Goatwhore - Blood For The Master lyrics


01. Collapse In Eternal Worth

Frigid souls that can never feel again
Harvesting the dark magic in decay
Falling deeper into this trance of flame
Feeding from this now withered self worth

Dwelling within this worship of demise
This communion of transfer is complete

Passion stirs in waves of assault
Scraping elements sound from the mind

Return these false gods
To realms of disease
Transfixed on the rotting
Harvest of the ascending soul

The fall of dominions
Extinction of man
Ascend in this blaze
That engulfs the tyrant

The spirit of twilight
Reclaim this dark power
Digest the archetype
In this verse of hate

This abhorrent manner
Filthy rite of outrage
A trembling coldness
The collapse of reason

Mount the wings of death
Wield the scythe of this ancient craft
Poison heavens in the blackest flame
Rise forth from this decay

Whispered words from these deadly lips
Secured to the pain from this abyss
Untouched by mortal glare
The throne in the void beyond despair

Bound in serpents coil
A final breath beneath this bitter soul
Fractured hands of time
These frozen moments of a sick design

Spoiled with ageless blood
Destroy the kingdoms on the throne above
Rising legion of the damned
Bring forth the holy lamb of the slaughter

Open my wrists
A superb death

A vile custom of perdition
Adorned in this task

The soul of sacrifice
Blood for the master
This age of oblivion
A lifeless endeavor

Frigid souls that can never feel again
Harvesting the dark magic in decay
Falling deeper into this trance of flame

02. When Steel And Bone Meet

In vengeance the darkness will spread
As these great wings engulf the sun
Birthing this black across golden skies
Heavens will burn and the earth will die

Emptied of guidance and hope
Burning the wishes for peace
Rising hatred for this false light
Terror will be heard across the lands

Procession by virtue of war
Bloodstained hands
This fall of creation

Sound this requiem as we ascend
Unholy battle until the end
Birthing hatred for the end of gods
Crawling praise has come to the end of times

Crush the pious icon of delusion to silence the followers of light
A war machine of this damned cause
Take no prisoners without a fight

Forever in darkness we shall dwell
No forgiveness for all that have died

Reign of inversion upon the skies
Feasting on blood from the divine
Smashed skulls lie beneath our feet
When steel and bone meet

This war on God has just begun
Conquest of freedom will be won
Never turn our backs in retreat
When steel and bone meet

Warn the king of the holy
The time has come
This war will be won
And this death shall be the domain
For the followers of the crucified one

It's death or victory in our hearts with dead bodies at our feet
Superior forms of bloodshed
Lead the way for this deceit

The final breath of defiance
A battle to the death
Raise the flag of the damned

Reign of inversion upon the skies
Feasting on blood from the divine
Tearing flesh with razor teeth
When steel and bone meet

This war on God has just begun
Conquest of freedom will be won
Never bow our heads in defeat
When steel and bone meet

03. Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word

From the great land of holocaust
Great words expose the structures of an empty core
Hollowed thoughts of this vision
This existence turned inside out
Impassive vessel of confined hatred

Deviated catalyst that will reconstruct
The embedded image of the damned
After all is gone

Behold the secret to annihilate
Wormholes fading into regions of death
Unexplained disease that will flood the misfortune of might
Rebirth in this apex of collapse
Defiled idols fall in the ages of decay
Expanding force that consumes
Destroying all positive intent

Force of this tragic stride
Hell's unforgiving arms
Vortex of merciless decay
Untouched by any theory
Suicides form the heavens
Sink into the eye of terror
A mound of bodies lie in wrath
Reaching the hereafter

Reflection of self denied
The demon that eats the soul
Sunken eyes of fear
A path of forgotten pain
The lifeblood of treason
Tasting this bitter steel
Sacrament of disaster
Wounds that never heal

This venom of revenge
The Judas of red skies
Untouched by divine means
As this earth slowly dies
Machine of destruction
Satan's unholy ways
Burning fire of inquisition
A demise of this grace

An art of sacrosanct lust
This rite of virgin's blood
Disguised by confusion
Summoning of the demon legion
The kindred of this ruin
Awaiting the fall of this order
Diminish into madness of complete death
This sufficient hunger

