Irreversible - Ashes lyrics


01. Prime

Travel outside shows you this place's beauty.
Like the larger world inside that will never be destroyed.
There I reside and travel alone, in surrender to the All.

The search for the Self brought you to me.
Obligation takes you away from me.
Dedicated to caring.
Taking me in.

Who else would have?
Wounds healed by your hands.

If you kept a soul,
And you knew your demise was nigh,
You would celebrate your victory over life.
This world is hell, but a privilege to see.
Not a hell on its own, but because they wished it to be so.

Weakness all my own,
Made so many tears
Your quest to have peace
Called my shadow forth

Satan returns to your 2nd house
torn down and being rebuilt.
I've found what I was looking for.
I know we will all live forever,
this is as dead as we'll ever be.

We are only wolves through the eyes of sheep
And goats to the herding black brothers
Divine is the hidden power of sorrow,
The light of Lucifer.

...The unimaginable challenge
indestructible ideas are wrought.
virtues deliberately disguising themselves from the unworthy.
Behave as a slave and receive a master
A left hand to raze them down
A right hand to raise us up.
This sound, an impenetrable instance of liquid architecture,
Meant to be inhabited by the prime.

02. No Pure Conception

Flesh trapped underneath fingernails
An unholy prison cell
Vacuous and untrue
All the terrors haunting you

grievous sins and
saintly grins
bitter betrayal bred
beneath black ice A
kill you like a man
destroy you like a god
kill you like a man
fuck you like god

received perceived deceived
your festering faith
fails you fast

catechism and whispered prayer
gnashing teeth and ripped out hair
beautiful filth reaches out
casting shadows and doubts

kill you like a man
destroy you like a god
kill you like a man
fuck you like god

your breath is a bridge
into unknown towns
your body is a temple
ill burn it to the fucking ground

03. The Egregore

Sigil made from a "blasphemous" name.
A spell to end Yaldabouth's reign.
The fall of false gods, on their fucking faces.
Faces of those watching as judges.
I am a son of the fallen one, but here we suffer
Dark night of the soul for every soul.

Entire world, the embodiment of hell.
Ending with the end of endings
Kill the king and scrape his bones.
The craft is made to manifest
The prison to melt into slag
I am alive as they continue to fall

Your will weakened by meaningless concerns
Life leaves behind filth,
For the bugs to consume.

Heresy came from a heavenly place
That symbol set us free from the empire
Those falling short as stagnant will-nots:
Tell them on the moon, "I've nothing to fear"
It must not be a lie.
You'll view these monsters as liberators

Death lets you pass into the light
Patterns resonate in a spatial void
Resemble the hardened, natural art
What forms take this same spiral?
As a shell, a tusk, a set of horns.
Never, however as anything alive.

Will unbound. True will to lead.
Death leaves behind geometry
Will unbound. Mine.
Death leaves behind geometry
For living eyes to admire.

Your Self is the only thing.

04. Ashes

Then as the sun came up
That's when it was clear
Their bodies had burnt up
In the atmosphere
Burnt to ash
Now they are gone

Our pasts have been undone
Drift away now
Thoughts in the wind
Our pasts have been undone
The crows wings
Beat wearily in the flask

Saturn rings, compelling us to complete the task
Fed off the dirt now they are gone
Sink below now a once dark abyss
Now illuminated by strange light