Xandria - Neverworld's End lyrics


01. A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
I am the one that is walking the night
Sleepless I'm dreaming - eyes wide open
Watching the sky for the ashes to fall
Ending illusions - I keep on hoping

For this world to survive - to keep me alive

So for all you ever desired, you wanted to be
Was shining so bright but only a dream
And nothing remains but this fantasy
Oh this world is falling down

Frozen by gold that has turned into ice
I kept all the secrets deep inside me

Now I will pass them on - now, now you are the one

So for al...

Et audivi vocem magnam dicentem septem angelis
Effundite septem fialas asperitae mundi in somnium
Vidi cum aperuisset sigillum sextum
Terrae motus factus est
Magnus sol factus est niger luna tota facta est sicut sanguis

And as it opened the final seal
I stood alone on crumbled ground
The stars had fallen And the sun was cold

This world has never been
Only for the seeing it will be seen
I was given the seal and the key
And I will keep it until I die

It's falling down for you

02. Valentine

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Be the valentine, rip the heart of mine
Give your innocence to the brightest of dreams
This is harvest time, taste the bloodred wine
Of this gilded art, it is spilled from my own heart

It's so hard to see my face
In the mirror's cold disgrace
I wonder what is this I have become
A childish forlorn wish
So easy to seduce
Seems like it's just one step to fall down

Be the valentine...

I can hardly write these lines
Cause I already have signed
My name across the wall of prayers
Now I listen to my name
Sounding like a blame
I close my eyes and start to sing my song

Be the valentine...

If I'm looking back behind
To long forgotten times
There's something that is burning on and on

I live in memories, cast into melodies
They die in harmony with greed and treachery

Pactum fraudis - sanguinans

How can I run from this hurting,
Neverending pain

03. Forevermore

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Once there was a time of a never-ending dream
Of being free, of immortality
When a song was a mystery
And the stars so easy to reach
But something changed now the sand's trickling slow
The time of innocence is over now

I know the rivers won't be flowing on forevermore
The wind of time blows right into my eyes
My flower withers and so do they all
Nothing lasts forevermore

Why is my fate that I will never see
The story's end, the final truth to be
And to you lights that help me through the dark
My greatest fear is losing your spark

I know...

I see the days go by and feel the snow is falling down
I've seen the end is waiting by my side
The dream is lost, once I was told
It's gone forevermore

04. Euphoria

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Serpent angel rape me
Serpent venom in me

O Euphoria, our goddess you are
Take the burden away to live in this hell
Say goodbye to the dreams, destroyed fantasies
Bitter nightfall at hand, will cover the land

Forces come - silent
Cross your mind - blinding
Anaesthesize - senses
Steal them all away

Caress you - grievous
Infest you - with lust
Ending soon - chaos
Servant life is waiting

Consume the drugs we sell to you
Keep you begging for more
And soon you will forget
The world you were longing for

Childish dreams - sinful
I have seen - passion
Fearlessly - chainless
All this hope is forever lost

O Euphoria...
Neverworld's End

We sell you a false dream for your own
So we can control your fantasies
There's no hideaway this world is ours
Give in to our plastic paradise

Endlessly travelling the plains of my dream
Slowly it's fading in my memory

O Euphoria, sweet lies that you are
Let the child fade away, just memories stay
O Chimaria, predacious heart
Take our souls with you, Forever repent
Neverworld's End

05. Blood On My Hands

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Silver stars in my black night
Cold as ice but beautiful
Wandering through broken shadows
The river of life is all filled with sins
The water I drink is the blood on my hands

No-one sees how I'm burning
No-one feels this yearning
So come taste this black poison - You never reach this heart
And forgive my obsession - Something tears me apart
From myself

Silver stars...

Waiting for my damnation - your prosecutor's here
In my own accusation - you can't run from yourself
Oh we're living these lies all alone
So come on and throw the stone

Silver stars...

Pray to the gods I have sold in this game of live and let die
Pray for my soul in this world to deliver me from my sins

All that's been and all I see now
Only a ghost of what I called...

Silver stars...

06. Soulcrusher

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
I know the truth behind you, there is nothing but fear
Hiding behind violence I felt year after year
Searching for someone to pay Darwin's price
Laughter echoes while you savour my cries

I can't forget it - the pain and the dirt that I had to swallow
This is the limit - the soul you rape will once be strong
You never get it - the tears of the past are the hate of tomorrow
Cursed Soulcrusher

There's no escape, everyday is a treadmill of pain
Working so hard for respect, but it all was in vain
No one would help little chaps picked half-dead
It's evolution, the strongest survive

I can't forget it...

There's a refuge for me, but only in my mind
Outside it's raging on, on and on

Abusing for lust, instinct thirst for blood
Hunting day by day - tears will run dry to hate
For the weakest one is hacked till it's done
Till it's falling out of the nest, dead and gone
This sublime system of pure selection
Guarded carefully by the lies unquestioned
It is living on - it is killing on
While the protectors just watch

Do you really wonder when sometimes the revenge is on you?

07. The Dream is still Alive

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
We have come a long way
Through rain and the dust of time
Times full of wonders
Full of secret signs

We have seen the winters
And the sunlight's brightest shine
But not every single moment
Can stand the test of time

The song now has ended
And the last notes fade away
But a new one begins
The music will stay

Now it's time for the future
We left our past behind
All the battles are over
But the dream is still alive

Smoke has been rising
Now it's blown away by the wind
It's all getting clearer
I wonder where I've been

A past destined to fall down
The final brick in the wall
Was so hard for me to see
But now I see it all

Now it's time for the future...

No-one can take it away from me
No day will ever let it end

Now it's time for the future...

