Hell - Human Remains lyrics


01. Overture: Themes from "Deathsquad"

Music by Kevin Bower

02. On Earth As It Is In Hell

Music by Kevin Bower, Tony Speakman
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
I am the messenger, I come to you this day
Bringing dreadful warnings, heed what I say
Think well on my words and do not delay
Your faith will be the spade with which you dig your own grave

I have knowledge, I have seen
What our master has decreed
From this day, oh, it shall be
On Earth as it is in Hell
As it is in Hell

Vile venomous visions infest my dreams
Foul forthcomings my brains unseem
The wheel is spinning, spawned is the seed
Of the Devil incarnate, evil extreme

I have knowledge, I have seen
What our master has decreed
From this day, oh, it shall be
On Earth as it is in Hell
As it is, as it is, as it is in Hell

Our father where are you?
Now your prophecy is coming true
When your children scream and cry
When we suffer and will die forever

On Earth as it is in Hell!
On Earth as it is in Hell!
On Earth as it is in Hell!
On Earth as it is in Hell!

Who can we believe in? Who do we turn to now?
Who will be our saviour in the end?
What's the final answer? Submit to the evil lord
The tempter or "Holy one" by who we are conemned?

I am the messenger, I come to you this day
Bringing dreadful warning, heed what I say
Hark well on my words and do not delay
Your faith will be the spade with which you dig your own grave

I have knowledge, I have seen
What our master has decreed
From this day, oh, it shall be
On Earth as it is in Hell
As it is, as it is, as it is in Hell

03. Plague And Fyre

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
Roses blister on his skin
Fill him full of lies, withered posies crumbling in his hand
Destroy the lucky amulet, and damn us with the flies, read the last rites
"Blessed be the people" is a mockery, from clergy which approves the kiss of death
Ring-a-ring the children sing, the black plague bells are heralding
The funeral pyre, for beggar, priest and king

No, no, no - nobility's no sanctuary
Flee, flee, flee - the rat's bubonic flea
But the sourge is everywhere, England weeps in her despair
And in misty eyes a cure cannot be seen

Raging pox and pestilence are dripping with blood
The slavery black dog roams everywhere
Smite the one he bites, and drags the ones he misses down, the worst is yet to come
As 1665 turns into 1666, a dread lead to none before grips every man
As the prince of darkness sets aloose his wicked bag of tricks

"This plague and the impending conflagrations are signs from God
And thus we, the flagellants, shall inflict punishment
Upon our bodily flesh and other earthly manifestations
To atone for the sins of the world"

Satan has sent out a plot as cruel as it was grand,
To raze away the English capital
As the final began, he brought the flames to make his stand
And thirteen times the baker shook his hand
In the hellish heat of his retreat, the devil did a spy
The souls of London town were ripe for taking
From the depth of his disguise, through the black slits of his eyes
The fallen angel watched the city die

Fire, fire, fire - is burning London town
Try, try, try - to beat flames down
But the heat is too intense, and its thirst cannot be quenched
And London's burning to the ground

Ring-a-ring o'roses, a pocket full o'posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo! - we all fall down

04. The Oppressors

Music & lyrics by Dave G. Halliday, Alan Short
I loose my tongue
And tell all who will listen
And beg of my friend
To assume my position
Pretending belief,
Then try to explain
But clearly they really believe I'm insane

Despite the intensity of all that I have seen
My rigid conviction - it was not a dream
They cast seeds of uncertainty
Deep in my mind
They implant ambiguity
Attempting to blind me

My trembling arm is taken
By a stranger's outstretched hand
His grip is firm
His voice is firm
And I succumb
To his demands

Confused (and not a little scared) I am taken to a room, where but one single candle flame relieves the heavy gloom
There do I retell my tale, not once, but many times, at last, believed, I am relieved, contentment now is mine

"...In ships of fire and helms of bronze they came to meet me
A sight as strange as death itself - believe me, don't bereave me
Children of light from the corners of time, fanning the embers of piece
Their intent was defied in the face of mankind, and begone, we compelled them to leave..."
All at once their sympathy averts to ridicule, they scorn me as they would a clown, a jester, or a fool
"Forgive us for misleading you", my captor wryly said, "those things you saw were real enough - but only in your head"

So am I insane? Now I'm not so sure, straining my senses still I must endure
Trapped in this labyrinth of doubt and confusion, denial of all is my only solution

