To Cast A Shadow - In Memory Of lyrics


01. Tormented

Torn by my old sins.

Behind these windows I hide myself from the agony of life
All I see around me is death and misery
All around me. All around me

Underneath the surface I long for the day I'll die
Tormented I repent old sins as I give in

Behind closed eyes I render
My soul broke away and surrender
I see clear all I fear. A life in despair
In despair

02. Morose

Strolling at night by the old stream, along the banks where no one can hear him scream. Unaware of the malice burning within his Morose, impatient heir...
No one will ever know what happened that night. No one can prove his fall stemmed from a fight.
Seemingly unmoved his legal heir lives on. Hopefully soon he will see retribution.

03. Nightfall

Closer each time
Distant light go out.
Fall into tears, when nightfall appears

Lonely and cold
A story untold
Blinded by hate the future awaits

Nightfall, nightfall

04. Oceans Apart

In despair I find my self
And in solitude we seem to realize

Hatred fills me everyday
I don't want to live this way

Distant love seems to flourish
And I long to see you again.

Hatred fills me everyday
I don't want to live this way.

05. Betula

When I close my eyes I see it clear
Feelings often change but never disappear
What did we do? I'm losing you..

06. My Misery

Nothing is left, i lost it all
Never again will you hold my hand
What have I done? What have I become?

How could I betray my only love
Words can not explain my misery
What have I done? What have I become?

There is no more
I've lost it all
No will to live, I give in
Could it be this is the end of you and me?
Now I am left here with this pain and misery.

07. When You Leave The Room

When you leave the room silence fills the empty space
When you leave the room light disappears without a trace
When you leave the room a breeze comes through the window pane
When you leave the room it 's enough to make me go insane

I am nothing but a pawn in this tragic play.

A shadows shoulder fading away, one tear shed
Things will never be the same now that you have fled.

08. Set Afire

Brought to the edge of existence, I wallow somewhere in between life and death. Lifeless, broken, withered I keep alive. Desiccated, drained I lie here when you...
Set me all afire.
Will to live lost, weakened I try to find a ray of hope to shine on my mind. Faith in you to guide me out of the dark. Only to see that with your spark, you...
Set me all afire.

09. The Answer

I am not all that I can be
Time has forsaken me
Time has forsaken me

Life seems so constant as it slowly us by
In one brief second it could all be thrown to waste
Can you see it slowly fade away?

Is this all you wanted?
All your dreams have disappeared
My fate lies open, it will not be torn away
Could it be the answer in my life?

Our time is approaching
we seem to lose control
So many things we should have done before we die

I am not all that I can be
Time has forsaken me

10. In Memory Of

I see you slowly fade away from me
In agony, your life is coming to an end
I hold your hands close to me
Death is near as darkness appear.
My beloved bereaved from me
silently we say goodbye.