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Cardamon - Sun As Never lyrics


01. Away From The Light

(I stay away from the light)

Your mind-set was determined, but you failed to make it through
Inside this room your eyes seemed focused
The countless times, I have watched you

In the end you closed the door and never came back in
A craving stare betraying your thoughts
The countless times, our views collided

I stay away from the light
Hard to believe, to believe in anything at all
I stay away from the light
Embracing my shadow on the wall

You never will return to me
By this somehow I feel relieved
As I finally start to see
The reasons behind your believes
I am feeling truly awake now
Inside this state of reverie
Stop wondering why
As I regain my long lost sanity

I'll be fine here all alone
Not waiting for anything
I am ready for years to come
By now I know..

02. Down Alone

See, the war is always on your side
Hear what they say, let it chime
Though, you've given up without a fight
Fogs have risen up for you to let go

Wrap your arms around someone
To tell you to let go
They drop you like a bomb
Coming down all alone

The screaming wind now in your ears
A thousand miles to ponder
The grounds to hit are oh so near
A witness to no wonder

See, the war is always on your side
Hear what they say, let it chime
Though, you've given up without a fight
Fogs have risen up for you to let go

Rest your mind on no tomorrow
Every sigh turns all to dust
Hold that thought and not the sorrow
Absence of sound is not home

Your purpose now out of your hands
Destined to fail to live to see
The ruin and where the ashes land
What you're made for you will be

Your rain of debris
Will touch no skin
Why can't you see
That I've exploded within

03. Spanning The Distance

No words can span the distance
Between you and I
This hurt proves my existence
But its meaning I'll deny

Selfless and silent
You raise a hand to me
Beloved or a tyrant?
The downfall I cannot see

Pick me up, back on my feet for you again
Lift me up, admit defeat to you again

I am that I never was
A shell to captivate the dark
The stigma of those forever lost;
Potential of fire, lack of sparks

But I will be the mountain
You fail to climb
Forget all about them
And see me shine, in another lifetime

04. All You Were Meant To Be

I sever the blood from the vein
Course freely or lay down and die
So clever at hiding the stains
And having your screams become sighs
A reflection upon the dirty waters
Is how you see yourself of late
Stare into the filth and wonder
How you can render it innate

See all you were meant to be
You were never here intended to last
See all you have stood and feared
It was never here intended to last

Your shade obscures the image
Of a thousand lives ahead
And as you gaze on down and deeper down
Into the one you never had
A reflection upon the dirty waters

Dive down
Revive now

05. Antithesis

And endless list of dreams to have
A spineless life with nothing left
No name, no face
Another scream erased
From the slate of the immortal

The pieces of mind you lost
(down here, in here, down here, in here...)
It may be
But what is the cost
For me
Don't you see?

06. Masterminds

Shimmering lights in a glazy distance
Dance the prelude of a renewed existence
The journey is long but we keep walking on (and on, and on...)
Our paces are sore but we keep taking more (and more, and more...)

We've broken the chains, but have to carry the iron..

Haunted by our own mistakes
One misstep is all it takes
To fail the goals that we have set
This is as close as we will ever get

We took it when we had the chance
Burned the fleet and jumped the fence
Sold our souls along the track
No regrets 'cause there's no turning back

It took masterminds to pull this off
This master-plan, we are so proud of

Preparing the seconds and minutes and hours and days
And weeks and months and years

So carefully mapped that it cannot be chapped
As long as we face our fears

No fear of falling, no time for stalling
Forget about the shackles left behind

07. Deaf Or Blind

So deranged it's better to neglect
Than see the changes made in retrospect

Faces are younger still
Damage yet to be done
With an unbroken will
The end not quite begun

So unchanged and yet still defect
A broader range of hurt to dissect
Never look back, melancholy is an ugly lie
Just stay on track or say goodbye

If you care to turn your head
If you heard what has been said
To this the future is behind
To this you're either deaf or blind

Prick up my ears, is that silence I hear?
You can stop this if you want to
You can stop this if you try to
You can stop this if you choose to
Like you should do

08. Walk On By

Eyes down
No attention outbound
Focus on the street
Just following my feet

Stand still on black and walk on white
I watch the other side
Appearing out of nowhere
On this crossroad we collide
Motionless I stand there as
You're leaving me dismayed
I watch you fade

Let me be the one you walk on by tonight
Share our every deepest thoughts or die tonight

What if I call your name
What if I grab your hand
What if it's not a game
If I had this all planned

Keep repeating
The scenes
Of you leaving
Me bleeding
And screaming:
Not seeing
What we could have had

09. Amaze Yourself (Sun As Never)

A cold labyrinth ahead of me
So old, forgotten but none the more real
Every turn is headed for a former self
Fall, like the leaves you once held

To the sky, your hedges
And plan your dead ends
Barricade the edges
Try not to make friends

No light in us
We see but
What's in us
Knee-deep in
All of this
Fear we cannot explain yet
Follow the same

Were you to let go
Let go from them
Would you then know
You amaze yourself

The ghosts instead
Now lost in you
Life, dead ahead
Start anew?

And if you stumble upon
A way of reliving the past
Take your time to feel the sun
As never intended to last
Amaze Yourself

10. Wide Eyes

Leaves of sorrow,
Fall down on you
The night around you, as it found you, covered in a lacy dew
Are you dreaming,
Or are you sad
That every day finds another way of telling you: it can't be had

The unlit path of least resistance led right through you
It passed while making darkness in your bright-shining mood
You carry days like crosses and you never say a word
Cause we're no longer living in another world

Time is passing and birds fly on
Onwards to horizons with a cold and lightless sun
Your blind eyes now are wide eyes and don't regret
The things you haven't done or things you didn't get

Sing me softly
A lullaby
As the willows weep your tears on me at night