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White Wizzard - The Devil's Cut lyrics


02. Strike The Iron

[verse 1:]
Rising sun meets the misty dawn
As it penetrates the twilight
On wings of hope i awaken to seize the day

Illuminate the crystal light
Now i see the path before me
All of my fears and doubt are cast away

[pre chorus:]
Chances only come to just a few
You have to seize each moment and stay true
Go for gold and set your sights so high
Raise your sword and point it to the sky

Spirit soaring high
To the stars i fly
Giving it all that you've got

Strike while the irons hot
Oh oh
Strike while the irons hot
Oh oh
Strike while the iron is

[verse 2:]
Strive to be the best i can
To beat the odds against me
A battle inspired by ambition to reach my goal

Ascend mountain-courage strong
Take my spirit higher
A peak of dreams to set inside my soul

See the starlight shining crystal
Moonbeams in the desert sky
Destiny of chosen path reflecting
Brightly in my eyes
Dragons flight and darkest wing i
Set a course to soar and ride
Bringing in the clearest light to
Heal the wounds that burn inside

03. Kings Of The Highway

[verse 1:]
Riding down the boulevard
Leather angels rocking hard
Aces held within their metal hearts

Smell of smoke and gasoline
As the motors burning super clean
Born to lose and feeling extra mean

[pre chorus:]
Dreamers jet fueled flight
Chrome reflect starlight
In the mystic night
Meteors burn bright

[chorus 1:]
The kings of the highway fly
Fists held to the sky
Octane gypsys ride the wind
Running free until they die

[verse 2:]
Wind races across the plain
As the desert sands reflect sunrise
Rolling lost horizons flicker by

Easy riders make time pause
Rebels without a need or cause
Live to ride under a jet blue sky

[pre chorus]

[chorus 2:]
The kings of the highway fly
Their fists held to the sky
Octane gypsys ride the wind
Running free until they die

The kings of the highway ride
They rule the starry night
Dreamers rolling to the sun
Lost souls are burning bright

Born to lose but never give in
Freedom is their only victory
In this life the only way to win
Is to ride the sky and live your
Journey free

04. Lightning In My Hands

[verse 1:]
I was born of stormy skies
Power of life burned in my eyes
Now destined to rule the night
When i touched the magic string
Power to make my spirit ring
Now.......I hold the light

It's like lightning in my hands
An electric sun and steel
To blaze across the stars
Life is all i feel
Musical boxes chiming sounds
Amplified energy underground
I am inspired to stand and rise

[verse 2:]
Now i ring the magic chord
Rock the metal overlord
God in every note i play
My fingers tap the rocket fuel
Ignite the fire in me and you
Ringing light into the darkest day

Magnetic pulse in a silver sun
Bringing light to everyone
Sun in my hands guides the way

05. Steal Your Mind

[verse 1:]
Music plays-across the airwaves
Sinking teeth into your brain
Demographic hypnotized
In a trance and mesmerized

Lost minds-in an altered state
Zombified with no soul
Don't let yourself fall to this fate
Stand up and fight for control

Don't let them steal your mind
Stand your ground and be true
The truth inside you find
Will be the light that guides you through

[verse 2:]
The beast it feeds upon the weak
With crosses and dreams to sell
Manipulation of the meek
Religious vipers push heaven and hell

Everyone will try to control you
Tell you how and what to do
Spit in the face of those that try
Break the chains let your spirit fly

Think for yourself and don't give in
Or let machines eat you within
The soul in you is always true
Guard the light inside of you
Chains inside will fall away
Cast aside the darkest day
In the sun the beauty lies
Like a phoenix you rise

To forever be
Oh oh oh into eternity

Oh oh
Don't let them steal your mind......

06. The Devil's Cut

[verse 1:]
Metal surge roars out loud
With that awesome magic sound
Radio waves of electric power
Spreading all around

Thunder rolling in your ears
As the music lights the sky
Super sonic waves of light
Like a demon riding high

[pre chorus:]
Power in my heart
Octane in my veins
Fuel my inner fire
Fly and break the chains

Vinyl cracking hurricane
In a surging sonic sea
A devils cut - to set my spirit free

Don't need no god or religion
Or a ghost up in the sky
Music is the truth that flies me high

[verse 2:]
Into your mind comes the fire
To give you will to live
The truest art that can inspire
The purest gift to give

So fire the engine
Rocket off to the highways of the night
Star crossed comet racing fast
Bathed in the musics light

Colored mind
Anthem charge
No longer blind

Race across the sonic stream
Banging in your head
Running with the devil rise a light
That never will be dead

Truth and fire
Burning real
That no god
Can ever steal

In the light of music's energy hold
These truths so dear
Think for yourself and if ever weak
Blast electric sun into your ear

07. Torpedo Of Truth

[verse 1:]
As i gaze into the light of the sun
A fire burns inside the wells that fuel my pounding heart
Seeking truth within the realm of the lies
Illusions dancing all around my mind that blind my eyes

Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Right between the eyes
Destroying the lies
Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Torpedo of truth
Light into black
With massive attack
Torpedo of truth

[verse 2:]
As i pound my fists into the black night
I feel an urge to break the chains that bind and rape my mind
On a quest to reach the ultimate goal
Free from ones that try to manipulate and take control

[pre chorus]

Ashes of past mistakes blow away
I see the path to a new brighter day
Embracing what i feel inside my mind
No control of religion or being
I will find my own way of seeing
Purest truth of vision i shall find

08. Storm Chaser

[verse 1:]
Chasing the eye of a hurricane
A storm rider running free
Light the flame running high octane
Blasting across the sea

[pre chorus:]
Meteor showers in the skies
Fire red flashing in my eyes
Like a comet in the night

Lightning strike on saturday night
Storm chaser on an endless flight
Rocking hard into the city light

Blazing fire on a crazy train
Hot liquor rushin' through my brain
Fireball red blaze til i go insane

[verse 2:]
Tornado twisting power surge
Cloud bursts shake the ground
Rocketing high across the stars
Supersonic sound

Storm rider riding high upon the blowing wind

Silver surfing the sky
Super hero never giving in

09. The Sun Also Rises

Seeking hope within the darkness of death
In the dusk of life's crimson sunset

[verse 1:]
As the moon is rising
Tears shed crimson rain
Your soul now in the heavens
Far above this pain

[pre chorus:]
Seeking answers all around
I pray to skies without a sound
Cannot seem to find out why

We all must take this bitter pill
To live a life with dreams fulfilled
Only then to watch it all fade away
And die

Even when the light within us dies
The sun will still again surely rise

[verse 2:]
Your life burned like a candle
And dreams provided flame
Your story but a memory now
To the stars I scream your name

[pre chorus]

I feel your souls twilight
Awake in the heat of the night
Set in motion to take flight
You're forever burning
Like a comet racing fire
Burning skies to inspire
Stars above elevate you higher
To the heavens you fly

After image of your life
A picture that i hold so dear
Forever locked inside my heart
How i wish you were still here
Your flesh has died but your soul lives on
Inside my heart your beating strong

Your memory burns in me so strong
For your light my soul it longs
In spirit we shall never part
Our journey written in my tears
The sky is dark as i seek your flame
To the stars i scream your name

On the darkest day when the light inside dies
The sun will still again rise
When we need the strength to face another day
The rising sun keeps hope alive