Hellsaw - Trist lyrics


01. The Devil Is Calling My Name

It's so dark, my heart is pounding
It's so silent, I hear nothing
It's so cold, my sweat freezes
My lips freeze and split
My skin is blue and burned
My thoughts, they are cursed
My bones, they break like ice in the spring
Through hell, with satan by my side
Into paradise, a journey without hope
The devil is calling my name
Purgatory is warming my skin
The devil is calling my name
Purgatory is warming my skin
I am approaching closer and closer to the heat
My sweat is melting and with it all my fears, my fears
Closer and closer, until I reach his realm
I am his soldier, his Lucifer on earth
My body, it grows and becomes strong
My skin, is clean and smooth
My thoughts, they are bedevilled
My bones become unbreakable, harder than steel
I am the beast

02. Sorrow Is Horror

Everyone knows the feeling of remorse,
Nobody escapes its reproach.
From where does
This understanding arise?
Where does the play
Between god and evil come from?
The link between what has passed
And evolution is the key.
The continuous analysis and comparison
Of your actions makes you forgive
What you once thought,
However difficult it is to forget.
Remorse - A phantasm?
Remorse - Is only a human emotion
Will the errors of the past be forgiven,
Or even forgotten?
You would be better to forget
Your companion will remind you of yourself.
If you regret what once happened,
You are fated to repeat your mistakes.
For as long as we think about it
It will never end

03. Doom Pervades My Nightmares

I feel the rain cooling down my skin
Can smell my blood seeping to the ground.
It's dark in my room, only stars are shining.
I am alone, I am afraid.
I am dreaming of her, she's hurting me.
Cutting me, leaving my alone
In my lake of blood.
Wake up with slashes, tears in my eyes.
Want to sleep again, to dream away.
Doom pervades my nightmares
Doom pervades our nightmares

04. The Forerunner of the Apocalypse

The sky turns black and with it the sun
It's getting cold
The rain changes to ice
The sky is turning sulphur now
It's getting dark
A storm is coming and transforms the place
Into a unique landscape
All life is buried by these icy stones
No more life
So, let us walk in the fields
Hand in hand with your fears
To seize the end
We will gaze at the rocks
The icewind blows
And the hail destroys
The forerunner of the apocalypse
So close
The earth is trembling
The volcanoes are erupting
Forests are burning, the seas are raging
So, let us run to a place
A nowhere place we don't know
Where is the life? Where is my home?
Where are the woods that I adore?
Who knows when the end is coming?

05. Death Bells

Domine juste judikasti
Bones built a sculpture
The signature odour, death
Flesh decays
Christ's marching on
Fire banished souls
Stench-filled smoke
Torture - Pain calls
Worship - Lying cants
Fire banish souls
Stench-filled smoke
Grotesque anthem sound
Boiling blood, burned flesh
A death bell rings

06. Trist

Only a trist dream
Overwhelmed by a dark haze
Heavy as a rock, crushed by its weight
A subtle cold breeze, constant, but yet unknown
No end, nothing to hold on to
My goal seems so far away
This lonely landscape
These dismal fields
And this burden too heavy to bear
Into eternity, into exhaustion - Into death
I feel I'm trapped in an unreal sleep
That does seem to end
It will not end
I am dead

07. A Winter Cold

A new dimension opens
All depressions conquered
We will fly, the storms are ended again
You must raise the banner of blasphemy
The evil returns
All liars burn
We will fly, the storms are ended again
You must raise the banner of blasphemy
When autumn arrives
The air cools down
The sun and the fog
Embrace our mountains
The time comes to let
The winter in and rest again
Short days
Long nights - A small kind of winter sleep
Trist light
Black mind
Winter is raging
Winter is calling

08. Beldam. 1450

You could see the dread in her eyes
The fear of evil
She was driven
By the seemingly inescapable
She fled from torture
Straight into their hands
She was mutilated and burned
Spat upon and humiliated
1450 the beldame died
1450 her screams burned with her
1450 The witch is dead
All the lies they spread
Will never be forgotten
The sinners of the past
Are wearing the same cowls today
Under their sign of the cross
They can murder
They were murderers of humankind
Under the regime of god
Crucify them
Hate them
Torture them
Hunt them
Torture them
Murder them

09. Silence

Destroyed and forgotten
Hated and loved
Sacrificing my soul, I have lived my dream
Fooled and betrayed
Fought and slain
I long to be free
Inhaling the tranquility by the lake
Forgotten is the day it all began
A symbiosis of my mind
And nature lets me face my inner self
My journey was far, it's time to arrive
Do I want to live or be what you want me to be?
Perhaps I am my own best friend
Destroyed and forgotten
Hated and loved
Sacrificing my soul, lived my dream
Fooled and betrayed
Fought and slain
I long to be free
At times, the energy overwhelms me
An intimate memory from the past
Am I speaking to myself?
Am I speaking to all of you?
I have no thoughts
I have no thoughts for others