Withered - Memento Mori lyrics


01. It's All Said

You tear and rape levity from my life
You eat away my ambition
Why struggle
It's all done
The false shame, the disgrace
I'm done now with your contempt
All you have
My distress, my torment
Has left you
It's all gone
Is your worth still all that you wanted?
You're empty
It's all said

02. Within Your Grief

Solitude confines you
Loss is all you have
Constant reminder of
All that is gone
Hatred consumes you
You're blind
Blinded by anger and rage
Compassion is gone from
Those who surround you
Helpless within your grief
Dwelling in pain

03. Like Locusts

I lay in filth
My thougths decay
I wish I could turn off my mind
Flip of a switch
All goes black
No more angst
No more sadness
No more confusion
No more anger
No more pain
No more love
Only black
Only peace
How long must I go before I realize that this is not for me?
That I;m slowly dying, rotting from the inside
Lying in the dark
Muffled sounds sound
So distant in this silence
Explode in my ears
They invade me
They envelope me
Like locusts suffocating me
The current
Too strong
Growing tired and weary maelstrom
Its embrace
Is pulling me under
We succumb to its violence
Never knowing when that time will come
I've fought it far too long
Now it's time to let myself go
Now it's time
Achieving peace
Now it's time
Let go
Of the guilt
Now it's time
Stop my beating heart

04. Silent Grave

I am a dream
Shattered reality
I am a lie
Spoken inside of me
You are the voice
Lasting eternity
We walk as one we walk as one
I concede
Forgone thoughts
Look upon and despair
Endless rope
Born astray
Look upon in despair
Look upon me

05. Beyond Wrath

Beyond consciousness lies wrath
Beyond wrath lies birth and awakening of that
Which haunts you
Sterility offer overcomes you
Void & emptiness fuels the pain, consumes all
Hope within you fades away to nothing
The flame dims
Light escapes all
Then it's gone, all is gone
Fades away
Ash of life, stink of truth chokes the breath from you
Weakness begins to grow
Overcoming you
The flame dims
Light escapes all
Then it's gone, all is gone
Fades away

06. Fear And Pain That Cripples Me

Drift into thoughts of the end
Finished with this hell
End my putrid stench
Wasting breath of life
Pain runs through my veins
Spill this pain of mine until it finally ends
Pain spreads within me
Cancerous existence overwhelming me
Relief escapes me
I've been given all that
Life is not supposed to be
There is nothing else
To heal all the wounds that constantly torture me
Beneath my anger
I tremble from the fear and pain
That cripples me

07. Among Sorrow

You rot
Feed on your soul
Until my life is undone
Feed on your soul
Blood of my life
Be among sorrow
Sorrow's depth returns you to
That which is most basic
Left with the pain of solitude
Passing arrests the
Comfort (of monotony)