Becoming The Archetype - I Am lyrics


01. The Ocean Walker

I walked across the ocean
To the island of the dead
I climbed the mighty tidal wave
All other men have dread
I alone am standing
Standing in a world of silence
The Tsunami and the hurricane
Bow down

I alone am standing
Standing in a world of silence
All the oceans filled with death
I have consumed in a single breath

I am the fountainhead
And I am bringing back the dead

02. The Time Bender

Traversing the infinite
Transcending the evident
Watch as reality bends to my will
Navigating eternity
Dispatching uncertainty
Behold in my presence time standing still
I am the future
I am the past
I have seen breathe your last
I am the end
I am the start
I am holding your beating heart
Day is night
Dark is light
eternally self existent

03. The Eyes Of The Storm

I cause chaos and confusion
I put the sky in turmoil
I see the world as the sun does
I wreak havoc in a whirlwind
The wind is at my finger-tips
My voice is the lightning and the thunder

Destruction is my work
To obliterate your petty structures
To make your weak hearts quiver
To make you tremble
To create in you a sense of fear
To open your eyes to your desperation
Oh how I long for you to say
"Consume my beating heart
From within tear me apart"

04. The Sky Bearer

I carried the sky on my back
I caught it the day that it fell
All of the world had turned black
And stared into the mouth of hell
It crushed all the mountains
And the tops of the trees
For even a moment even brought me to my knees
On my shoulders I lifted impossible weight
Up the mountain I bore the unbearable freight
To return the sky to its temporal room
And deliver the world from it's immanent doom
It was in silence that I arose
And in silence the infinity closed
There are no words wasted
When death is tasted

05. The Machine Killer


06. The War Ender

I spoke to the heart of darkness
Let there be light
I reached into the dead man's chest
And brought him back to life

I am the shock to the system
Reanimation is in my hands
I hold keys of life and death
And nothing can stand against my plans

I am he that buries men alive
Drowns them and draws them out to thrive
I make the blood flow through your veins
I am the author of your final chapter
The bringer of life and the bringer of pain

For a time, there is war
So that war can yield peace
But always I am Lord
Despite pain and disease
The trials and battles of life
The endless burden of strife
The final breath of these monsters
I will bring to pass

I lay in ruins the war-machine
I conquer the conquering
War-ending angels I will deploy
The destroyer I will destroy

07. The Weapon Breaker

This is the day you die

Murder and hatred
Infliction of pain
And creation of sorrow
Total annihilation

All these shall see their end

Destruction of souls I redeemed
Obliteration of lives I created
The scars of your lives
And the sounds of your cries

All these shall see their end

And I will rule the weapons of mankind
And I will break the weapons of these times
I will destroy your destructive desires
And nothing shall remain except
The life you live in Me

08. The Planet Maker

I create beauty out of nothing
Majesty spins from my hands
Worlds take form
Creation is torn
To make a new beginning

I am the maker of worlds
My plans are everlasting

New life is my occupation
New creatures of my creation
I make the things that need making
I wake the worlds that need waking
I craft the planets in orbit
I set the universe soaring

I am the maker of worlds
I am creator of planets

09. The Sun Eater

With resolve I walked an untraveled path
In anguish endured unspeakable wrath
I am the one who swallowed the sun
Who boldly declared the impossible "done!"
Darkness prevailed for an hour
Until I had fully consumed its power
Perfection in mortal disguise
See it burning within my eyes

I am the light
I alone make the darkness bright

Darkness prevailed for an hour
Until I had fully consumed its power
Perfection in mortal disguise
See it burning within my eyes
I am the light
I alone make the darkness bright
I am the sun
For I am the omnipotent one

10. I AM

In ages past, I spoke to man
Like man would speak to Me
I rode upon the 4 high winds
And crushed adversity
My power was shown in works of might
That my children might believe
The blinding weight of glory
No human eye could see

Now I move among your hearts
I swim inside your veins
I stay behind the scenes and speak
To hearts who would obey
My life infused with many sons,
My truth inside your soul,
My body is comprised of nations
Who will make my Kingdom whole


I and my Father are one