Son Of Aurelius - The Farthest Reaches lyrics


01. Mercy For Today

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
His name remembered forever a mortal man feared by a nation
His talents legendary, brilliant commander, unstoppable army
Sheath my blade and turn to walk away
Don't forget that I'm doing you a favor
Let you live by showing mercy for today
This action goes against my behavior
Your hero your savior
Tactics unmatched, the father of, strategy
Led his men to victory countless times
Against impossible odds, the sun will rise
Dawn will come, thousands armed and ready
Their blades reflecting light, as if to say this is the last day
Holding eager, awaiting command, endless sea of soldiers
Parted in the middle, ground is fresh, dew drops on grass
Sheath my blade and turn to walk away
Don't forget that I'm doing you a favor
Let you live by showing mercy for today
His action goes against my behavior
Your hero your savior
To all others known simply as
The destroyer killer of
Thousands victories and hundreds
Lost only once but great, were the casualties
Exiled for years, lead an army through the Alps
With great bizarre beasts
Epic in scale upon enemies he feasts
Gave birth to military, strategies great victories
Hannibal the general, took down the empire of Rome
Refused to be slain by, the hand of any foe
On his hand a ring, contains a poison
If the time should come, he would take his own life
The flesh may be dead, legacy forever
Count the rings of romans killed, life extinguished
Sheath my blade and turn and walk away
Don't forget that I m doing you a favor
Let you live by showing mercy for today
This action goes against my behavior
Your hero your savior
Hannibal is son of Carthage.

02. Let Them Hate And Fear

Music by Chase Fraser
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Son of a general, forced to accompany
Brought to witness atrocities such a young age
So much blood has been shed, twisted innocence
Slowly beginning to decay
Dressed as, a soldier only three years old
Gave birth, to my name destined to rule
Over Rome and all her children no foe rival shall stand in my way, assassinate the many conspiracies unfolding
They will learn of cruelty for enjoyment
Perverse extravagance will lead to dismay
Admired by the masses tried to lead them all so well
Illness has plagued the mind soon it will all change
Banished, those who loved him condemned suicide
Deviant in nature, bodies intertwined
While they fuck and bleed and scream indeed to horrifying
Cesuras not enough and worshiped as a god
Beheaded statues, replacing it with his likeness
Rome is not enough the world must be his
A tyrant feared by millions, sacrifices thousands daily
Whoring out his siblings enjoying their pain
Mass public executions, imaginative creative
Taking pride, considered innovative
Accounts will label him completely deranged insane
Let them hate and fear me, for I will live forever
I am all men as I am no man therefore I am a god
His behavior really sickens, any that have ever witnessed
I will live forever, his name, live forever in infamy
His mind, and his thoughts are disgusting.

03. The Farthest Reaches

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
The quest to steal the crown the ruler of, the gods himself
Can't stop me now the legions guard the gates
The journey will be so long where I have gone
None of dared to venture, beasts and titans
Creatures from the depths and heavens will all attempt
To stop what will be done, to play the dominate role I will
Lay waste to divine children
The cloud protector steal the thunder from a god and make it mine they try to stop me
He sends his children heroes, as I cut them down, invincible
My power confuses them all
The origin of it is still unknown
They worship me and history shall be written
All will fear the stranger, not one
From the day of birth I've journeyed countless years from the farthest reaches and beyond, the limitations of
Space and time do not apply, for the thunder I have come
From world to world I travel, searching for a relic collect the unobtainable form rulers and gods, desperate to find one
Who could possibly defeat me, in battle opponent I will die satisfied, endless armies of the dead have been sent to destroy me, sent to destroy me, all that will be, left is dust with a single strike and titans crash into the earth, immortals slain
By the hand so steady, the blade is sharp they meet demise before they feel any, pain from my blade
I take the form of Caesar, Commodus was a coward
Now has become the one to slay, the gods and all shall bow before, the cloud protector steal the thunder from a god they try to stop me, he sends his children heroes as I cut them down, invincible, the power confuses them all
The farthest reaches.

04. Olympus Is Forgotten

Music by Spencer Edwards
Lyrics by Josh Miller
The fall of an empire once ruled over nations
The strongest most ruthless, seemed none would stand
In their way, armies made up of millions
Each roman warrior knowledge of battle is unmatched
Generals victories, laying waste to the foes
Sacrifice and growing daily, continue to expand
Lasting throughout the ages most powerful
Of nations, none would dare to oppose them,
Kings and ruler would kneel pledge allegiance to Caesar
But in the blink of an eye it was no more, barbarian invasion
Numbers were unseen lacking in tactics, execute any stand in their way, lack of all, honor brutal in nature mercy
Unknown to the savages cutting deep into Rome coupled with the rule of a madman, ignorant in his reign
Depleting the nations wealth all order is lost
Every single man for himself
Olympus is forgotten relics all that remain
Zeus sits watching helpless crying upon his crumbled throne.

