Destinity - Synthetic Existence lyrics


02. In Nuclear Light

Battles raged on the earth
And fueled by human sin.
They've seen the divine light.
Battles raged on the sky
And fueled by hateful gods
They felt the end of times
Battles raged in their veins
And fueled by human blood
They've smelt the human genocide

Unveiling raptures of sky the white flaming sword
Cut the umbilical cord to let vermins free

Dark shades arrived into mighty prays
Into the last sunset

Intoxicated by fruits of human self ignorance
They were blinded in pure decadence

In this white nuclear light they've seen the malicious
Darkness hidden on the earth to spread dust to dust

Open your eyes too see the light of death
Open your minds to feel all lies of gods
You were puppets of your future
Death to all them
Bury your life deep down in the eternal darkness
Dark was the day you were born where your life had a sense

03. Ex Nihilo

Come inside your no future
Disorder prepares to rise
Evolution means no issue
In this unknowing grey sky
Generation of existence
Burden of past is cancelled
Generation of ignorance
Creates new soil of tomorrow

New world of illusion made from nothing.
New world of damnation
Created to be destroyed

Biotechnology meant nucleonic Armageddon
Neo-archaic civilization

Fruit of the no mercy divine storm
Creating post-solution to build again
Creating post-disclaim to live again

04. Fanatic God Machine

Victims of human self weeping spirits
The full creation leaves
A new synthetic existence
And hear mind control of the collective nation
Subtle manipulation through no formated minds
Religion takes all controls
Two thousand years of morals
As figure hidden in dark spheres of time with all lies

Evolution of new submissive mass
Evolution of new operators of souls

Domination to eradication
Domination to extermination

05. Evolution : Devilution

Long times later in a dark night,
In a peaceful silence
A man created divinities
for all blinded and sad spirits

Hear the storming!
See the sky blackening!
Shadows of the past feel human sins

Blinded by grief they are... everyone
Watching this frozen landscape
I feel mental tortures of the whole sad mass
He built a funeral prophecy!

A weeping procession
Moving through this apocalyptic sky
Where blessed spirits give their lives
Where raped angels hate their lies

Can you hear echoes of peace though this burning sky?
Can you forget your acid and sad existence?
I will save you from their blind and dark treachery
I will save you from their hate and spread the divine light

Long times later

You don't see summer sun
You don't see autumn rain
You don't see winter snow
Believe in me for a different world

06. Deconstruction Of Times

You... infamous
I found the blood of creation
You... infamous
I found sacred words of ancients

Can we stop this mind-created brave new world?
Using a Machiavellian strategy
When humanity fades to become what humanity was

Malicious nature of mankind
Deconstruction of times
Prophetic method of weakness
Re-expansion of lies
Re-expansion of lies
Re-expansion of hate
Re-expansion of death

Indoctrinated, Manipulated
until their death
A collective illness of souls
Takes all controls
A fanatic generation of no return

07. Deshumanized Nature

The circle of time is nearly completed
Nearly destroyed
The last day begins with on oppressive sunrise.
Mutations begin to celebrate the end,
To dominate
Perfusions of death
penetrating all corpses

And spread the new end

Creating new shades of earth to dominate
They have paralysed all brains to dominate
They created this dogma
To celebrate their death

Des humanized nature
Human's hell nature

Sacrifice the lives of weak to dominate
As the last sad existence burned on the holy fire

Feel in your veins all the lies of earth
For the glory of domination

The circle of time

08. Neurotic Illness

Visions of unknowing convictions,
Visions of a greatness despite
Are running in your blood
To hide your senses of confusion

Welcome to the electric age of darkness
Millennium of frustration
Parasite messiah never comes
Do you feel pulses of ecstasy?
Infectious generator of your dogma
Do you feel the contagious terror?
I-tech spiritual manipulation

Your re-born programmed is near
With a constructed pre-defined community
You shall be the organic pleasure
You shall be the erotic pilgrim

09. Synthetic Existence

Condemnation could be revealed through centuries
The past catched the future
Of a miserable world of worms and cockroaches
Ready to be annihilated

Synthetic existence
Take away your life
Synthetic existence
In torture as you die

Silence is hovering over the bleeding earth
The past catched the future

Apocalyptic visions wasn't in a psychotic context
No more words needed, it is the final result of humanity

Synthetic existence

No more lies, no more pains, no more hate
It is the last human's breath
It is the last solution
Of this humanist impact

Apocalyptic visions wasn't in a psychotic context
No more words needed, it is the final result of humanity
Nobody can't decide the future of an entire planet
The real problem with humanity was that it never observe itself from the outside