04. In Deathless Tradition

Unresolved essence in a tomb of fates
Obscured by beliefs of this divine rank

You beg and crawl for forgiveness
For an answer to salvation after death
Silent prayers to the riddle of purpose
The shepherd of deceit leads into darkness
Treachery has these masses enslaved
The perfect unison in a tarnished faith
Blindly enter this portal of passing
Raped desire in the promise of this undying

Forgiveness is the failure of your faith
This deed brings the death of the human race
Seek this message in a structure of allegiance
These hidden secrets suffocate the truth
Praise the promised words that seem timeless
Stepping off a precipice into disaster
Failed dispute of this longing regret
Another shallow attempt of life after death

Consuming this hope of dreams
A gathering of ill-fated souls
Escaping the hands of judgement
An urge to be saved

Chained in snakes awaiting this hunger of the underworld
Drawn down from stellar ideals to the bloodline of curse

Dark times have begun,
The existence of failing faiths
Becoming the end of awareness
Sealed in this tomb of lies
Embrace the collapse of rapture
Dull wishes fall from grace
Failure of this transformation
Evolve into the untruth of pain

These warning trumpets have sounded
Devour the dying life force of this faith
Unite in descent towards this mouth of hell
Dreadful entry into the prison of this death

05. Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown

Falling heavens in these black flames
Nothing will be excused from the end
Even the mighty gods will be reaped
Keeping this promise of the final harvest

Painful structure of gratification through massacre
This common ground of perversion
Excavating the blackest arts of desecration
Concealed in the chambers of unreason

Gods of this great death hear the voice of calling
Open the sun for bloodshed upon the heavens
Tributaries of origin flooding the harvest of war
Transfixed on the rotting convergence of ascension

A devouring dragon of war
Harvest the magic of decay
To be enslaved in evermore
A shallow existence of life

Shards of bone
Used to decipher
Unearthly kingdoms
Fading away in fire

Hammer of this ruin
Feeding on essence of revival
Denounce the ways of the light
Nether planes of existence

Silence falls upon us
In the temple of the unfed flame
Denounce the king of thorns
Master of this subterfuge

Bodily desecration
In lavish designs
Sculpting the skin
Into sigils that bind

The raven consumes the entrails of a dove
Symbolic transfer into darkness
A hex of purpose for diluted copulation
Birthing the great beast of vengeance

Lord of smokeless fire
Turning the air to cold
Infect the sky with dark
Devour the might of old
Return to the cold earth
Born from this decay
Forced to return to it's rot
On this lifeless day

06. Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos

Vain presence rejoiced
Procreate the skill of deception
Enter the shell of flesh
Cast from the soil of the cursed
Immoral rise
Exiled to the dark heart of this maze
Praise this blood
Wield the knife of the slain

Despair if they fail
Feeding on their own
Holding on to past desire

Great lord of death
Framework of this reverence
Morbid appeal
Descend into unnatural realms
Glorify the sick
Forged by this imperfect touch
Sons of hell
Praise the order of chaos

Stripped of these wings
On a column of fire
Hollowed of this hope

Tomb of black
Prison of this fate
Rotting soul
Engorge in unrest
Altered state
Emerge as the snake
Drowning teeth
Into bloodied flesh

This revenge
On the breath of hungry wolves
Death awaits
Entrance into the mouth of heaven
This pouring hatred
From the wrist of God's dream
Burning madness
Pandemonium breaks free

Witching hour always strikes
Feel the bite of cold emotion
Self absorbed isolation

Grinding fangs
Dripping with deceit
Urge to kill
Tragedy of life
Wrath and rage
Anger will consume
Bound by fire
Enter into hell

07. Beyond The Spell Of Discontent

Erratic behavior prolonged in a grip of eternal unrest
Defiant in the accounts of betrayal with hateful guidance

Winds from the abyss have whispers of ruin in their evolve
Enter this wake of reality inside the confines of the beast

The irritable demigods of these endless borders
A forming darkness is waiting to swallow all the stars

Scared ideas that will latch to the dead for answers unknown
Entrance to this stolen soul for the hidden most hated desires

The implosion of fading gods has cause this curse
Screams from a dying nebula will congest these truths
A deathlike quiet pours into the ears of the mindless
So selfish to think any of your gods will escape the emptiness of this...