Now we see our tomorrow
The night is long ago
All the fighting is over
But the dream is still alive

08. The Lost Elysion

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
For the lost desire, the star of once been higher
Light the face of dead worlds, forever in my heart

For the lost Elysion

Rivers of red run through the land
Cover the ruins of once golden past
When starlight was strong and I did belong
To the almighty light

Burned are the homes where dreams could be born
The whispers of hope, into hate they are torn
Letters to fate, tears like a blade
Wisdom of Shar-Ilya

For the lost desire...

Secrets are lost, arbors are crossed
The doors of this house will forever be closed
Nothing remains, all full of stains
The colours are fading away

This world full of fear, of lies in my ears
This peace is so false, only greed is sincere
Oh how I wish to be once released
But nothing will turn back time

For the lost desire...

Born from grace and silence, blissful sound of sirens
For the lost Elysion can never be found again

Silence fell down, broken the crown
Now it will never be anyone's own
In this weary world, it's cruelty unfurled
Frozen until we die

Trying to hold a piece of this gold
Back in my heart till it all will be sold
So I hold the key to open and see
The world behind the lies

I can almost create the picture before my eyes again
But most of it has been washed away for years
Gone for being able to live in this world

09. Call Of The Wind

Music by Marco Heubaum
Lyrics by Marco Heubaum / Manuela Kraller
Come and sail along the shores of your homeland
See the waves that break onto the walls surrounding all

Tell me
Why have you lost all your wildest desires?
Where is the treasure to die for?
Is there a heart that longs for the unknown in yourself?
No one else but you can...

Sail away to the end of the seas,
The land of dreams, the child to release
Once the horizon is left behind
All you will hear's the Call of the Wind

Leave behind the land that has been turned to grey
Where the winds have whispered only from so far away

Why don't you face all your wildest desires?
When is the time that you wait for?
There will be nothing to lose but your fear
So come on - and follow me now

Sail away...

Voluntas numerit anima viva Wishes are still sleeping in your heart

Sail away...

Turn the page and follow the lines
Through words of fear and hidden signs
Someday the story unveils what's within
And it is yours, the voice of the wind

Come and try to fight your demons away
Before the coldness drives you insane

10. A Thousand letters

Music by Marco Heubaum
Lyrics by Manuela Kraller
A last embrace, last words to say
Before the war took their fate away
Before to kill became his forced task
And bleeding fields were covered with sins
His wounded heart is crying out for home

Away away my love to where all darkness will be gone
Away away to our land
Where you will be forever in my arms again

Days of dust, of cruelty and death
Broke his soul until there was nothing left
Only her love that carried him through all

He passed high mountains and rough rivers
He wrote a 1000 letters to be near
He walked a 1000 miles
Just to see her smile again
Just for returning home

Away away my love...

Tell the wind I'll survive just to feel you again
I will fight 'till the end to lay my promised love
Forever in your hands

-Dedicated with love to Maria and Sebastian-

11. Cursed

Music by Philip Restemeier / Marco Heubaum
Lyrics by Nils Middelhauve
Keep yourself from falling into cursed deep waters...

Have you been to the water
Have you gone with the tide
Have you heard of strange creatures
Beware of the moonlight

Down falls the light as they rise from the sea
In comes the night, give your soul, pay your fee
Living a curse, they were born by their sins
Soon life and death will become evil twins

Bound to go where the wind blows
Bound to serve the unreal
Bound to dwell in deep waters
Greed and fear cast their seal

Cursing their non-lives
Living a curse is their lot
Life without senses
Seeking escape from this plot

12. The Nomad's Crown

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Silent are the winds as he travels forgotten lands
Outcast, yet not fallen, and no-one knows his name

May the winds do once rise again
May the magic be strong to stand
For the dark and the light to come
Soon to an end to give a new way

Over the mountains from the tower above the world
Secrets were given for in his hands to unfold

Will the winds do once rise again?
Will the magic do lead his hand?
For the dark and the light to come
Soon to an end to give a new way?

For this contest to end
Not from hell or heaven sent
To renew the beauty of all
All of the kings have to fall

It's been a long way from the forsaken prison
Seeing the downtrodden ones serve false masters
The rivalry of gods must end here once and for all

Knowing the desire for the crown will lead nowhere
Down there in the fire of the forge it has to burn

Now the winds do rise again
Now the peace will come to the land
For the dark and the light to come
Now to an end to give a new way

We wait for you only - release our world, unfold it
The beauty, the broken - come forth for us and heal it
Be the one, you nameless - and leave us with our freedom
Our freedom

13. When The Mirror Cracks

Took sense and madness as they come,
This circus life has left me on my own
My expectations were my home,
But when the mirror cracks there's so much left undone
Who betrayed and who deceived?
Loss of what I once believed

Feel I'm in a dream, scary scenes rush before my eyes
Wake up in a scream, this is real, where's my paradise?
Drowned by circumstance, innocence crushed under this load
Will it ever end, where's my life?

Disastrous certainties once felt,
My vast collection of a better time to tell
Knowing my worst enemy
Weak and helpless, is this me?

Feel I'm in a dream...

Late comprehension,
A new dimension,
A newborn child and its fragile world

Feel I'm in a dream...

14. The Sailor And The Sea

Music & lyrics by Marco Heubaum
Along the seashore rising and cold, a withered face in the wind
An old man waiting for the end of his day at side on the softing waves
The lot of memories in his hands
A long way home to innocence

The sailor and the sea
The sailor and the sea

Time has come and the entering tights, a thousand steps in the sand
Unarmed he's taking by proof of his life of all what he had once been
He walks away from a young boy's dream
And all that's left it's just a sea

The sailor and the sea
The sailor and the sea

And in the end we all are Him, the sailor and the sea