Dark Tranquillity - The Gallery lyrics


01. Punish My Heaven

Music by Johansson, Sundin, Jivarp
Lyrics by Stanne, Sundin
We are the outstretched fingers that seize and hold the wind

The strangeness of awakening in an oh so silent world
Breathlessly waiting for the first proud beams of light
As the hours grow longer and the shadows never fall

My sky has forsaken me - my desperation grows

Bring me the light
In the fires that never end
The dawn will never come
Punish my heaven

We have arrived at the outermost crossroads
The charge of cosmos at our atmospheric skies
Will cause our fall

If I had wings, would I be forgiving?
If I had horns, would there be flames to shy my smile?

Hymns of loss are heard from the masses in the streets
Praising the last of days - I punish

The charge of cosmos
Charging us from unearthly distance
I challenge the universe
It's the choice between heaven and hell

My soul bears all the weight of mountains
As mankind weaves its silent end
Can there be no forgiveness?

I curse the heaven above me
As the light sinks through my outstretched fingers
Fading in my open arms

Make each tear in my bare hands a lifetime in hell
On this last day of light when our autumn leaves fell
And as heaven itself commands me out of its lair
I fear not, my face lined for darkness I'll go

02. Silence, And The Firmament Withdrew

Music by Sundin, Henriksson
Lyrics by Sundin, Stanne
Make all the cold trees mourn
Their branches frozen in sightless motion
Waving, reaching for the whipping rain

There was silence
And the firmament withdrew
Revealing all
Shapelessly and swiftly

In carmine and crimson stood flaming the sky
The relics of myths that exploded and died

Dismantle the sun and the stars in their rise
And rend from the skyline the black in our eyes

The skyline so empty
All but one, non-existent

Words were not, nor gesture, thought or life
The skydancers laid slain and old
The firmament in perpetual withdrawal

Lux Aeterna
Sing unto the world

03. Edenspring

Music by Sundin, Johansson
Lyrics by Stanne
Time conceals itself in error
When all is turned to lie
Blissful rapture flee from me
The liquid light shares its grandeur
The spring of Eden shall never run dry
Creation holds its breath

Tomorrow is no friend of mine

Drench logic
Drench judgement
Every sense is new

For we know no tomorrow
And yesterday appears in fragmentary form

What now must burn
Shall with newfound strength emerge
Drift through my eyes
Bacchi gates, bid me welcome

So drink from the fountain everlasting

With these eyes
The land can no longer deceive

He cried into nothing with the voice of his soul
New logic brought upon the remains of his land
The land deceives

04. The Dividing Line

Music by Jivarp, Johansson, Sundin
Lyrics by Stanne
Dance the dividing line

We shall burn the earth
We shall burn our lives

For the tallest tree shall battle most
The wind it leaves the weak behind
The storm that you've denied me
Shall force your world to fall
Your castles made to tremble
With foundations based upon a lie

The storm that you've denied me
Sweep the undivided truth

His mind shall not of thoughts be tempted
Nor words can heal his bleeding scars

We must burn our minds

Colours collide with the words of his beliefs
Bring back the storm of distant years
Tumbling, trembling, as there is no waking up
There's no dividing line as logic now fails

Stream upwards, rage against them all
Speak of words hidden in your song
Mere mortals strive for strength in numbers
There's no dividing line

As the writer defies the empty page
The empty mind its feed shall seek

Pass on to the frail and mindless now what sanity discards
The storm shall sweep the weak of heart
And tear your castles down
Crush the very foundations on which your faith is based
Torn across the dividing line

05. The Gallery

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne, Sundin
Come and dance through my vanity's halls
Welcome to my exhibition

Ornaments fall
The fate of my art, condemned
And the creative seed
That grows to the tune of the harvest song
Embody my lifelong passion
Intertwine with the structures of my art
Those empty frames staring at me

One lonely portrait
Covers the lovestarved canvas
In honour of the birthless rebellion within me

Every picture holds a tale
Every shade tells of a thousand words

The artistry of living chaos
Is pictured in the poet's tears
'Cause everything burns
The final concept
Is all but a thought away

Be gone, you foul enchantress of decay
My thoughts and words will come to right
In my chamber where chaos conveys
Kneel down to my desire

Deep in the vaults of my carnal agony
Orchestration through colours
The gallery

Never return be my freedom
All that is lost
Burning my art

06. The One Brooding Warning

Music by Henriksson, Johansson, Sundin
Lyrics by Stanne
Devoid of life
Far from the strengthening force
From which it feeds
The unbroken silence swear allegiance to thee
Behold the answers that darkness sets free

Freedom beyond the enslavement

Never let loose upon the world
Can we forgive the enchanter
That dance beyond the skyline dark
The stains of fire, the one begotten ancestor
To one of far greater strength
Starvation divine