05. Blasphemy And The Master

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
God cursed my vile obscenity - and cast this wretched pox on me
Thus to annul my blasphemy - must I endure hell's purgatory
This plea I proffer unto thee - O mentor of my destiny
I beg thy blackened soul - to take this wretch within thy clemency
From barren realms of morbid fear - this foul tempestuous cross to bear
O Satan I beseech thee to have mercy on my soul

Even as I speak marasmus eats my flesh as I resign myself
To suffer sinners sentence of eternal scorching flame
Wracked with pain I crawl away to find some stinking hole
To vainly pray for succor to my weary vanquished soul

Satan I bow to the devil - Satan I crawl to the devil

All at once through acrid smoke I peer, terror grips my heart
Mesmerized, I fawn before the evil prince of darkness
Putrid pus seeps from my eyes, the sulphur burns my flesh
Where art thou Lucifer? What must I do to end this living death?

Assuming shape of goatlike man the tempter stands before me
And speaking slowly, summons wretched sinners seeking sanctuary
"Your blasphemy will be undone the day you hail the darkest one"

De profundis clamavi ad te Domine, Domine exaudi vocem meam
Quia apud Dominum misericordia, Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui sancto

Uoyk cuf dnayna pmoc ruoyk cufwo nemtak oolt sujtu bsde erbflahg nik cufoy
Revoem dek cufuoy nehtefil ymmor fsrae yneeth gieko o tuoy revir dikkin ecnerwal
Mloclam njip iptreb nos ggyr tgise nra jbek ctred sevy stred sred nely noh tna

For selling my divinity a blackened angel I shall be
And never more must I endure
Hell's wrath - hell's fire - hell's curse - hell sent
Hell's toll - hell bells - hell raise - hell bent
Hell's gates - hell's woe - hell's wrath - hells end

Thus he annulled my blasphemy
And scoured the plague of plagues from me
Innocently I believed that I possessed immunity
Then bitter truth did dawn on me
That I must spend eternity
In hades (not in penance) but in base servility

06. Let Battle Commence

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
Hello! Good Evening! Welcome To The Show!
Here's Some Information That We Think You Should Know
We Are Intent On Inciting You - Bent On Exciting You
Let The Battle Commence
It's A Full-Scale Attack, There Is No Holding Back
Over The Top We Go - Charge!

Fire Rages In This Domain, Still We Stand Our Ground, Defiant We Remain
Using Every Single Trick To Hold You In Our Spell
I Bid You Welcome To Hell

We Are The Hunters - Our Task Is To Hunt You
But We Shall Taunt You Before We Confront You
We Tantalise And Tease, But Our Aim Is To Please
This Quest We Must Achieve
By Hook Or By Crook We Shall Force You To Pay
Then The Prey Will Pray

Repeat Chorus

Primaeval Masochists Gathered In Hordes
Pleading For Mercy - Then Begging For More
Like A Primitive Rite - In The Black Of The Night
Pagans, One And All
Your Heart Starts To Pound As Your Feet Stamp The Ground
Literally Shaking The Floor

I Defy The Very Devil To Dare To Cross My Path
If He Did, Iswear To You - He Would Suffer From My Wrath
The Sharp End Of My Tongue Is More Lethal Than The Sword
My Magic Incantions Would Crash Him To The Floor
We Give You Our All - It's A Question Of Pride
We Bare Our Emotions, We Have Nothing To Hide

Repeat Chorus
I Bid You Welcome
I Bid You Welcome
I Bid You Welcome To Hell

07. The Devil's Deadly Weapon

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by David Bower
Who live by the sword shall likewise die, and in their bloody beds shall lie
I pledge myself to slay this beast, and when this deed is done shall I
In noble death or glory rest, when breath has fled its savage breast
This loathsome task I must perform, and thus my earthly fate is sworn
God's hideous carnage wrought upon - the devils deadly weapon

Hear the sound of distant thunder, the time has come again
The pagan gods with their whips all lashing, roar the sound of Satan's name
Bursting up through sodden wastelands, a dire and fearsome sight
The hideous blackened lords of Hell are come to try your might
Soul destroying - mind corrupting - eyes of fire - rancid breath
Leaving roots of manhood bleeding, emblazing trails of death

Hell spawns fire - the devil is within us - a funeral pyre for all
Out of the brimstone mire - Satan is within us
Seething with rage - and bent on destroying us all

What worthless creatures flock behind him? Sinners seeking grace?
Wildly wielding wicked weapons, resting souls to waste
Painted lakes are stained with crimson - rivers burst their bloodied banks
Shredded sinews, burning bodies, panic reigns amongst the ranks

