SubRosa - Strega lyrics


01. Sugar Creek

I know a path in the woods
Don't be afraid; they're only shadows
It's safer here when there's two

I thought I heard her calling
I thought I saw her falling
(I swear I saw her falling)

You look so levely in the shadows
I've forgotten why I ever angered
I see your eyes in the shallows

Her reflection lies in dirty water
And now her body's like an angel
Now her body's like an angel
And now I know I'll never anger

02. Crucible

We´ll scour the ghettos
For the trash of the earth
Put em on the frontline
They won't be missed

Step into my crucible
Warm yourself in my crucible
Burn and die in my crucible

We'll bribe their grieving families
With the fat of the land
Spread distorted visions
Till they eat from our hand

The victims of the system
Are the first to be served
To propagate that system
They're meat in our mill

Cast into the futile battle
In the caste system
Of feudal lords
Crying from the
Bottom of the pile
In the voice of a number

We're paragons of virtue
And you are the same
When you die in our turnstile
We'll protect your name

03. Christine

Whispers on the back porch
The don't want you anymore
He beat you till were raw
Then he took something more


At school the girls call you a whore
Your lunch money on the floor
But they look you up and down

You found that you were weak
At forgiving enemies
So much darkness in that room
No one gets you, no one could

Never giving in
Never again

04. Strega

Watcher in the North
Regulus estate
Watcher in the South
Fomalhaut inverno

Watcher in the East
Watcher in the West
Antares autunno

O Strega
Beneath the walnut tree
O Strega
Between the moon and the sea

Royal stars

Four points in the star

Take me in your arms

Diana Dainus
Stag and Wolf
Kiss me, bless me
Always myself

05. Isaac

He´s a long way from home
And the shots cut him him down
I saw it in a dream I had last night

I saw the shots cut him down
And smoke all around
And his broken body lying in the sand

Though I know that my son died for a new day
And for all the millions that would pass this way
If God himself should knock on my door
I'd turn him away, say I ain't got no more to give

Well, the prince keeps us down
Steals our money for his crown
And the lies he tells us never go away

In the darkest night
We had to stand up and fight
It was that or die forever on our knees

The day he left for war,
Silhouetted against the door,
I had to look away and hide my face for shame.

06. Black Joan

Out on the quay
Trash for the day
I've got a feeling
I can't explain

Is it my future
Buried in my past?
All that I know is
It might just last

Black Joan

This begging life keeps
On dragging me down
I'm sick of small change
I'm sick of this town

Gotta find a new way
To make things right
Gotta write my own story;
It begin's tonight.

Black Joan

I hear my train a-comin
Black wheels like thunder rollin
Won't you help me pack my backs?
I'm leavin and I'm not comin back.

Plagued me all long
But I never felt my lack
Till I heard your song.

07. The Hours I Keep

Oh mother
Oh father
You gave me lief
You gave me death

Oh mother
Oh father
You loved me well
You can´t help me now

There is no escape

Dark water all around
On the broken bridge
Revere is bound

A dead-end maze
Dark passageways
Synapse collapse
Reality break

It's morning
Twelve hours of sleep
You won't believe the hours I keep

A veil is placed before my eyes
I can't see myself
I can't see their lies

I'm buried in this bag of skin
With sham circuitry
Where do I begin?

Oh mother
Oh father
You gave me life
You gave me death

08. Go Down Moses

When Israel was in Egypt's land
Let me people go
Oppressed so hard the could not stand
Let my people go

Go down, Moses, way down in Egypt's land
Tell old Pharaoh, let my people go

So Moses went to Egypt's land
Let my people go
To make old Pharaoh understand
Let my people go
Thus spake the Lord, bold Moses said,
Let my people go
If not, I'll strike your firstborn dead
Let my people go

09. How To Neglect Your Heart

The laugh at me
I´m all alone
The question me
In jagged tones

The try to tell me what's true
And what's not true
As if they knew
As if they knew

They tell me how to feel
They tell me what I'm worth
They tell me how I failed
All in their own words

The tell me how to love
And how to get along
Passion's all right
As long as it's not too strong

Here's how you play the game
Here's how you play your part
Here's how you go along
Here's how to neglect your heart

Fixed life
Like the stars
Never moving
Never far

10. Self-Rule

Fixed bayonets in the crisp autumn air
And I have to wonder why I don't even care
Scarlet epaulets and well-oiled hair

I invade the nations of the poor
But I can't fight my own battles, can't find a cure
I'll make them feel my rod till they can't take anymore

A cry of war is heard throughout the land
But all I have self-blame on hand
I'll crush their kingdom with a fistful of sand

I'll subject you to horror
I'll subject you cause I can't rule myself
I rule a nation
I rule a nation but can't rule myself

Fixed bayonets in the crisp autumn air
And I have to wonder why I don't even care
I have to wonder why I don't even care