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Autumn - Summer's End lyrics


01. The Coven (The Witch In Me Part. II)

The grating noise of horned owl emphasises the dark
My only beacon in oblivion
Now when I'm one with this mystic web
Wherein dimensions bled to one

The fivefold kiss again
The lips that seal the vow
The feeling, that feeling

Here I stand
Where the witches sing their hymns
Full of tangled allegory

The atheme
One of the tools of art
Which reveals the lore
The ancient craft
That hides in my heart
Acknowledged and exposed

The pain
Of the two initiations
Already made sense
It illustrates our goal
To create a new world
With my bare hands

02. Gospels In Dusk (The Witch In My Part. III)

Awake, lord of the watchtower-North
Earth is rising for thee
Euros, lord of the east
enlighten the sky for me

Awake, lord of the watchtower-South
Incense the fire I see
Sephyros, lord of the watchtower-West
Complete the other three

I haul down the moon, while my being fades away
And the ancestress of the gods descends in me
Euphoria and full sense are here to stay

Skyclad in the night, wrapped in air
Equal and power absorbing
Atheme, fruit and wine
Thoughts and bodies we share.

Gospels in dusk
Echoes of hymns whispering tunes
drifting trough the night

03. Gallery Of Reality

The temperature sank below zero
And the seas became giant mirrors
And trees formed a crystal splendour
The world is frozen to the core

Take my hand and walk with me
Through the corridors of snow and ice
Through a gallery of reality
History unfolds before your eyes

There, between the exhibited bodies
Framed by frozen blood
Her skin scabrous, once so soft
That must be the one, the one I once loved

04. Silent Madness

Flickering flames,
My luscious soul divest
The bitter kisses
In a deep astral caress
Lost in rapture, enigmas revealed
On the edge where reason fades
A martyr of spheres
That take me out of sight

A silent madness grabs me
When I fall in love with shades
Hoping they will dispose me
But they guide me trough my Hades

All my daemons came by
To visit my paradise
At the flood of Chaos
Unleashed my last sight
Lost in a rapture, enigmas revealed
On the edge where reason fades
A martyr of spheres
That take me out of sight

The one who inspires the pain
To the phantasmagoria in my head

05. Vision Red

My eyes slowly close
The light shimmers away
It's the beginning of the journey
Myriads of roads for my sins to pave

The lust has fled into my dreams
As a wayward storm
It's the dawn of a new night
Will it pass without harm

The road runs like a river beneath my feet
Although I am not moving an inch
Only the thoughts, They dance like the tides
A red looking glass unfolds fragments of life
And how I became your willing wife

The ghosts of my future, all answered red
The moment the ring was on my finger
And when you found me in an other man's bed
Did they foretell you about my knight
When the key turned my chastity
Or was it my life destined to be dead

Far away battles
beneath a cloak of red satin
The yearning of lust,
a smouldering fire

All can be dealt with, if I only wake up
The night drops over the shire
The ghosts of my past
are carved in my sight
Wolves howl to the blue moon

Did I deserve this past year
A lone and longing fresh bride
Taking comfort with willing men
When you were gone
Was it your life or death I feared

Do they know the end of my dreams is near
Enforced by the hand of a bearded knight
An answer to the sins of the bed
A short thrust, the dreams fade away,
The knife on the floor has turned deep red,
In the light of the dawn this day

06. Lifeline

One silver streak, and darkness is cut
When lines populate the earth
A clew of chaos, of brand-new souls but
soaked in pleasures and dirt

As the spinning wheel of life decides each fate
And leads life lines to its spools
Where they are beginning to have their downfall created

I am making my own magic tools
The start of the bigger web, the tapestry of life
A world full of kings, beggars, knights and fools

Catching a glimpse of a made up world
It ignites a spark in a heart gone cold
Breaking the thin line wire of an off worldly stare
That was spun, weaved and unravelled, every soul dealt fair

As the spinning wheel of life decides each fate
And all lifelines have left the spools
Then it is spinning, to have new life created

With my own set of magic tools
I am making another web, a tapestry of death
A world full of kings, beggars, knights and fools

Seeing the result, the bigger whole,
The spark dies again, the heart turns cold
unravelling the world of dreams, revealing the reality it stole
I cut the line
When the wheel of life love and hope, came to a hold

07. The Night

I see the sky when the clouds move aside
Here I stand in the circle
So quiet and bland
Delegate of the great Goddess
Seducing the pain,
My flesh demands

By flickering flames the witches undress
The touches, the kisses, the astral caress
I see the sky when the clouds move aside

I see the sky when the clouds move aside
I see the stars
Blink in a green light that awakes in me
The witch queen this night

I made love to witches so divine
They let me forget the hurt
When I found the missing link
Between death and rebirth

The power of an enormous might
Struck down on holy ground
Where I made it mine
Trough making love

I see the sky when the clouds move aside

08. The Green Angel

A dark wind blows a chill in his bones
As the last wolf turns from the shore and goes
Away back home to his pack and he smiles his teeth
Blank, sharp white fangs with a drop of blood

My neck turns blue by the hands that you
Put around me while tightening the grip
The blue moonshine on these wounds of mine

I bed - and I'm sinking deeper into
I crave - the embrace of the lake to take me to you
I pray - the Gods to help me this one day
I know - forgiveness is not your way

The clouds grow thick as the mud
Below his feet that walked countless miles
The be home with child and wife and only find
Black stained walls with all love gone

My hands reach out to the love I see
Only to be denied of complete devotion
Blue moonshine on these wounds of time

The battle cries inside his head fade away
I sink deeper - return home to me
I grow weaker - You are mine
I gave you blood - and you made it die

09. Whispering Secrets

Myths, legends, untold stories
Pass by like successive seasons
Mythical oaths, forgotten glories
They don't happen without reason

Whispering secrets

Thoughts, they seem so common
To me they don't make any sense
Where the essence was undone
Revealed now like celestial winds
About my hope, my life, my agony and strife
The joy and faults, my feelings and thoughts

Whispering secrets exclude that it's just fantasy
Uncommitted to a language is talking without words to me
About my hope, my life my agony and strife
The joy and faults, my feelings and thoughts

The message is easy to hear
Like the call of a goose
Even the invisible signs
Are like water, crystal clear

Whispering secrets

10. Summer's End

Gathering the treasures of fields, forbidden fruit
With a tangible visions inside
Consuming the dreamscapes
Burst trough your fragile shields
Take you for a ride

We came to the woods, to a latent feast
Dancing on moss-grown soil
Hiding away from the rational world
Dancing on moss grown-soil

The odour of harvest time
The immense sky turns grey
The sun softly shines
Until it slumbers away
One with land's decay

We came to the woods, to a latent feast
Dancing on moss green-soil
Hiding away from the rational world
Dancing on moss green-soil

Summer's End
Soaked by perception
Summer's end
Truth and deception

Witness the madness, watching the splendour
Cover your eyes to sink in the deep
Witness the madness, watching the splendour
Dreaming in a dream in your sleep

And smother the sun for a while
Touching your own beauty and vile
Embrace the gloom that stares in your eyes
On the edge where reality dies

Summer's End

11. Solar Wake

I follow the sun from a distance
I pass the shadows to my left
find my strength in the solar wake
(and live a little)

running up for the light
find it caught up by the dark
fight for hope
find it beaten by fate

whispered promises
of then, and years after
got broken, unmendedly
washed upon the beaches
of a file long gone

But I will go
I will find my lips with peace
I will hide every word
In my empty thoughts

I will go
With hope filled arms
I will look for signs
I will look for questions
Asking me why I kneel to life

I will go
I will pray for saviour
And will welcome any ending