Hell spawns fire - the devil is within us - a funeral pyre for all
Out of the brimstone mire - Satan is within us
Seething with rage - and bent on destroying us all

Soldiers from their graves rising, lift up our hopes of salvation
Saintly swords from scabbards leaping, scatter the devil's creations
Horses eyes in sockets bulging, charging again and again
Snorting nostrils flared with anger, from our breasts leap flame
The devil turns his pointed tail and fires a vile retort
As we vomit and phlegm, he rekindles his men, and commences the second onslaught

Butchered, slaughtered, hung, drawn and quartered
Massacred, murdered, and maimed
Flayed alive, crucified, bellies ripped open wide
Disfigured, dismembered, and slain
Our gallant defenders are rendered senseless, helpless we watch them die
With the stench of defeat growing stronger and stronger
We scatter and flee for our lives

On Earth, the mighty gates of Hades, shuddering slowly lurch
In storms the noxious and victorious hordes of Satan's church
The devil is within us all...

08. The Quest

Music & lyrics by Dave G. Halliday, Kevin Bower, Tony Speakman, Tim Bowler
Searching for something - I look to the open door
I feel a raw anticipation I have never known before
Strange sensations shake my senses to the core
My head is reeling, but my body craves for more

If you truly believe in what you do
Your dreams one day will come true
If you truly believe in what you do
One day your dreams will come true

Braving the unknown I walk through the open door
Could this be my reincarnation? I have felt this thrill before
The revelations of rebirth fill me with the greatest awe
My addiction to adrenaline screams for ever more

09. Macbeth

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
When shall we three meet again - in thunder, lightning, or rain?
When the hurly burly's done, when the battle's lost and won
That will be ere that set of sun
Where the place? - upon the heath
And there to meet with Macbeth

To Macbeth and Banquo came the three sisters weird
Macbeth they met with titles that were strange to his ears
"Thane of Cawdor, king to be" - so went their prophesy

That wretched name Cawdor seemed to breed treachery
The thane that came before, and Macbeth did agree
By Duncan;s death all of the land would fall to aching hands

Double, double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble
Be bloody bold and resolute and never fear death
For no man of woman born shall ever harm Macbeth

A guilty and tormented soul, so deeply steeped in sin
The gory glory's bloody story mauls Macbeth within
Dreadful frights - grisly sights - sleepless and tormented nights
Macbeth's ill-gotten gains are plagued by nightmare's savage bite

Witches' words recalled - soothed his pain, brought him calm
Macbeth believed himself to be free from all harm
He was yet to meet the man who would make him despair his charm

Dunsinane's battle was over and won
Almost before bold Macbeth was undone
Macduff tolled the knell of Macbeth's coming doom
When he was untimely ripped from the womb
Charged with a task long before he was born
Macduff was the one not of woman born

10. Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
I find it hard to see that in this modern age
So many people are easily outraged
They shouldn't be such narrow minded fools

I think the puritans have more than had their say
And I for one am bored with all their rules

I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to do
Self-appointed guardians - no better then me or you

Save us from those who would save us

They make the barriers and we must break them down
We must ensure they're stopped before
They got a proper foothold in your mind
Narrow minded fools

They'll conscript your conscience, they'll make you bow and cower
So watch your step, they're never far behind.

11. No Martyr's Cage

Music by Kevin Bower
Lyrics by Dave G. Halliday
Constrained, find no solace here, my finite quest lies paralysed
Sequestering dreams internally - indemnify my will to die
Closed iron bars adorn my home, a palisade? A palindrome?
The red regalia's savage chafe.....has sealed this bastard's fate

An annuloid penitentiary, in which humanity suffers brutality
An aristocracy of inconsistency, whose hierarchy exalts monotony
But your apology is sheer hypocrisy - a masquerade with no integrity

Forever drowning slowly in a sea of deathly dreams
A caustic embrocation to the mental wounds of fear

Is this fantasy? - or insanity?

Mindless fascination with the cracks which rise and fall
Constant masturbation to the pictures on my wall
An epitaph to frustration, a nightmare, base disorientation
A hopeless quest, I cannot rest,
A shackled man, withheld, oppressed

Pallor taints my haggard face, I strain and struggle to remain
A member of the human race
Smash! Lash! Slap! And crack! - stretched and wrenched upon the rack
Whipping, dripping, stripping slices cruelly from an aching back
Piece by piece, torn apart, but still they cannot break my heart
Or my spirit's deep elation
This butchery, a bloody proof for those who cannot hear the truth
Should not be loosed on any nation

"In a world devoid of divinity, only the human remains."