Obscure Sphinx - Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual lyrics


01. AIR


02. Nastiez

Obedience, stronger than
Sorrow of Remains
Hope that never comes
Somehow must evaluate from a shrinking mass

Impulse, strobe inside
Neuron, of savage
That burns

Dive into red room maze
Choking fast

Impulse, strobe inside
Neuron, of savage

Skinny fingers are so cold
Askew smile, near rose lips
Watching skin
Scalding breath on heart beating neck
Going down on a tiny back
Bad words spoken
Directly in the ear
Lungs squeezed by a too small chest
Face smashed on the wall
Big thing's lying near

And breathing, so fast that, it steals life from inside
Eyeballs going red, bloody fluids flooding the mouth

The nastiez you're trying to hide
Grow and burn

03. Eternity

Night in the city without sleep
Thousands of lights drowning deep in smoke everywhere
Don't know your faces
I don't belong here
I'm so alone
I'm from nowhere

Welcome to my neverland
Take a seat
This is my race
We all run
Don't look behind
We are
Lost in city

Noise of streets
Like silence of dreaming woods
Like wind blowing in the crown of trees

And ambulances like a feared bird
Drowning in darkness with desperation
I see people without faces and names
I see people who pass me by
Who cares what is their story
Who cares what is my story
I'm dying among people quite alone
I don't belong here
I'm from nowhere

I feel nothing
And I see there's an empty
Space in me
Unconsciousness everywhere

I feel nothing

04. Intermission


05. Bleed In Me (Pt 1)

So... You're drowning nowhere

Spindrifting a particle of an iceberg
From your freezing cold inside
You were sailing into unknown

Wandering oceans
You were sailing so long
So long alone

You're thawing

Awaiting the night
Cause the day you couldn't bare
When you awaited the night the day tormented you

Only a chaos of hues on the sky
Was reflected hopefully in your eyes
Only in the night

You're thawing

Be at mercy of the sea currents
You were allowed to go too far

You didn't even notice when you thawed

06. Bleed In Me (Pt 2)

"Come, cave in me" the rough waves were calling you
The chill of the water was forcing me to fight

Why nobody heard you screaming
Why nobady sees (that) you're bleeding
Why don't you even try to swim
I cannot, I cannot help you breathe

"Come, cave in me" rough waves were calling your
Yeasty arms envolded, opened like a screaming mouth

Why nobody heard you screaming
Why nobady sees (that) you're bleeding
Why don't you even try to swim
I cannot, I cannot help you breathe

You weren't prepared for the enormity of evil
In this world

Burst into inside
Now warm, now calm
Your fear is gone
A bubbling surface over you
You don't feel anything

Besides the taste of blood
Your fear at least is gone
Besides the taste of blood

Bleed in me... bleed in me...

07. Paragnomen

Through my eyes
Through my skin
Through my ears

Everywhere I hear this disquieting noise

So weird
Ehrobbing pain
Enclosing me

Entering inside through my aching flesh

I'm so scared...

Through my hands
Through my chest
Through my feet

Everywhere I see these amorphous bodies

Beyond human belief
Consumed by a varmint

Now it's deep inside me, trying to escape

From my eyes
From my skin
From my ears

So shallow under my skin that I feel them

I can feel them
Inside my veins
In my blood
Inside my brain
Crawling deeply
Inside my mind
Crawling deeply
Inside my madness

Creepy maggots falling down on my putrid hands