Astra (USA) - The Black Chord lyrics


01. Cocoon


02. The Black Chord

Threadbare, the nightmare
Summoning the sound
From out of the darkness

Sun cracked, the abstract
Seer of the sand
At mountains of madness
Crash land

Told the tall tale
Chapter and the verse
On the balance
Bounty and a curse
Into bright white
Only to reverse
For the Earth
Swallows whole

Tic toc stop
The draining body cold
Demon claws they
Crack the crust
To cascade through the fold
Bottomless the
Black gates lie
To trap the rapturing
Choking on the
Bated breath
the brink of capturing
Shadow sister fate

Sharp tongue, black lung
Cursed cries the unclean
Lightless, dark cess
burning breath the unseen
Last gate, mutate
Drawn upon the mad score
Wayworn, reborn
Awakening the black chord

03. Quake Meat

Madness woke with sordid wound
Lights reflecting eyes
Morning sun burns idle moon
Shadowing disguise
Chanting fire idiom
Drawn unravelled tongue
Follows me inside a dream
Aberrations laugh

Life is shining radiant
Open portal stare
Idle moon invites the breeze
Apparition air
Falling through me weakening
Blocking out the sky
Follows me inside a dream
Aberrations laugh

04. Drift

I hear the silence
Getting louder
From the place
We used to be

Images are fading as I
Drift between two worlds

I'm moving slowly to the
Voices in my head

From the one waiting here
I can't deceive your time
Goes by today

I feel the comfort calling
To my empty dream

From the one waiting here
I can't deceive your time
Gone away

Please show me the way
To evolution
Please take us away
So we can be free

05. Bull Torpis


06. Barefoot In The Head

Falling apart from everyone
Follow the setting sun
Out of time
Caught in the siphon circle
Braincaged in the dark
Deeper down, mirrored without a sound

Time and again it fades away
Hollow the patterning fray
Reason rime
Unravelling the webwork
River rust, turning to carbon dust

Spirit the hours, day after day
Chasing the bright side, losing the way

Burning out and barefoot in the head
I'm hanging by a thread the writing on the wall
Lost and bound inside the grey machine
And nothing in between can break the final fall

Shadow the winding mind from here
Prophet and prey to the fear
Draw the line
Just on the lunatic fringe
Balancing there
On the edge, driving another wedge