Before The Dawn - Rise Of The Phoenix lyrics


01. Exordium


02. Pitch-Black Universe

I have dreamed of a universe
A pitch-black dimension
Oblivion through absence of the light

I have seen a parallel
A void like dimension
Nothingness beyond compare

In that dead cold
Orbit of a black hole
I am the spark
A birth of star
I am the fire

In my deepest slumber
Reveries profound
Darkness eternal around

Sun was torn asunder
Light has been undone
In starless sky with no moon to rise the tide

03. Phoenix Rising

Corroded has become my sword
And weight has gathered into my shield
Nations conquered and enemies slain
Now standing weary on a blood red battlefield

Longing for a rival
Adversary worth the ichor
To gain relief

I was storming into my demise
Like Icaros towards the sun
Flames of the empyrium set me on fire
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Perpetual circle of life
Behold the golden feathers of phoenix rising

Reforged has become my blade
And weight was lifted from my shield
Burning kingdoms
Thrones scorched and seared
Tombstones of the fallen that once was feared

04. Cross To Bear

Determination chained to the ground
Like a sledge full of stones
A simple question of self discipline
Will u walk or crawl

Spine breaking load
A burden of our own to shatter the backbone
We all have a cross to bear

Refuse to share or separate, better buried than isolated
Dead weight is not to be divided

Resist and retaliate, defend and secure the sole fragment
Of what is sacred and pure, divine and consecrated

Define the strength of the will by endurance of the pain
Resolve and determine the reason and the cause
By forbearance of desolation

05. Throne Of Ice

My soul grew cold
When the final fall came with winter
Now and forevermore I walk apart from the pact
Like a wolf in the frozen woodlands

In the land of thousand lakes
Frozen waters carry my weigth
And falling snow covers the traces behind

Sun went down aeons ago
And kaamos came with ther wings unfold
Only cold white light from the moon to guide me

I have lost my faith in god
Abandoned belief in the morning star
I am the ruler
I am the might

I wear the crown of frost
Reign from the throne of ice
In the twilight dominion
In the realm of north
As a king I walk

06. Perfect Storm

In the sea
The storm has been awaken
Freezing winds cruel and fierce

Unleash the full force of the nature
Into pieces she breaks
Apart she tears

A single heart beat can break the silence
In the eye of the storm
But not even the deepest wrath of the mankind
Is equal to the chaos in a perfect form

At the shore
The waves has been rising
Sea is taking over the land
Mighty wings are summoning the thunder
Sky turns dark and the black rain starts to fall

07. Fallen World

Countdown has begun
To the annihilation
Devastation beyond comprehension
Eradicating of all existence
The dawn of destruction

Downfall has begun
The revelation
Predicted the end of the world
Behold the pyres of the fallen world
The dawn of extermination

Witness the flames devouring the earth
Behold the pyres of the fallen world

08. Eclipse

First light of the sun
Burning horizon and fiery sky
Is painting a silvery scene
illuminate the ice and snow
Dead calm landscape flickers and glows
All veiled in white
Concealed by winter

The grandeur of the dark
Is followed by the grace of dawn
Last embrace of the dusk
Before the dawn
Before the sun

It has been told by the elders
Event in a sky lasting a blink of an eye
Moment of the wolf
The first spark of dawn

It has been seen by the ones who went forth
Thru ice and snow in the freezing north
All veiled in white
Concealed by winter

new moon has reacher alignment
celestial bodies in perfect conjunction to alter the solar system
behold the blinding light escaping from the shield of the sun

a grand distraction in constellation
as the eclipse becomes total, reaches perfection

and the light expires
while last flare of light escaping from the shield of sun

09. Closure

Apart from the others I walk
A path that has been forsaken by the sun
Abandoned by light
Only darkness walks beside me

10. Unbreakable

This painted smile stains my face
my spoken words meaningless and false
my eyes won't reflect a thing
impossible to see me brake

The mirror on the wall
staring face unknown to me
behind this mask I hide from thee
these tears impossible to see

This painted smile stains my face
impossible to see me break