Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid lyrics


01. ...And the Gods Made War


02. Visions of Gehenna

Under the pale moon rides The Morningstar
With keys to the astral gates and mystic doors
Black rays of night hold his wings aloft
Black potions brewing in his afterthoughts

Armies crying out his name
Whips lashing out in pain
The hordes of death are various
Until we kill the Sagittarius

Fly through the flames as the sun explodes
Violate the truth that the seeker knows
Fear seized the heart of the angel spawn
Savour the taste of the final dawn

Armies crying out his name
Whips lashing out in pain
The hordes of death will bury us
And we'll kill the Sagittarius

03. Mirror Messiah

Tears from the fountains of treason
Wept by the deities slain by fiendish fray
Years lost in counterfeit reason
Burned from the secrets wise men dare not say

False tongue of mirror messiah
Luring the breath of life from its mortal coil
Death chant of martyr pariah
Bury the faithful flock beneath the sod and soil

Souls burn in pain of salvation
Betrayed by promises cast by traitor's throat
Conquer the age of the nations
Cast down this epoch to the lord of goat

Reject the mirror messiah
Sever the hand that sows slavery to our race
Defective martyr pariah
Slave to the elder god, die in dark disgrace

04. No Life King

Fast asleep on his throne made from mortal bone
In the crypts lies the No Life King
But his slumber will break and his carnage he'll take
The slayer of man things

When the armies of night with his powers unite
And the moon is as black as his blood
Then the rivers will boil as the undead they toil
Ashes where man once stood

Send a plague on the land with a touch of his hand
Smash the gates of the cities and towns
Steal away with their souls to his castle below
We'll make our last stand

So go hide in the sun when the war is begun
Run away from the No Life King
For his armies are vast and his talons are fast
He'll have your blood to drink

05. Celephaïs


06. Twilight Grave

Made a pact with the twilight demons
Seemed the only way
Drew the circle of salt and semen
Held the daggers raised
In the deluge of smoke and cinder
Burned the shadow's eyes
In the mist hellfires did wither
Held me hypnotized

Going down today
Gonna die today
Into my twilight grave

Mind exploded with thoughts of terror
Glimpsed the final days
In the vision I beheld my error
But it melted away
I ate the flesh of unborn babies
I drank the blood of the dead
The lines were cast when the twilights changed me
And left a price on my head

So they sent the seers to hunt me
With their powers of old
Felt the weight of the hammer of evil
Crushing down on my soul
Never knew what would consume me
I'm condemned to die
The mist conceals what fate it feeds me
What it can never lie

I'm gonna die today
I'm going down today
Into my twilight grave

07. The Worm Ouroboros

The Lords of the Demonland
The slayers of the Witch-born kings
The conquerors of the Ghoulish hand
The keepers of the diamond rings
The wielders of the silver spears
Their ships flying silken sails
They search for the Worm Ouroboros
It eats its own tail

The riders of the golden griffins
The gods grant their every whim
They wish that the Witchlords be reborn
To kill them all again

08. Cauldron Born

Raise your spears to the sky
Suffer no pain when it's your turn to die
Fall but to rise once again
To defile your ancestors, murder your kin
The crawling chaos of old
Will course through your blood as it corrupts your soul
Eternal life is our prize
You'll see the Black Cauldron etched in our eyes

Armies of Arawn unite
The slaughter we serve, for The Death Lord we fight
Mute but swords tell our tales
Carved in our enemies' bones and entrails
The Cauldron Born is our name
Fall by her side and you'll become the same
One taste of her cast-iron will
Gives strength to the heart and the hand for the kill

09. Wintermute

The wasps have smashed their nests again
Stinging me solemnly for my sins
The winter of my disgrace
A failed god for the failure race
Death rides the cold that bleeds from my eyes

Nothing you can do will make me change my ways
I will hate you all until the stars decay
With darkness all around the ice consumes my speech
Condemning me to dreams that are just beyond my reach

Take me to the one who can make my world complete
Build the bridge across the void beneath my feet
Reaching for the realms that mere mortals may not know
And trampling on the tracks laid softly in the snow