05. Facing The Gorgon

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Seeking the gift a hero must travel into the darkness
Facing the gorgon serpents a top of her head
Fire glowing, the last thing, any of us shall see
Frozen forever none have defeated an endless
Labyrinth of soldiers, all different poses
As if they not know of her power
Cold lifeless stone this is different
Armed with a weapon given to, him by the gods
Cape makes him vanish so quick, sandals take flight
Shield as reflective as water at night
Now he must face her no turning back never staring
Directly at her reflection is harmless strike the
Witch black blood mists, the air
Serpents still slither hair, head hits the ground
Eyes, remain open so wide.

06. Pandora's Burden

Music by Max Zigman, Spencer Edwards
Lyrics by Josh Miller
A jar a box so harmless in appearance containing horrors
Unimaginable can't be dreamt up
By men all the secrets the power is what draws all to it
Not knowing, curious will be the cause of, our end protected by an angel, molded by each of the gods we know not of her sorrow, her burden
All who venture quest for the prize this item box contains
Countless wars waged, over thousands sacrificing there
Bodies an endless sea of bones
Unsolved puzzles, one holds the answer a perfect beauty
Beauty bounded for all time.

07. A Champion Reborn

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Taken bound and shackled
Sold as a fucking slave
Stripped of earthly belongings
Old how you should behave,
Force to, trained to, kill other men
Just to entertain
Wealthy and rich, so called "royalty"
Taking pleasure in pain
Blood spilt, and set to appease, there gods
Weapons are stained, gruesome torture inflicted
Only the strong remain
Masks worn, inject, fear in there hearts
Of Those worthless and meant to die
Never did they even have a chance
The mob loves witnessing death
Entertain them
All have paid to see, spilt blood what a sight
God and Caesar are pleased
Flesh cut, bones break, screams of the fallen will echo
The colosseum pulses with applause
Glory for the last one standing,
Mass graves await the rest
Freedom waits for the champion
Fallen fed to the beasts
Slice down waves of, other warriors
Beast and giant alike
The one, the great, whole crowd chants his name
Victories are unmatched
Commodus, a champion re-born
Gladiator of Rome.

08. Myocardial Infarction

Music by Max Zigman, Spencer Edwards
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Blood supply
Arteries blocked
Oxygen shortage
Will soon be your end
Tightness, pressure, squeezing due to, ischemia
Lack of blood oxygen supply
Pain in left arm
Loss of consciousness is ending you
Stress and physical exertion
Often the cause too much for the weak organ malfunction
The plasma
Abruptly the end comes
Cardiac arrest occurred
Shortness of breath and nausea,
Anxiety, palpitations
It's hard to stand
Confusion and fear as life ends.

09. The Calm

Music by Cary Geare

10. A Good Death

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Cornered and helpless. I'm horrified and shaking
But I must not show fear nor cry out in order to have a good death, I must not beg for mercy, I will not see the next day
But I'm proud, as the blade strikes I leave to join the gods
I feel the warmth as my life disbands, spilling onto the
Staining the sand, the crows roars as I fall lifeless and silent
This is a good death, but what has happened
I'm looking at my corpse, one dressed as chlorine
The other as mercury, defile my body this is not honorable, defile, I am in a dream, I must redeem myself, myself this is nothing like what I was told
I've been betrayed and I must redeem myself restore honor somehow I shall return
Defile the body dragged through the sand by hooks through the ankle I tried to stay honorable but now they have stripped my pride, restless soul wanders the earth forever
This is disgrace full this is a bad death.

11. The First, The Serpent

Music by Cary Geare
Lyrics by Josh Miller
Two tales must be finished one an angel and the other a beast
Introductions made, now time has come to, complete the story
Pandora, if one managed to persuade, her to open the box
To gain entrance this, box is opened mankind is over
Grotesque sights horrid, twisted flesh abomination pain and suffering screams of a billion crying out all at once and flesh
Light is consumed, happiness is lost can you see her sorrow
Her only purpose, to guard this, weapon hell concentrated to a single point, the mother the first one
Condemned, naked, helpless holding, this object is, tears never ending, soon she will open, ending it all, knowledge unnerving, her patience allows her to go on
Living in love still exist one movement of her beautiful wrist will end all that is
Her head is a perfect weapon
Now head in hands news spread fast
Medusa is slaying beheaded by precious only her body remains, his conscious tears at him this is no prize
But it's a weapon, one could rule all nations with the monsters head, gift meant for the tyrant, forcing his mother to wed
Turn to stone with a single gaze, from the head, safe, in no mans hands but its back to the heavens
Athena must, take it place it onto, her shield scales, of hundreds slither, hideous daughter and sister of two, hate all mankind and he must slay them, both, rage potent, sister lost, seeking revenge on all, who are mortal to find, and kill the one who saved
Andromeda, from, the beast, potent, sister, is lost, seeking revenge, on all.