Now the holy names are forgotten and the thunder moans my death
From far beneath the earth the fires are burning bright

Abandon idols of decay
Corroded prayer of concern
Stop the stances of belief
Accepting all things to end

An anguish deserved by many
An anguish absorbed by one
With blood we feed the master
Like a long trail into darkness
The ghosts of the past keep pushing my fall
To awake the mourning into onyx dawn

An afterlife of delirium
In the middle of the immense and the dead gods
Dismember this unbiblical attachment to this secure existence

These massive stone foundations of devotion to the dead
Gravestones for man's failure to cope with the fear of the life beyond

This apparent link of flesh and blood
An art of destroying
Forever breaking will
Another version of the epic flood
This time we are all damned
With no survivors

08. Death To The Architects Of Heaven

Liberate this hazed vision
Misery of this great untruth
Guidance of this hatred
Creators of the blinding lie
Absolved of this virtue
Reckoning of the innocent
Blessed fabrication
Teaching man to crawl

Onslaught of the damned
Torn from this existence
The death of liberation
On the knees of prayer
Distort this mental salvation
That feeds these laws
Genocide of golden skies
Manifest of dying gods

Annihilation is upon us
Threatening to destroy
Vile words of promise
Freedom paved in ruin

Captured emotion
For the use of this deception
Sworn to an acceptance of this destruction

Gods shall be renamed
Prophecies will be erased
Infected by the human hand
Written plague of restraint

Inversion of the laws
That we most despise
Rip out these hearts
Of this holy disguise
The beating heart of heaven
Torn from the skies

Thievery of this concept of grand design
Destroy the revelation of this insolence
Bastard emotion
Raped of this virgin sense
The innermost emotion
Replaced with fear

Kill this reborn lie
Masters of oppression
The death of a god
Antidote to freedom
Beginning of the end
The failure for all of man
Revealing the truth
Behind the laws that fall

Rejoice in the flesh
Of a bastard design
Sweet taste of insurgence
The beating heart of heaven
Falls burning from the skies

09. An End To Nothing

Bare the guilt of intimate defeat
Only to realize it was a moment of unease

Forced upon mankind
Like a sharp knife
Twisting inside
Spill this blood of purity
From a slit wrist
Ending life
Transfixed on this task
Revive the dead
A final breath
Suffer the curse of madness
Wake the rotted flesh of the dead

Splintered shards of broken glass
Tearing teeth through raw flesh
Revival is not complete
Rotten soul of eternal sleep
Summon the phoenix from rest
Ignite the ashes of death
Call upon the kings of flame
Lend me the spell to resurrect

Inhabit the restored flesh for transition of this timely fate
Manifest this chaos of blood the restore the lifeless and reanimate
Plotting for these final days inside a bastard mold of deathly rage
Another sick experimental stage while kept in this undead state

Like a drop of blood in water
Infecting the clarity of purpose

The time has come to kiss the sun
This life of flame is born of blood
Dissecting thoughts of an ending loss
Take the hand of eternal rot
This pain will be forged
Under the knife of pestilence
Incantation of this death
Cast this spell to resurrect

10. My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers

A crown of warfare
A diadem of pain
Count the days of collapse
Of these golden realms
Furnace of the bellows
A tempest to make the embers burn
Filling the sky with our screams
Merciless mother of storm

Create the enslavement of these tyrant ways
Enter the empty blackness of these final days
Washed away in the tides of this timely hate
Buried in the oceans beneath the sand of decay

Erect this empire from the crumbled remains
Foundation of conquest
Upon these soiled minds
Rise from the ravaged
Ageless prince of the starless realm
Channel this vision of deviance in the sacred expulsion of man

Charm of this darkness lures us into the void
Out of corruption life emerges to be destroyed
Lord of unknown awake from this timely sleep
Buried far below the oceans and in the endless deep

Purification in ritual murder
Spilling blood for this sacrifice

Spiraling the knife in wounds of lust
Swallowed in the jaws of collapse
The abyss awaits with open arms
Concealing this nature of revenge

Unsettling moment of perversion
Creating this path for the condemned
Intoxicating aroma of death
Embrace the essence to obliterate

A dead man's scream
Beyond the cold flame
Voiding the mind
Shocking revelations
Awake in the night
Dulled by the poison of life

Where the shadows gather and the night becomes blood
These secrets within the great abyss
The gnawing fear inside

This is the end
The failure for all of man
A silent voice that descends
Unearthly pale fury
Another tragedy of God
Awake the horsemen of doom

Out of the abyss we share this fear for the dark
Concealed inside
Beyond the light of stars an angry sky breeds the hate for mankind