream come true

I drift and fall - sapphire spear inside
they come for me and softly close my eyes

Fight - for this is your last chance

Come and be a child of the blue
Leave the past, we make it new

You will always be our child

03. Ginger

Music by Lisa Middelhauve & Marco Heubaum
Lyrics by Lisa Middelhauve
Something infests me when i´m alone
It´s lunacy
I want to vomit, spit out my life
So queer it seems
Retract your reverence and slander me
I´m the traitor of mine
A close-up picture of my lost chastity
There´s nothing left of me anymore

In gloom I wander, it batters me
Though I subsist of it
The smell of incense arouses me
Abeyance maddens me
A ginger sunset is my caress
As I expire
As music´s fading I fade within
There´s nothing left of me anymore

And no rain can wash away those bloody tears
As sweet sounds of destruction reach my ears
Red lips like roses call my name
But laughter is all the woman of now hears

04. She's Nirvana

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Do you dare to taste her soul
Do you like to trick control
Did you think this world was real
Realize this was the deal

She´s ether fire - burns away all the dire
You will feel her touch for a while

Do you see her through the waves
Do you think it´s her who saves
With a blink of radiant eye
Would you really dare to try?

She´s like a fawn - just appears and then gone
What remains will be just this one song

She´s eternity behind her disguise
You have almost seen a world in her eyes
But you´ve known that it would never be born
She´s flown away like a leaf in a stor

05. Forever Yours

Music & lyrics by Lisa Middelhauve
It feels like
Keeping and holding a star in the sky
Born to be born again with you
The days of thunder cry their goodbye
And for the first time I know what to do
I just keep on being one with you

Forever yours, forever yours
I'm here to stay
Cause in your arms, in your arms
I feel so save

Forever yours, forever yours
I'm here to stay
Cause in your arms, in your arms
I feel so save

Loving and fighting the mirror I need
Dearest I'm down on the ground
Waiting to see whereto the storm leads
It's my blood that bleeds from your wounds
Dearest you're all that I need

And when I kiss you
Your lips are the onla food I need
Your fingertips open
Spaces that make me complete
Dearest you're all that I need


Loving - fighting
Holding - losing
Giving - taking

Wanting forever you

für Marco (for Marco)

06. Casablanca

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
At the temple of black gods I failed again
For you - a chilvarous end for a man
Clandestine enthralling haze
A docile sacrifice for your grace

Resurrect from the ban they put on you
Fall again - you will - what they foreknew
Only gods illuminate
And just a slave to be is my fate

And you will hear me
Siren´s calls of temptation
Teasing you
No limit will be
No taboo of imagination
I´ll fill your void

I will always savour you
As I will always be your fool

07. So You Disappear

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
I breathe the scent of your hair
Your emerald eyes are closed
There´s still some music in the air
Feels like time no more flows

We sit, you´re in my arms
Watching the first daylight gleam
You say: "I like your warmth"
A voice just in a dream

In chaos waters I do swim
And you´re the stone one´s thrown into
A frail creature now gets dim
As the gold turns into blue

Made me think you were so damn near
Like a bright shining star
But reaching out you disappeared
For real you are so very far

I was dreaming of the wind
I was dreaming like a child
A prince and princess fairy tale
And so you disappear

I was dreaming of the fire
Of the time when it was wild
I was dreaming far too sweet
And so you disappear

08. Wisdom

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
We scintilate like cedar stones
In plasma veil as ancient ones
In cold war years you were my fears
But just to gain the power to reign

Satan´s blood in our veins
The pigfaced mud will be slain
But no-one dies when blackseas dry
And no-one kill - forever this will
Our wisdom be

09. Isis / Osiris

Music & lyrics by Lisa Middelhauve & Marco Heubaum
"I am birth - I am death
I´m an elusive symbol
For eternal come and go
For come and go

I have come - I have gone
I have shown you moira
And her restless re-creation
Your own re-creation"

"Never, no never the day will go down on me
Within knowing him by my side
Sothis, o Sothis, don´t pass me again
Before I know how to heal
Who is shattered by the forces of the night"

10. Calyx Virago

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Fading lights I sink into
This other world where only you
Can heal my wounds and make me see
Only here I am free

You are the night with all its charm
Glowing darkness keeps me warm
Take my life - just one caress
Let me be forever yours