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Esoteric - Paragon Of Dissonance lyrics


01. Abandonment

Music & lyrics by Nolan/Chandler
When the spoken words make less sense than those unspoken.
And resentment is all that is left to give.

Still we go through the facade
Wasting our time humoring insanities.

And know so well.
Sense has no place here.
Fire, running with abandonment
Until there's no place left to burn

Did those eyes drown?
Did the soul slip so far down it became lost?
Is the only spirit left, the one that passes the lips?

An age of destruction
I watch, my disbelief waiting for a change

The will for resolution faded fast.
And in the end, it stands for nothing, counts for nothing.

Tis like a funeral march
Driving towards the death
Awaiting the vultures' cal

02. Loss Of Will

Music & lyrics by Chandler
Doubt stripping the soul
Unending questions driving me into insanity.

Time took its toll,
Enough to ensure,
The mind cannot mirror the soul.

With each tide,
The will corrodes further.

Relentless grip,
Squeezing out the life,
Of this shipwrecked body,
Lost in the gallows of hopes and dreams...

Reality crumbles,
Shivering, truth lay bare.

And the roads of nonchalance grew upon...

03. Cipher

Music & lyrics by Nolan/Bodossian
Through empty platitudes
And frozen comforts
There is no consolation
Obsolecence surrounds me
Unheard I scream
A destitude awareness

I had nothing
I have nothing

I watch them all
A beautiful dream of ignorence
I see them all
Waiting for their end

They have nothing
There is nothing
Unheard I scream

04. Non Being

Music & lyrics by Bicknell/Chandler
Unable to rest
Nothing left but angst
Not even one moment of tranquility awaits

Figures passing by,
Time moves on,
But each part at a different pace

Unable to contact
To the paths that find peace
Addled to no longer feel.

Destroying the self...
Consuming death...

Into non-being...

05. Aberration

Music & lyrics by Chandler
Staring as I prepare to leave this mortal coil
To pass through these portals
To the gateway of experience

I release, into this sense of falling
Hullucinations flood my eyes
Thoughts, memories pouring through

Racing unchartered vessels,
Evolving through this twisted, psychotropic journey.

Drifting within waves of consciousness
Momentum gathers swiftly.
Pulsing, generating intensity.

Deeper still,
Nausea ringing from the depths,
Bent double within psychosis,
As vomit and blood spew forth.
Time and space distort as the earth pulls me down,
Into a place I have never perceived.

Clawing for reason,
Imprisoned within my own delusions
Pouring frantic visions into my eyes.
Between drowning and burning alive,
Forcing each breath,
Through thoughts that endanger the being.

Lost within the throes of madness,
Anxiety tearing the foundations of my mind.

Drifting through the otherworld,
Slowly it subsides.
Consciousness returns, shaken, disenterred.

06. Disconsolate

Music & lyrics by Nolan/Chandler
Although we may rationalise,
Nature of my fate.
Nothing can prepare or compare with
The immeasureable sense of loss

All can be calm
Until that though arises.
And plumments toward the ground.

Time passes like the dripping of a tap
And sleep, becomes that time when the body can no longer be awake.
Each morning, eyes blearier than the night before

But it had passed,
As I was there within it
Watching over as through the eyes of another
Through conscious repetition,
But my thoughts were elsewhere.

Longing, but unable to take the steps
That might continue this journey.

Indignant in this bleak landscape, that no longer binds.
Each serene moment, accompanied by another full of dread.

And I resolve,
To that familiar feeling that time tries so hard to bury.
To live life, only to bear.

07. A Torrent Of Ills

Music & lyrics by Chandler
Avert my eyes to prevent the falling,
Some things should not be seen.
And if I dare glance
The quickening travels swiftly,
To take leave of my senses.

Excess in place of sleep
Still, yet restless admist this elucidation.

The red mist contorts, distorts,
Blasting through my mind
Destrying all rational thought

Reflections of dissolution.
A malevolet labyrinth
Spurious, blinding
Unforgiving reality

This fantastic chaos that contains everything the mind can imagine,
But mostly would not care to see.

Merely breathing
Searching for that elusive purpose that drives us,
But we know not where.

Time will eventually scrub me from existence
And I will have never known it