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Giant Squid - Cenotes lyrics


01. Tongue Stones (Megaptera Megachasmacarcharias)

What was the catalyst, the final offense, that forced her presence
To intervene, to make known, this planet of stone, is truly her bone

And her flesh, ripples with troughs and crests
And our lakes, are her breasts
And her veins, quench our thirsts
But we pour our filth in first

Our judgment came not in flame, but in flood
A crawling lake of brine, thick with oil, thick with blood

Beg for, forgiveness from higher ground

Scents of cetacean serpents carried for miles
One baleen grin hides another serrated smile

When, pectoral fins block out the sun, all is lost

For those out of her reach, she'll swell rivers into the creeks,
Pushing creeks into the streams, until the highest lakes boil and teem

Torrential flows carving pinnacles clean
We are debris from which god's hands filter feed

When new shores lap at our highest peeks
The world as we know it will flow past their teeth

02. Mating Scars (Isurus Metridium)

A bloodied rostrum and missing fins, teeth marks raked from gill to grin.
From far away, it's easily seen, the ordeal through which I had been

Specific gravity, taken it's toll, fateful events left their holes
Teeth replaced from ones behind, nictating membranes hide swollen eyes

Uncanny, I sailed straight to thee, in tonic immobility
One drop in a million

Spiteful seas and sharper shores, I'd suffer all again
And navigate with magnetic pores, a thousand chance occurrences
Uncanny, I sailed straight to thee, in tonic immobility
One drop in a million

To migrate is to suffer
Like fleeting friends, thermoclines come and go
A family asunder, I cheers the deserters,

An unfathomable reward, now breaths and grows

03. Snakehead (Channidae Erectus)

No further offerings of our own flesh and bone, the stranger found in pieces on shore, has limbs to spare, and can grow more

A sign, an omen, a living totem, a walking fountain of meat.
Asteroidian limbs grow again and again, pleasing the pool of teeth

Sacrifice anew of fresh sinew, his scent sinking like teeth in soup
Sentries arise from the halocline

Water will flow from elder to embryo, the driest of days are days of old,
Bring every bowl, fetch every pail, cup thy hands both dry and frail

We'll all be drunk with water again

When we've regaled the demons enough, bring our gift back up
And feed him well with the oiliest slop

Yank the rope and hoist him high, he'll regenerate overnight
When fins follow, let him drop

04. Figura Serpentinata (Pycnopodia Sapien)

Don't let them know what the child can do
Put him to sleep with the strongest brew
And make him more symmetrical

Burn all the pieces, leaving not a quantum

Don't let them know what the child can do
Growing back three where there was two
And keep his reach contralateral

Don't let them know what the child can do
Cover him in ochre to hide his Linckian blue

05. Cenotes (Troglocambarus Maclanei)

Former alps make reluctant isles, ants in a storm, we are all condemned
Now the greatest minds sit not on spines, we are all their nutrients

Every drop of reserve, unfrozen, still did not reach the highest peaks
So a clever, brine cracks a faucet of time, pouring archaic seas,

Each set of waves smarter than the last, climbing tides never recede
Once benign pools now smile right back, patient for us to concede

A millennium, ago, my father was of my age, rumor has it, I look just like him
Subterranean rivers flow through chrono fissures, I will follow them and see for myself