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Remembrance - Frail Visions lyrics


01. Through Frail Visions I Lay

Everything was

The wounds healed
As fast as the snow melt
The tide broke
As soft as the knell rang

In a white dream
It disappeared...
...As everything else

In a white dream, everything was gone

02. To Lost Illusions


03. Eternal Disease

Here I dwell among lost illusions
Blurred visions of what once was

Coldness is keeping away my tears
As I watch myself dying out

Each wound feeds my eternal disease
And slowly the night is drifting away

04. Your Insignificance

Beyond oblivion winds
Motionless I wait
That blood covers
Another broken wing

And I know I can't return
Where the light doesn't pierce
The blackness of the woods

And voiceless here I wait
As my hope starts to wither
For death to overtake my tears

Of a rusty blade
I no longer feel the pain
What else was there to give
What else was there to live
Still waiting silence
Still waiting cold
For death to overtake my tears

05. An Ending Chapter


06. Murdering My Faith

I see you murdering my faith
Contemplate the pain I die in

Beyond an elusive eternity,
Of endless shines I ache.
My own shadow,
Lost in the mist...

Weakened by their voices,
Far away my beautiful dream.
The memory of my opened flesh...

I feel like forever drowned in my own blood
There's nothing that I know so well
Like my ache
I'll be swallowed by the cold, by the shadows
I'll be swallowed by my ache.

Whispers fill my soul
Those echoes of cries
Surround what's left of my mind
I'm banned from the nights
And all the candles turned black...

07. Thy Decay

These empty oceans
Retired from an earth
They don't belong anymore

Trees are dying
Withering their last leaf
Following their fate
Wishing they could belong
To something else than a stifling air

The skies are blackened
By the doom of their stars

Just unveil my eyes

A desperate lack of strength
Nothing but a reflection in a mirror
Within myself I'm dead
Nothing's left anymore

08. Where All Has Been Wasted

Silent grew the pain
Only a sound of storm now echoes
A far escape from all the glances
I'll hide...
Away from everything
Where all has been wasted

These painful nights I've painted red
To finally lose myself
To finally lose it all
Feel now the bitter taste down my throat
Everything's eternal when the curtains fall