Beatrik - Requiem Of December lyrics


01. My Funeral To Come

Kiss my pale face and leave me for the last time
Nobody will remember me, after your deat
Ah, after your death

They are tolling for me, this sad bells full of agony
I know now it isn't worth to have lived this life
On this tombstone you can see the end of my life
In my death you can see your own death
Nobody will remember you, when your sons will be dead

Remember me when the sky will be violet and clear
Ah, will be violet and clear

02. Requiem Of December

The fullmoon, of late ethereal autumn
Is the coldest and most melancholic
All is dismal and void of life
Under this December's moonlight

This Requiem of December is the deepest and grey
Mourning and melancholia attend me in this Requiem

No trace of light, within my eyes,
Nor on my face so pale
Reciting this funeral melody I wore my black dress
This is my blue memory of an extinguishing life

03. Eternal Rest

If your soul hasn't never found its peace
So your feelings are close to mine
Every night I dream this wished Nirvana

It will begun only beyond this my suffered life
Oh, that will be my eternal rest
It seams just the end of all life
Oh, that will be the sad peace for me

04. The Last Wandering

I spent my life in faraway dismal places
I came back now, and I'm only waiting to die

May I die down there
Into my forests never forgotten
Covered by a mantle of withered leafs
May my last sigh
To breathe their sweet smell
And may I still hear
The voice of the cold wind
Among that silver trees
For the last time

Let me wonder for the last time
Into my forests never forgotten

I left sure to had abandoned all
I came back now and I'm only waiting to die

05. Apollonia's December, 7th 1647

For many years dead children only were born
Funerals and desperation, fear and hate
An occult evil blinded their minds
And drove them to exterminate themselves

She was cursed by the mankind
Cause her deal with the devil
And the place were she lived, recognize her no more
Apollonia, scapegoat of sick beliefs
They gave you her sentence of torture and death
Among the tears of her sons

The stake of Apollonia shone in that December's night
On the Gallow's Field, her body was dissolved in ash

An occult evil suffocated their minds
And drove them to their own extinction

06. Returning After A Death

Now maybe her sadness is showered on this place
Like the shroud is spread out on her face white by now

She was so young and beautiful but so blue
But her memory made me smile no more

My tears are soaking all these thorns
That covered everything was once ours
With their sad aura of decay
That will not leave me never

That walls so pale, covered by ivy
That windows so empty, like eyes of a skull
They are like a plague in my flesh