Thou Art Lord - DV8 lyrics


01. A Chaldean Hex

The day of mourning
The wind which brings misfortune
The children of vengeance
The sons of vengeance
The messengers of loss
The ravagers of Ni-Ki-Gal
The doom which ravages the earth
The seven gods of the vast heavens
The seven gods of the igneous spheres
The seven malevolent phantoms
Phantoms of the flames
In the heavens seven
On the earth seven
Th wicked Alal
The demon Nergal
I summon your glory
For destruction and pain

02. Baphomet's Meteor

He came from the heavens
On a mission from Hell
Androgynous lord of Void
Master craftsman from the stars

The split of the Atom
Compressed in a sphere
A powerful weapon
Gifted to the Templar Knights

The Grand master William
Gathered the warriors of the cross
The fearsome combat monks
Armed to the teeth, with hearts of steel

The militia of heaven marched
Crushing the Saracen scum
Flesh and bone torn apart
By the power of the Spheres

The fires of Baphomet
Where science and magic melt
Men and women all shall perish
Who will not part with what they cherish

The fires of Baphomet
Burned cities to the ground
Forced Sultans beg for mercy
Stroke fear in (the) hearts of men

They entered the land of Khan
They faced the Mongol troops
And once again with lightning bolts
They sent their souls to Satan

(A vast empire of Templar might
From Palestine to India
Where the flag of Black and White
Waves proudly under the sun)

03. Crowning The Winged Skull

Rex Grandis Mundanus Spiritus Impius est

Mistress of the depths
I call you forth
Behold the symbol
Of your mighty power
Open the mirrored gate
And give life to the skull
Fashioned by my Art
Hear the Elder names
That may not be spoken

Issue from the jaws
Of a vampire
See the form of your place
Amongst the stars
Stretch out your being
Accept the sacrifice
Lend power to this shell
And bring the Dragon forth
Let me pass unharmed
Through the realms of your kingdom
Drain me out and fill me up
Assist me in my time of need

Connect me to the silver thread
Which penetrates the Cosmos
Be one with me
As I am of you
Of Those Who Have Risen

04. Society Of The Dilettanti

A gentlemen's club
Society of pleasure
A bunch of iconoclasts
The Hellfire club

Hellish desires
Hedonism and joy
An Abbey of honor
To the animal nature

Hellfire club, against a tyrant god

Mocking Divinity
The church and the saints
Praising the Self
And the power of Man

The Hellfire club
Temple of Liberation
The Hellfire club
Chapel of Deviation

Do as you will
Obey no masters
Indulge in your vice
Rejoice in your lust

A heathen tribute
To the orgies of Rome
An act of rebellion
Against a tyrant God

The true grotto of Satan
Of defiance and Pride
For the freedom of spirit
And carnal delights

05. Desire, Lust And Incubus

For countless days and nights she prayed
An astral call made out of lust
Her body in heat, her loins aflame
Feverish dreams, desire of sin

She bathed her self in Venus' tears
Painted Her markings on her skin
Through heathen charms and ancient spells
Her passion found it's way to Hell

The Demon Lord has felt her heat
Her summoning has reached Sin
Deep in his twilight kingdom
He spread his wings against the nightdom

He found her draped in altar cloth
She spread her legs and bared her breasts
Luscious wet lips, heart beating fast
Waiting his deviant demon touch

He entered her in delirium state
Twisting like serpent, slippery and wet
He made her come a thousand times
And filled her womb with devil seed

And then she fell in a deep sleep
Exhausted from this lucid dream
And just before the crack of dawn
He spread his wings against the nightsky

06. Eyes Wide Shut And Lips Wide Open

The mansion, black and cold
The meeting, time is right
The password, God of lust
The calling, Dionysian rites

Black robes, silver hoods
Hidden behind the masks
Strangers, bonded by Desire
Bounded by the Silent Code

Eyes shut, lips open
Circle, sin, never broken

From his throne the Serpent speaks
"Let the chants of Sin begin"
Nine scarlet whores
Start the Liberation dance

Unholy fire, their loins aflame
Soon flesh and darkness become one
Like savages they fornicate
Sweat mixes with blood and cum

Eyes wide shut and lips wide open
The Circle of Sin was never broken

A spell of sacred ecstasy
A game of sexual frenzy
The moans sound in unison
Ending in beastly orgasm

The mansion, dark and silent
The great hall deserted
The gates remain sealed
Until the next reunion

07. The Shadow Doctrine

The One is the Flame of Life
The Many are the sparks in the Flame
The Fire is One and All
Divided into Nine

The unity of One
Becomes diversity
Yet the Many remain One
Into the pool of Lifeforce

Watching the Nine worlds
Through the Eye of the Dragon
And the God awakens
Into manifestation

Unwrapped from His sleep
Of the Cosmic Chaos
Through Silver Threads He speaks
Transforming the Ones who Rise

Infinite, changeless the Inner Most Self
Ever-changing, -momentary- the Dragon Self

08. Behind The Druid Walls

Dust, sacred blood
Dissolving into the earth
Rebirth from suffering
Circle of the insane

Ancient Druid cults
Hellpath to freedom
Molecular explosion
Spirit of earth aflame

Carved in blood, straight to Hell

The pentagram gate
Carved in blood
The asylum walls
Became their soultrap

Flesh will set them free
Sacrifice and pain
Subterranean wrath
Routes straight to Hell

Behind the Druid walls
Breathing the dust
Inside the druid walls
We are legion

Cursed entrapped
Alive but dead
Light up the paths
On demon's speed

A thousand cries
A thousand souls
Criminally insane
We are free

Carved in blood, Druid cults
Straight to Hell, we are free

09. Those We Guide

High spires of cathedrals,
Small rustic churches,
Mosques, Hindu temples,
Synagogues all-

We support and assist them
Endorse and persist in
Smiling and aiding,
So they do not fall.

We do it through options
For a future that never
Will give the slave ever
What he cannot feel.

And never do We let on
That the beliefs that they bet on
Serve only the True Gods
Whose Will they fulfil.

So Vampire think kindly
On those who so blindly
Follow the scriptures
Writ past and allowed
For the slave who feels certain
His freedom is perfect
Will easily follow the
Commands from on high.

But slaves who will question
Their current situation
Will not follow commands
But will stubbornly die

Rather than obey
The Words of their Masters.
Vampire remember
The Truth of the Lie