Sceptic - Pathetic Being lyrics


01. Intro

Music by Sceptic

02. Ancient Portal

Music by Sceptic
Dark depths of earth are hidden in secrecy
Which lies in door to another reality
Gate left here by an Ancient Entity
Preserved in time for all to see

Wastelands manufactured
By Gods from the skies
No one can live here
No matter how hard he tries

And then appears an ancient portal to another dimensions
After million years of sleeping , destroyed all expectations
Unusual monument of an ancient civilization
Has started events from beyond human imagination

The natural resources disappeared without trace
All human beings died with twisted face
The whole known world lost under the sands
There's no life forms left in these lands

Origin of the unknown
And dreams you dream
Should be thrown - away
The only choice is scream

On this burnt ground
Molecules dispersed long ago
An entire planet
Exterminated by unknown foe

03. Pathetic Being

Music by Sceptic
Break , through the walls of hate
Hard to give , but easy to take
Look at me , what can you see
The form of evolution which have no right to be
Who am I , without ability to feel
My sick dreams are the proof that my existence isn't real
Yet I have the hope , It's all what I have left

I am the victim of sick imaginations
Supply the visions and share separation
Erased from existence , my time has come
In the veil of questions lost will be my mind

Resisting the pain I feel
Find the victim , then I kill
My body acts against my will
I'm ashamed of what I have fulfilled
Why they gave me my life
Why they did this to me
How someone dared
Let my eyes to see

Betrayed all what I was living for
Against my common sense

04. Only Lies

Music by Sceptic
Concerning the senses as major fault
Of existing in almost unreal world
Cannot find your place in a queue
Never know what's false or what is true
Queue created by your own catastrophic ideas
That tell you - There are only lies

Nothing's as it may seem
In reality filled with deja vu

Searching for the meaning of truth
Makes you unable to do anything more
Than speculating what's real and what is not
What does your common sense suggest you
If there's something optimistic in your pessimistic eyes

Trying to find the realm you cannot see
Thoughts that are not what they should be
Fighting with fear that drills your mind
Creating disease - cure can't be find
Forlorn form of sub consciousness itself
Reminds you - There is no truth

There are only lies!

05. Ancestor Of All Powers

Music by Sceptic
The time has come to combine thoughts with mind
With human imagination it's hard to find
It's not yet gone and that'll change soon
During the eclipse of planet earth and it's moon

From the ashes and dust it will arise
The ancestor of all powers - humanity's price
An idea lies in bloodcurdling game they play
Not in the constant aspiration to throw fears away

Great masterpiece made by human race
Power of imagination and it's real face
It's not as divine as many people think
Overwhelming fiction - that's what it brings

Essence of these events lies in the same place
As disorder of ancestor's acts in the space
Cosmos is source of immense supremacy
But through the centuries lost it's integrity

06. Incapable Rulers

Music by Sceptic
Feel this pain , it strikes you once again
Taking control of your - mind
Crying for help , whispering prayers
You are so weak and helpless

We who ruled the waters , the earth and sky
Are now to be destroyed (disappear without a sign)
Why important no more is our will to be
Isn't it our own ingenuity to create our destiny

Don't we deserve a better way to die

And where is God , his miracles when needed
Your faith appears and disappears
When it becomes uncomfortable
No more to say

07. Lost Identity

Music by Sceptic
When the dreams are gone
And emotions die
When nobody can hear
Your tearful cry
Unforgettable grip of humiliation
Helps to reach the shore - your destination
When you roam beyond consciousness
Through dimension full of oppressing senselessness

When deceit breaks in disdaining the virtue
And reality seems to be a dream
Reflect upon who you are
And who you are to be

So tell me now
Your prophetic dream
When will my life end
What's my destiny
Will the truth break in through the bound of lies
And reflect in the mirror created by your eyes
Will the reason find way to your mind
And reveal the sense that we try to find

Where are you now
When I'm waiting here
To explain somehow
My pity tears
Your thoughts are closed within my brain
Then mind's closed too, brain's filled with pain
My imagination is what you cannot stand
It doesn't react for any stimulants

08. Arctic Crypt

Music by Sceptic
Locked inside the ice below
Forgotten long ago
An alien object lies in wait
Lost beneath the snow

Seismic readings from the north
Lights above the poles
Curious humans drawn to the sight
Staking camp in the frozen night

Legends told of the evil within
Still, forewarned, the man came in
Seeking knowledge forbidden to man
Bringing death unto their land

Nocuous emissions alert the team
The source is soon revealed
A strange capsule scarred by time
Covered with a foreign script
Anxious to unlock its secrets
They crack open the seal
Unleaching the beast contained inside
The frozen arctic crypt

Legends told of the horror within
An ancient traveller of the stars
Left entombed until disturbed by man
Bringing death unto their land

09. Particles Of Time

Music by Sceptic

10. Children's Eyes

Music by Sceptic
Do you know what feels the child
When father's chasing it with a real knife
Do you know how does it feel
To see enraged man kicking his innocent wife

Pain , hate , crying
You want to watch him dying
World full of lies
Beware of children's eyes
Eyes full of hate
Eyes filled with pain

Dad , I want to see your blood
Blood , I want to see it dad

Through all these days
Through all these nights
I saw your face
And I wanted you to die
Where are you dad
When I need your help
You're to selfish
You just think about yourself

Sometimes you feel only the suffering
Of children's minds , their own miseries
Sometimes you try to simply comprehend
Why father's wasting his child's life

Dad , now I can see your blood
Die , you mother, die