01. Trenches
02. Fed To The Flames
03. Abbadon
05. Withheld
07. Deathwish

01. Trenches

First kill-winterdeath
With silence she fell
White funeral

Long did you wait
For insanity's tomb
With all your heart
Unleashed doom

Razorsharp chants
Blackens your skull
Forcing you down towards hell
And the shadows you dread

Be the survivor
In need of no sun
Embrace demons envision the dead

Corpselike cold
Mesmerizing hands
Touching your fear
...of the obscure

Ride the night
With vicious lust
Strive to die
To serve

Grant your life
To reluctant minds
Infernal deeds are ripe
Awaiting you

Ride the night
At any cost
Join with those in black
The sordid few

Take from us the cross of sin
Let the sinister begin
Spread the branches and you'll see
The land is plagued by me

Leave your dreams upon this night
We have sworn to take your side
The break of dawn it will show you
That troops from hell are due

02. Fed To The Flames

From this trench of sparks
The inextinguishable flare
The ascending fire
From the pulse of my veins
The dreaded strain
My heart is slain

A warped state of mind
Bursting eyes at the sight
While charred bones grind
Like a burning choir
My callous desire
For impeccable death

Fed to the flames
See me merge with hell
Fed to the flames

Sifting through my gore
Is your next chore
In the glowing cauldron
While my knuckles crackle
I'm free from the shackles
Of the toils of life

My face is a furnace
I'm preserved by fire
I leave this distorted realm
Towards the depths
Of the grasp of black
To my eternal empire

Fed to the flames,
See me merge with hell
Fed to the flames

Heat upon heat
For hell to merge with me
From the burning oak underneath
To the grit of my gnawing teeth

Heat upon heat
For hell to merge with me
The burning oak underneath
Is the key to my shackles

03. Abbadon

Serpent scales and fever, cover the face of angels
The omnipotence of Hell
Black mist surface, the bellowing beast
Transfixed congregation

With razors, with will, with fire
Rabid teeth gnawing the cross
Break the bonds
The earth opens, vomiting forth

Like a gaping wound it swallows man
With its putrid claws
With its poison
Summon the end

A cold gaze, with sadistic intent

Deafening trumpets, storming winds
In every veil a demon, a flaming knife
The foulest stench
The foulest beings
Raping creation
All for the glory of Satan

Piercing the heart of the weak
Cleansing path of Belial
Expiating the throne of darkness
Writhing in pain with greasy self-pity
Self immolating clergy

05. Withheld

Witheld forces of the apostle
Drove him to roam the caverns
Ceaselessly aiming to govern
The new and winding paths

Ferociously plunging the chasms
(with) rumbling (and) thrashing bewilderment
Thriving barrels of yearning pleas
Trampled to bone dry dust

Contorted smoldering beacon
Atop the crumbling stairs
Sideways rain and whirling disdain
He never got out again
He never got out again

The rest of his life in fear
As relatives turned and obstacles churned
The plague of new life is here

07. Deathwish

The climate surrounding you is always cold
Disgusted you wander midst humans
You wish they would know

That you despise them all
And they will never see
The desolate darkness
That it belongs to thee

You wait for the night
Instinctively praising the death of light

The towering beacon that burns your eyes
You mount it and kill it and flee the site

Occult black winter sky
Magic swirls in awe
Wind through the frozen trees
An image to die for

Raise infernal knives
Call onto heavens high
"I'll rape you all when I die"

Your deathwish for all sacred life is so real
A day is descending you waken and gather your steel

You wait for the night
Instinctively praising the death of light
You're one of a kind because you are of lucifer and of ice
With lust so immensely strong die