Loss - Despond lyrics


01. Weathering The Blight

You sat alone
You sat so long
Your words make very private scars
You suffered down low
And you saw no light
Made knots of your fingers
While weathering the blight

02. Open Veins To A Curtain Closed

Fatum vestri vita
The end of everything
The end of myself
Razor find a way
Slice the veins
Bleed it all away
Stomach slit wide
Hung with a noose of my own intestines

Laid to rest with final wounds
Nothing more to take
Self surgery
Explain to none
The reasons
Open veins to a curtain closed
Left to be found
Perfectly shamed

Cornered in a cold room
Cannot raise me
Skin is scoured
Raw but unclean
Red sleep
Can and shall release

Lowest point of being
A wound erupting
Masterpiece of my despair
No decipherable expression heard
As arms fall, the blood screaming
Of a world drawn in

Mind's eye projecting
Blinding light on curtains closed
The audience unseen
Theatre of the defeated
A numb performance culled from memory's imprint
For a standing room unaware


Sinking, I will die for this (for you)

03. Cut-Up, Depressed And Alone

Carving... my skin
Reveals... the face... of... tragedy

Better... to feel
The pain... fully
Than to drift
In the emptiness

Between nothing
And sadness

Cut up

Wounds as deep (as any) burial
(And) sorrow deeper than any wound
I gave (myself)
Thicker than any scar
I left
For me
There is no hope

Left alone in here
For there is no escape
A life painted with blood (and loss)
The wrists to my freedom welcome razors edge

And these wounds of mine will never fucking heal
All that's left is loneliness, there's nothing left to feel

04. Deprived Of The Void

This bloodshot blur, it will not pass
While trying to disintegrate into a complacent carcass
Cells refusing to dissipate
Flinchingly deprived of the void

05. An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight

One devastating message crosses stagnant air
Abhorrence of one's self
Left a shredded husk
Vacant of living

Only death brings the epidemic of truth, that life is not worth living
So wait not
End it all here
End your life

Perceptive to one's worth in sorrow's mirth
An all too willing hand will lift the blade and let sink this letting go

Passing of life
A season
Sliced to stifled end
Eyes open and staring dead
Into a wet and wooden floor
One by one
They crawl in

Only loss brings truth so sit and reflect
Life is not worth living
It's brought us all to this
End it all here
End our lives

06. Despond


07. Shallow Pulse

If you saw the darkness before death
Life fading before its last breath
Then you would know
If you saw life without hope, death without reason
Then you would know

Then you would know
The meaning of fear
Watching them live is killing me
Living on my time
Self sacrifice
Worth the loss of life
I would shed infinite rivers of blood to paint a portrait of disgust with yours
Reveal your true colors, murder you and take back hope stolen from me
To see your reflection, but only as skin deep
To feel the shallow pulse of omnipotent sadness
My ritual silent
My ritual alone

Curtains I am closing
Infinity drowned
Darkness my crown
Never to resist
This is my sacrifice
I close my eyes
I'll make my fucking deathwish be real!

08. Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being)

Well concealed my human destitution
Shroud of endless void within

A shadowed figure
A lone failure
Shameful posture
Shy disciple of darkness
A fool to decay in ever-cold

All scripts of life unknown
All breath to give in to (dark) spiritual formulae

In grief
The world surrounding shatters
Obsessed by ill consumption

Possessed and inclined to enter this covetous passing

True and bitter with my destiny
The wish of death

Be real!

09. Silent And Completely Overcome

I do not remember a depression such as this
How many clocks has it been since we have last spoken?
Forgive me as I pass my soul from one dark evening unto the next
How is it that I cannot find a guide, or a light?
I am already broken
If I never wake up
I only pray that my silence will be put to rest

Silent overcome and empty
Bled out numb and cold
Clenched fists red and filthy
With nothing left to hold

Let those stars fall that shine
Let those stars fall and this moment pass away
Like 100 tears on your coldest, saddest day
With bleeding wrists and dying eyes
We should be grateful for pain
For it means we have at least one feeling left
But such things happen
Such things happen

Bled out...numb
Bled out...numb

10. The Irreparable Act

If only this could be more than a gift itself
To share and stain a world lost of its horizon
Death awaits you
What are you waiting for?