Elend - Sunwar The Dead lyrics


02. Ardour

Dying into a dance,
The wait will be over soon.

The vision is gone, What is left to see?
A poison for the eye, a cure for the heart
And the end of all faith

03. Sunwar The Dead

Sunwar, the dead walked into the sand

Watch! the winds are dawning.
March with the streams of awe.
Prince Phobos I tear your wings
Released from the poisons of your grieves,

I am a front,an army of joy,
A century of burning.

Forth on this crawling sea,
I kill, I don't forget their shattered lives:
The perished shall pass along my shores,
They can't stand your eyes.

Raining down under the waves of blood
I chaos,I sunwar
Purple grains attached to linen of war

Sunwar the dead

In every deep, every ocean,
In every stream,every river
We have sailed our way,
The storm has led us this far.

We slay and slay,
We shatter and scatter

Watch!the winds are swirling
Rest, let the night fall on your eyes.
- O the night in your dying eyes -
But never long for slumber and mourning.

Raining down under the waves of blood
I chaos, I sunwar
Purple grains attached to linen soil
I roll, Idrown into the chasms of war

Sunwar, Sunwar, Sunwar,
I Chaos, I Sunwar

04. Ares In Their Eyes

Drunk of our blood, a sky's faded.

We burned like lions with
Ares in their eyes
But it is only in songs
that I envy the winds.
O let the scatter
my heart
among the ruins.

Ashes the cold,
the silent cast in stone,
Lifeless the corpse,
The stench,the horor.

I poured into the vial of life the terror of living,the worst poison of all.

Depart from us or we will leave you
In the raining fire above.

We were so proud in your pale masquerade
And we were lured by your glimmering shade.
We burn like lions with Ares in their eyes
But it is only in songs that I envy the winds.
O let them scatter my heart among the ruins

05. The Hemlock Sea

The joys of sleepless nights are awaiting you.
The son of Morn may cry and never reach you.
I have seen the veil,
I have seen the grave,
The rain it came
And silence covers all.

The drop like spears, this hollowed chest
These salty eyes that never rest.
They have seen this world
They have seen the dead,
The night is came
And silence covers all.

O praise the moon
Don't await the dawn
The river's stream,the glimmering sky
I wandered all alone.
O sweet hemlock kiss,
The poison sea burns
And Silence Covers all.

You turn, you shiver
Your skin so pale, your breath so cold
I have been longing for your love,
I have been trying not to loose you.
Come,come,fear not...
The son of Morn may cry, he will never reach us.
Thus is the promise of the winds.

07. A Song Of Ashes

Onde de sang, vent ardent.
I rolled like the sand
We are the everdead, the spark in the air.
Dust and water,
The blood of the harvest

And aimless on those muddy fields,
We wandered all night.
From the pyres draw
A solemn temple:
We have reached the altar.

Les corps n;en finissent pas de bruler.

08. Laceration

Hollowed by the pain,
I feel the rage coming in
Suffocating waves.

As a wreck in the streams of my bloodied kin's blood,
I dreamt of times saturnine when the festering might
Enflamed our hearts to the point where the lacerating
Was a joy ...
It was a joy!
And then, whenthe Vision's gone
And Death's unformed,
I am torn.

Our eyes are enslaved by the sight of the pyres,
Cast under the yoke of our own death.

Uttermost the drugs that have led us thus far:
The eyes, the poison, the vision, the might,
But still we don't probe the silence.
Here I am rolled and rolled by the stream.
The state of foam,
The moaning of the winds.

Cracked roads,
Through the reeds
Of the
Hollow voices
And the leaves
Bow down
Other masters.

10. Blood And Grey Skies Entwined

Dying into a dance,
Dismal the tide of woes,
Your eyes still can't see
A wave in the foaming streams
Turned loose our praying son.

The crawling snakes of massacre mesmerize the worn-out.

We gathered the first drop after the bite
And spilled the poison
the earth.
The taste of rain was bitter:
Blood and grey skies entwined