Causemos - Infinite Event lyrics


02. Unrealized Reality 1|2

Spiraling down the vortex of time
Reshaping the existence with all my might
Timelines no more
With a whim of my mind
I can change it all
Universe in turmoil, devouring all

Waiting calm
For future come undone
Past renewed
Storming the new

Beginning lies instead
Around we have gone
Again to be what was

Time and space re-unite
Symmetry of dark and light
The web of time grows old
Fractures shape the untold

03. Promethean Eyes

Started as an experiment
Generated through several changes
Pyrokinetics of second generation
A cause of perpetual danger

Pushing ever further
Paying the price
Trying to flee for all her life

Government's engineering,
Twelve of a kind
Insanity and death of ten,
A new breed between two

A girl with Promethean eyes

Burning everything she fears,
Burning them to ashes
Killing them in her mind,
And protecting what she holds dear

Prometheus' gift to humans now
Enclosed within her
A freak of nature or a blessing
From the gods
Will her existence lead to a
Brighter future
Or to annihilation of entire
Human race

Rampage of accumulated rage
Firestorm created by a single mind
Fury of the gods condensed to her
An Armageddon of one

Government's engineering,
Twelve of a kind
Insanity and death of ten,
A new breed between two

Now only scorched earth remains,
Void of life
Just another barren rock
Falling through space

Promethean Eyes,
A girl with Promethean eyes

05. Invariable

When barriers collide,
Empty space is tossed aside
Relocating vacuum supersedes
And replaces matter in between
Switching condition and space

The essence of existence alternates
Differential pressure effect
Dimensional shift
Perpetual transaction
Infinite event

The contemplation reformation
Gravitation alters its defining guise
Turning inward with defiance

No longer warping time in spatial sense
Introducing new effects,
To a meaning of existence

The particles of light,
Hurtling aimlessly across
In a state of flux
A bidirectional stream

06. Herald

Look at me, your misfortune in the flesh
Your infected beliefs created me
And sealed your only way out

Where did it lead you?
Among fears and hopes
of every silent mortal soul

Controlled, abused
Broken and bruised
Like puppets, discarded toys
You distort and twist

Behold my majesty
Revel your absurdity

For I am the shrine
A herald born on the thirteenth hour
The first and last you shall see

A seamless circulation
Your past will dawn again
An era of misery

A species obsolete
An anguished defeat
Your mask is but a thin veil
It fails to hide the hatred
The griefs of the weak
They sustain me eternally

Behind that rotted piety
Free within a dream
A prisoner of reality

Convinced by psalms of magic
Misled by false ideals