For he shall stand no taller
Than the flame that is his feed

Let us not go gently
Into the endless winternight
We are but strangers acting on
Our fragmentary perception

Perception is the lie of the misled
Things are not what they appear
So swear by your deception:

There shan't be fire
Nor shall the flame
Quench the desire to reign
With fear of its dawning appears not in sight
The one brooding warning
Stands clearer than night

07. Midway Through Infinity

Music by Sundin, Jivarp, Henriksson, Johansson
Lyrics by Stanne
Wings of fire burn the night
Slumbering eyes their flares shall greet
Let the past cling on its futile self
And may the present rush for the future's glare

Grave to cradle, cradle to grave
So infinity clash
Grave to cradle, cradle to grave
In twofold matter

Two forces gone full circle
Never shall one of the other grow fond
Join me, the time is upon us

He spoke, and in fury we flew

Far beyond the limits of time
Disown the borders of life itself
Crafted and moulded all in one form
Split up and scattered in the world that we own

Grow towards me
Benight the strength of the symbiosis
Backwards striving counterparts with
Different eyes have observed
Of time unconditional

Tell of days to come
Tomorrow remembered
Your yesterday, my future

Recollection of the day
Delusions cast where dead trees sway

The sabre that separates
Is the candle that burns both ends

Born from death you now confront me
Back to death with my life I take you
Die more with each movement of mine

08. Lethe

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Sundin
Give me to drink of the fluid that disintegrates
And lend me the sweet balm and blessing
Of forgetfulness, empty and strong

Hold me near, unravel the stars
As I speed through the heavens
I speed through the night
For you are my blade and my rope
Your are my Lethe

In currents of cobalt you storm through my heart
To sever, to puncture the memories that burn
Let sweep through the arteries in sharp stabs of pain
Your talon-like fingers to kill me again

Steal me, invade me, and charge me again
And again, and again, and again
For I burn and I shudder
Burn with each movement of

So cleansed through a floodlight
I appear, renewed and reforged
Caressed by the sweet balm and blessing
Of forgetfulness, empty and strong

Hold me near, my one friend and guide
As I drown through your fingers
Drown through your love
For you are the life I hate
You are my Lethe

Drag me down, in passionate sighs
With the ocean above me and flames in my eyes
And grant me a life I can live

09. The Emptiness From Which I Fed

Music by Henriksson, Sundin, Johansson
Lyrics by Stanne
Silence in shivering solitude
Obligations pressure for all to bear
All the pitiful answers, the innocent lies
Can mere words fill the emptiness from which I fed?

Be gone, oh yielding evidence of greed
Safe now in the other shore
Behind: the emptiness from which I fled

Can silence be shared?
If so, can the perception of silence fit into the frame
Which is to represent the unity for which we stand,
The confines representing a timeless sacrifice?
No eye can of silence tell lie

Silence, yet the absence of sound does not feed me
The essence of beauty alone
Fall silent to lingering charm
Brought forth be the sun
Shed light on the emptiness

What can be extracted from nothing?
What can be found within the emptiness?

Brought along be the errors of our ways
As is denial, so is contempt
Introspective to all but one
Tear apart the flames
No eye can of silence tell lie

How can I even begin
The battle where no one wins?
From answers I now flee

Screaming out to no avail
Have I become what for so long I have dread?
The missing pieces must now be replaced

What eyesight fails to grasp
Is the emptiness from which I fed

10. Mine Is The Grandeur...

Music by Henriksson, Sundin

11. ... Of Melancholy Burning

Music by Henriksson
Lyrics by Stanne
Jackal, aches for pain beyond me
Bestiality beckons, the anger set free
For there is no pain greater than thine
For there is no gain but the fury inside

Desolated, since derived
Torn screaming from the gaping wounds
Always be cherished the grandeur of melancholy
Outward reprisal, swear by your throne

Fallen words shall grieve thee - the grandeur of melancholy

Frailty, thy name is weakness - vengeance, thy name is pain

Storm through the still glowing night
Ember eyes beyond reason shall see

Flee from the safety of the sheltering sky
See all but logic, so vengeance shall be
Mine is the grandeur of melancholy burning

Charge into uncertainty's promised land
Always and never you are the nail

Cursed, cursed - oh essence of the night, guide me
Cursed, cursed - oh sweet revenge, heal me

Jackal, aches for pain beyond me
The storm that now grabs me is the storm of my soul

Once so bereaved, and ever so suppressed
Charge, and split up the anger,
Wake up the jackal, let out his wrath

Always and never he spoke of his pain
Always and never you are the nail
Always be cherished the grandeur of melancholy
Always and never you are the nail