Fall Of The Idols - Solemn Verses lyrics


01. The One That Awaits

Drink deeply from the waters of Lethe and welcome its gift
A solace and comfort given by the unseen

Frigid tongues caress the very depths of soul
Treasures and pride drown to this river's flow
Lingering thoughts of the great unknown
Hand on oar guides through the mist and cold

Lunacy lurks in as spirits start their strife
Adrift away from the amiable light of life
Inanity congested by the hands of the humble
Excess avarice led eyes to cause the blunder

Nothing is forgiven, all demands dampen
Vanity has sewn the lips of a prudent
Where silence is constant it rends soul asunder
Become one with this water, receive the blissful slumber

Vita brevis breviter in brevi finietur
Mors venit velociter quae neminem veretur
Omnia mors perimit et nulli miseretur
Memento mori, errare humanum

02. Descant Deific Psalms

Temple of sun built on ruins of will
Empty words esteemed...
Church of light upon the flesh of man
Hollow shells collide...

Ritual prayings echo in the halls
Of the sacred and the elite
Chalises of blood upon the lips of beasts
Flesh devoured to praise the eternal void

The Black Moon, shines down on the Crucified Man
The Pedigree of Belief...

Eyeless shepherd leads his flock
To glorify the destitute or reliance
Commands to guide the perverted ideals
The shepherd shall not spare his rod

A hymn for the dark
Descant in tongues of doctrine
A requiem for the volition
Tremble onward the hooves of war

Divide with divine force!

Celestial harmony in the end
Promise the fathers whose grip is edacity
Deific psalms as an act of profanity
Abiding onyx curse the bane of amit

03. Genius Loqi

Welcome to the realm of rivalry
Where being became estranged from the ravenous time
A realm where tyrants and martyrs have bled
Of certain wounds in Mothers Womb emanations emerge

Lost in this place of misery
On the apex of demise thoughts prevail
Quietus for seen ontology
Immutable change

Lands they pleaded man to draw blood
To bring the earthly sacrifice closer to gods
Cosmic sea of screams never reaching the shores
A whispered reminder of executioners lust

Jinxed into eternal servitude
Imprisoned by the ritual libation
Nothing disappears without a trace
No end to being

Mans guilt invoked to keep the innocent warm
A shackled will conjured to endure the storm
Though the roaring sky calls
Terror never falls
The eldest of all religions
Crimson walls

The taint of history survives through the tales of old
Egregores materialize out of master's round abode
Aeons persevered yet victims of our doubts' regime
All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream

Now the revolutions have lost their names
The shrines of antiquity embrace ivy and vine
The essence still strives to emanate its intent
At times those spirits endure in the temples of flesh

Pushed into a state of oblivion
To be summoned to relive the past
Anguished over the chance to fade away
Habit those who live between

The inspirals illuminating the alleyways of knowing
Time smiles behind the myriad nightfalls of glowing

04. Hymn

Of all things real
Mother Supreme
Whisper of Thy feet
Silenced by belief
Complacent zeal

In all Thine essence we hum
Recalling where we've come from
Polarity we'll become...

'till our days are done
And our frailty is gone
Under the light of our Sun
Oh Nature in Thy name We claimed Thine skies
And bereaved Thee of Thy lonely cries
Despite Thy Prodigal Son
You Are

As Thy body shall burn
Thy Children soon will learn
Into Thy Womb we'll return
That which is lost we will yearn

Behold the void of mind

An endless pattern we'll find
The folly of Cartesian mankind
Oh Nature in Thy name We claimed Thine skies
And bereaved Thee of Thy lonely cries

Despite the animosity of our voracious ways
Ye give all of Thyself
Despite our self awareness dissecting Thine skin
Ye bleed all of Thyself
Despite the Simulacrum we created of Ye
You Are

Ours are the shadows
embracing the reflections
Of Pleistocene theatrics
Oh Nature in Thy name We slew The Weak
And lost Ourselves to the stars We seek

Through the Aeons Ye basked in God's light
Through fire Ye breathe again
Begin life anew

05. Cycle Of The Fallen

Hell is to follow the footsteps of old
Bewailing every lost word from the soaring throat
Carousing blood lines defiled with a trial of proof
Ancient wound pulsing bane into your temple
Sapient eyes seen the dread of mind
The peace one thus cannot ever find

To embrace vanity with full heart
To find your self lost in the aisles of hope
Names drowned under gnawing tides of time
And when the gates are finally open
To a plane of harmony, serenity
Every door will close and hide you

Steps of the futile spiral ever upward
Trailing phantoms drain the vigor
On top of all conquer the sun
Apprehension's blaze blinds the eyes
Those barren hands you rise as a Savior
Are the ones that suspend life

History of deeds and glory erased
The being nullified in woeful void
Remembering everything
You see the cycle begin all over again

06. The New Crusade

On my way to the unemployment office
Wondering about the Coming of Apophis
Will The Falling God take us all and save us from our Immortal Absolutes?
Pampered daydreams about The End of The World, "we've got to Fulfill The Book"?
Or have we planned obsolete the human being through utilitarian approach?
Societies in liquidation, a Fabian wet dream of Malthusian Choice!
Flexploited into religious submission
Blood in my veins forced to chase the papers in this Dark Night Of The Soul...

Perinde ac cadaver...

"To Prove One's worth to breathe is to surrender before the Facts We provide
Prepare to Comply..."

Elevate the suffering for The New Crusade
Inseminate hatred against the useless reprobate...
Never cry, always provide, become The Superman
Smile or die, do or die, One by One fall out
Too many people exist today...
Control the mind through sustenance
Transform culture into materialistic husk
Push The Mankind into spiraling redundancy...

Enslave The World in Randality

Propagate Utopia for generations to come...
Dominate The Next Arms Race, bring nations to their knees
Vacate the land, corrupt the laws, suck the land dry
Spill the blood on everyone's hands...
Degrade the trust in humanity
Nominate the Pawns Of Glory into power
The Time is ripe for The Shatterer Of Worlds...

As the ashened winds settle, we resonate the outcome
Benevolency was raped by the hierarchy, common man wasn't on the salvation list
Every motion in retrospect, a déjà-moo of pride before the fall...

From now on until the fallout gets us we stand tall
Idolize one of us to take the blame and save us all
Despite the fact that this world now hates us we do The Crawl
Accept all the hope that in our direction might befall
This rat race never ends, there's some work down at the Cockroach Farm...

Suddenly Life has a new meaning, Chemo Brain's Catch 22
It's a Brave New World, of radiation recall...

From now on until the fallout gets us we do The Crawl...

We Bought The Hype.