Chalice Of Doom - Immemorial Nightfall lyrics


01. The Fall Season


02. Follow The Rains

I am shedding my skin, And peeling out my night.
Asking for a warmth , through the winter's sight.
With the mist that surrounds me, I fall behind..
With no hands around me, I fall in my mind.

The story has ended, as the winter descended
But These cut hands refuse to give in ..

I follow the rains, till they crash down
Holding on my scars, And screaming with no sound
Those hollow breathes would deafen you..
If they've ever reached to you..

Gently touches, Buried Kisses
Warm breathes, Distorted thoughts

The Distorted thoughts Never Leave..

03. To Dust I Shall Return

Oh Mother Night...Feed me a piece of light
among the thorns I lay my body for years
This decayed body, became so pale
This grave is mourning upon me
I cant rest in peace..
I cant rest in peace..

Enjoy the darkness...and emptiness
Between the forlorn
Every grave has a story..
But no one listens..
No one listens

From Dust to human
from human to dust
A tragic circle..
Of blood and rust

Once I drank the rains and grew
And spread my roots around your love
But now the planet has one grey cloud
And Seven swans to guard our remains

I am calling from my grave..
Only stones..Only dust
Only memories ..

Oh father grief...Where's my relief
On these shores I've waited for a thousand years
This lonely hand became so paralyzed
This place is pulling me down
I cant live in peace..
I cant live in peace..

04. Cries of Candles

The night has come again..
I'll spread my wings with the rains..
The darkness came to me..
There is nothing to see..
The sparking candle arised..
And chanted me to defy..
The cold shivering winds..
The earthly frosty friends..

I sparked the candle..
And turned another page..
But the pen has been fallen..
and I've lost the words...again

Lost between the letters..
Missing behind the words..
Around the cries of candles..
I lay my head to sleep...

Now its fading, the feeling of the winter
Now its leaving, the mourning of the cold

The day has come again..
The rays are licking the rains..
The brightness came to me..
But There is nothing to see..
The sparking candle has died..
And chanted me to try..

Its fading..Its fading..

05. Licking The Dagger

The butterflies inhale the scent of the corpse
And I am standing still..licking The Dagger..

I set her free , from the thorny cage (life)
And Granted her wings to fly away..
Away, from my rotten existence..

I set her free..

The scent reminds me, of the days she used to leave
Its all over now, you got what I've received..

I cut your lip from your face to take it with me..
The sweetest memorial of what we used to be..
I'll let the birds, snitch your naked chest..
And let your screams arise from the east, to the cheating west..

06. Serenade For The Lost

Oh, Winter please, Peel the darkness out...
Oh, Autumn please, Leave us so fast..

Two hundred raindrops are touching the surface of my face
While the moon is warming up my veins and my disgrace
The heart is spitting beats, bitterness and names
we slept alone forever, we left without a trace

Oh, Autumn please, Leave us so fast..

I wish to be touched by the sunlight..
The bones are crashing down by the coldness that is mine..
I wish to be free in these darkened skies
To fly upon the the coldest clouds to atone my ancient crimes

Oh, Winter please, peel the darkness out...
Oh, winter please, wash my salty shoulders..

Two hundred years are passing the features of my face..
While the moon is warming up my veins and my disgrace..
The eyes are streaming grief, suffering and names..
we slept alone forever..
we left without a trace..

07. Wounds And Wine

Fill my cup with the virtue of your shame..
Feed me lies..cosmos is just a game
The wine is streaming from your lips till the end time..
your sins I wont remit, grant me another crime..

Cascades of virtue have turned to vice..
Fill the cup and carve the way..
Fill the cup and spit my days..
Fill the cup and lead astray..

Feed me lies...
I am through wounds and wine
Feed me lies...
Let the heavens cry..
Fill me lies..
Let my hate go blind..

The final kiss was over
On the moonset time
The only things left here..
Are my wounds and wine

I am through wounds and wine..
Let the heavens cry..
I am through wounds and wine..

08. Curtains Of Hell, Gateways Of Heaven

I am standing on the brink
where the blaze is dripping ice..
I am standing on the earth where the hell is coming up..
I am dreaming of the ending..
Of a life full of lies
Dear life, the crimson well
Ring down the curtains of hell

I am sleeping on my thorns
where the ache forever dwells
I am sleeping on the luna where the heaven is coming down
I am visioning the extinction
of a life full of lies
Dear life, undress my phantom
Lead me to gateways of heaven

Wake me up...
All the flames are getting near, all the fears became so real
Wake me up...
All the past has turned to tears, all the smiles have seemed to wear
Let me sleep..
Let me run and go away, Let me flee and end the day
Let me sleep..
tomorrow is worse than yesterday, Now I'll go and lead astray

I am dreaming of the ending
of a life which I despise
Dear life,I still wonder
Is this another dream ?

09. Endless Prison

Another Golden Failure..
In the sunset aeons..
Where the sand can scream..
Grey colors to the sky..

Spoken :
nothing will be the same again..

When the last kiss blew
when the poison erupted
when the lifetime fell
when the line has been broken

now we are drunk
by the grief of the sea
by the Height of the waves
by the taste of her lies


Rebuild the portrait of our sight..
False beauty to be drawn

Her despair
Her torment
Dead stares from her lies
Blind lights from the skies
Black lips and death to rise
Embrace...and her demise..

Her demise..

The water reflected you
Black shadows in my depths
She touched my naked essence
Then sanity has been drowned
Lonely shades and warm misery
Sick dreams and frail hope

Lonely shades , warm misery
Sick dreams , frail hope
Lonely shades , warm misery
Sick dreams , frail hope
Lonely shades , warm misery
Nothing will be the same again..

10. I Long

I do me wrong
And i do it again
My sorrow rain
My feeling pain
See me through, walk me through

I long
I still long
I long
I long so much away - from me - for me
I long
I still long

Take my lips
Kiss me sweet
Take my feelings
Stop me from sweating fear
My sweet nightmares end

I long
I still long
I long
I long so much away - from me - for me
My sweet nightmare ends