Omit - Repose lyrics


01. Scars

From the east the dawning breaks
Coating shards of earth
Watchful eyes are grazing the peril chasing
Still they must venture

Unyielding iron scornful in delicate hands
They heave the cravings of boundless cancer
Braced to endeavour, yet I could barely crawl
Should it sever my heart from yours

Keep me close to you
Lest I drift away
Guard me from the woes
They will merely make
A penny's worth of bleeding
A fortune spent in healing
And serve the mirth to devils
For whom my toil is given

Pray for sleep
The rainfall of embers
Bathe me deeply as I reach
For your face
The icon of mercy
Will you take me from this place?

They rise and dictate the ruthless nihilist
In reeking mantles all made of vermin
Such hunger, to the dirt - infectious savagery
They are the bile permeating reason

Whence appeared the scent and taste
Of God and love and wealth
And whither do they translate
Into assets unknown to pathos

"...As a victim of a holocaust he hath received them
And in time there shall be respect had to them"
(From Wisdom of Solomon 3:6)

Scorching heat, the panting shrieks
Water boils in earth
Dreary looms the freedom, the scars of Eden
Our death is trivial

02. Fatigue

In days of revolt
I too carried a torch
And swung at my arrows

But time is ruthless
And heals nothing

The shrieking ruin
Of a hard winter's kiss
Takes forever more summers
To mend

Now the snow just as might lay
Cloaking the remains
Shrouding the wounds
And sores
Of losses and fatigue
With pure, white

For what the sun uncovers
By its taunting rays
Are like swords to the lies
My life and dreams
However nightmarish
Are built upon

Rather it lay cold and dead
Than revealed in all
Its necrotic splendour

The price to pay
In facing failure

03. Dissolve

Completely lost
In dark, surrounded
A wasted life's attempt at innocence
I always longed to see you blinded
Inspired thoughts, the darkest complement

It was given, but it did not last
Always hidden, drowning in your past

All aloud - just let it all dissolve
Ending - forced into the ground
All aloud - just let it all dissolve
Pending - let it come to pass

The shards of glass, as always, found along the wall
The broken window always letting in the heavy air
Search for where the truth turned into lies
Sensing where the trust turned into fear

Cling to failing thoughts
Answers never found
Taking in too much, taking gasps of air
Try to hold your breath, listen to the sound
It is getting close
There is no need to care
Focus on your pain, let it grow inside
Slow down, make no haste to stop

You know it is drawing closer
You are left with no desire
To behold what you can not see
Lift your head, roll your eyes back

Focus on your pain, let it grow inside
Slow down, make no haste to stop
Focus on your pain, let it grow inside
End all, holding in your breath
Focus on your pain, let it grow inside
Falter, finally exhale

You know it is drawing closer
You are left with no desire
Fading hope, no will remain
Can you make it show and make it seem to matter?
Giving - you know it is all your shadow
Captive - you know it is all for them to see

Send your message
You know it is drawing closer
Follow as if your eyes were open

04. Constriction

I mourn its last embrace
The dark before the fall
In keeping with its pace
In following its call

Go on - journey into
Burns and scars you
Once all beneath it preys
Stings to this day

My mind left aloft, going under
Faceless, thinking it was true
Fabric made to break torn asunder
Never had no one but you
It was left afloat to plunder

I always thought that it would come to this
Your image, darker over the years
Transcending aches amass, constricting me
A burden larger than I can bear
Now, as it ends it does not ease the pain
It lingers, aiding the flow of the tears

Blurred, the winds keep blowing
Slowly moving
Parting clouds are drifting
Gently leaving

Glimmer of the sun's rays
Filtered through leaves
Rustle of the soft grass
Whispers to me

It seems like it is never ending
All sounds fade
Slowly being blinded

End all my dreams
Drowning as I pause here
I have no care
Solitude, my comfort

Let it all go, release the pain
It can not hold you
Let it all go, cling to the void
Enter the dark

It creeps in, you know it
Persuading you to go
The senses slowing as it begins to flow
It needs no more, it begs no mercy
It feeds, it shelters - my endless sorrow

05. Insolence

Hear the sound of you
Trying so hard to follow
When having gathered hatred
Can hardly bear another

It cleared the slate for all less bland
All the anger
Fed the strength anew
Darkness came
As I left, you were standing
Senses lost to all
I saw the empty stare

Distorted, it faintly carries over
Beckons all broken
All scattered and fragmented
Mindless and numbing
A permeating hopelessness
Manipulated apathy

Enter partially devoured
Carelessly divided
Shelter all the shadows altered
Got there last to serve the dark

Never seen
Hidden well
Never known what it may be worth

Broken will
Leading on
Learned so well how to ask for more

Given all what is left
Nothing carries over
Nothing will remain
All the filth that I have seen
The scenes I have endured
In memory no more