Serenity - War Of Ages lyrics


01. Wings Of Madness

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Out on the silent battlefield,
When the killing work is done and the crimson haze is gone,
Still lies the deadly sword I wield
And I'm dreaming of your face, have begun to count the days

But I fear to face a dreadful fate
I am afraid to lose the one I cherish

No sun is shining in the sky
On wings of madness we will fly
We can't cross the distance
Away from reason
No sun is shining in your eyes
A shadow growing in disguise
I can't stand the silence
Embracing you at night

Here in the corners of my mind
Is a constant, longing scream, like an echo of a dream
Oh, there is always peace to find
In a drop of blood that shines while a lonesome creature whines

Can I save you from a dreadful fate,
I am afraid to lose the one I cherish

I see you dancing with your demons

02. The Art Of War

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Ad gladios, Signa Inferre
Ad gladios, Vae Victis
Ad gladios, Gloria Mundi
Ad gladios, Vae Victis
A statesman's heart must be placed in his head

I can remember all the days of violence
I can remember all the days they fought for rights
When men united all by fear and interest
I mastered them with hopeful promises I've broken

Almighty giver of all life,
Sun you're my god, open my eyes,
I have to conquer; I am made to serve that aim

Do as I command,
You'll never stop a dreamer
Imagination rules the world
And I saw it grand
Fight at my side,
You'll never taste the failure
Courage is key - let me teach you so,
The Art Of War

I do not want a bench covered with velvet,
I do not want a crown unless power goes with it
Religion I would use to serve ambition
Glory is fleeting, the obscure is forever

I have to conquer, no matter the pain, no matter the harm

I command for greater tomorrow,
Power is my reward.
Raise your head, fate will guide you now and forever

03. Shining Oasis

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Unknown lands, their call ever strong
Then, my chance to set out for where I belong

Left my home and crossed the sea, dropped my old identity,
Found another way to live my life
Learned their language and their rites but had this dream in many nights
The one about the day when I return again

I will tell them of marvels my eyes have seen
Grandest of places where I've ever been
Shining oasis, dream made of stone
My fate led me there where desert winds moan

Sunlight's glance is enchanting the place
Colours dance on walls hewn in far ancient days

Rose red city in the sand, true myth from an Eastern land
I am standing breathless, without words
Temples under deep blue skies unknown to European eyes,
Centuries they had slept here in desert's heart

In these lands illusions can fool you
In merciless light they glitter
Ancient wonders did reveal, the place I found is real
History will know my name

04. For Freedom's Sake

Music & lyrics by Serenity
To my love,
The end has come
I'm sorry I'm not going home
Pain is gone but all I feel
Is the last blood in my veins to slowly running cold

Day after day, I fought so hard
Hoping to meet you once again
Orders obeyed, for a sacred aim
Do I need honor... am I left to die?

Don't lose your smile,
Love makes all good survive
You were my sunshine all the way
Don't close your eyes,
A new world is to rise
Forgive the wrongs we've done
For Freedom's Sake

Please my love,
Survive this day,
I beg your heart to find a way
I shall be strong but I can't hide:
I don't know how to live without you by my side

I believed our war was right
But what a horrid waste reveals the light

Giving up the guns could change the game
Let's save the world from useless waves of pain

With dreams you dared to have now to live

Believe my heart
Though fate tore us apart
You were my angel all the way
Believe in men
To bring hate to an end
And never kill again
For Freedom's Sake

05. Age Of Glory

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Never thought I could kill a man
Raging for respect - new king - noble hearted
Still there's more I am longing for
Eastern world at war - conquest - invasion

So shall it be
Prepare for fight at break of dawn
I seek for blood
Power of an union

Fade away
Close teary eyes
End of my life
So we rise and fall
The empire's vast
It will not last - The Great Age Of Glory

No remorse and no sympathy
For the Persian crowd
The kingdom will fall

Babylon - it will rise today
Now the eye of the world
Dark times are close

The edge of time
Approaching without mercy
On a humble man
I'm falling into sleep

So desperate to leave
Your soul full of crimes
There's no way to believe
What you came to take - I will not cry

Hands of the gods, they will take care
Of you and your men
Relief in the east - a new kingdom reborn
A new world has come
My heart is at stake - for what is torn apart

06. The Matricide

Music & lyrics by Serenity
I can't stand a word from you,
I feel the darkness,
You keep sneaking into private affairs

I guess what I have to do,
For my own defense,
I must get my mother's voice
Reduced to silence

What an Irony I witness,
Those not to trust: my family, can be the worst

Watch your back and the water in your wine, senators,
By the blade or the poison you will die, betrayers!
Don't forget that this empire is mine,
The Matricide to show: treason makes me pity no one

I show no remorse to Rome,
Weakness is a sin,
They shall never doubt my power to grow

When the walls no longer hide
Their conspiracy,
I find nothing else to say
"Dead men tell no tales"

You cannot hide your secrets
They turn into fear, you should better run away

Suspicion made your weary heart
Confuse the truth with the lies
Blinded by hatred from the start
You led your fate to your demise

07. Symphony For The Quiet

Music & lyrics by Serenity
My notes in the void,
Symphony For The Quiet
Music is fading, my sanity with it

Muted is life
When I open the window,
I can't catch a sound, can they hear me?

Twilight in my heart,
When all noises die with sorrow
But I still can hear the piano in my mind

I play for my soul
Harmonies of the past
Chase all the shadows away
At my dismay
No major chord can last
When choirs of fate deafen me

I sense a distance,
Am I too far away?
Silence is closing all the lips on my way

But I still can feel the piano on the ground

08. Tannenberg

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Mid of July, the summer breeze
Carries scents of blood along
Those times we fear,
To lose a dream, to lose a nation

Our strategy, a master plan,
Slowly writing history
A genius trap coming their way,
Fate will not let us down today

I don't defeat an enemy,
I defend what I believe is right
My role in this war is to bring
To my country a glory to taste

Tannenberg, where they lost the game
Surrounding their men
We let them no chance
Tannenberg, luck was on our side,
That they never change their mind
Tannenberg, when I chose that name
I remember the knights
Who fell in the past
Shall this victory lighten their memory
Everywhere, all the same

Together as one, in the fronting line
Men are ready for the fight
I know they fear,
To lose their dreams, to lose their reason

Falling around, one by one,
Victims of fate will soon abound.
But rules are clear as they see
They can only survive by killing

They don't defeat an enemy,
They obey orders we have given,
You soldiers of fortune know
We owe you the glory we taste

Here I stand
Watching the line
There they stand, together
Fall with pride
On both sides
Men are a band of brothers

But counting the deads is somehow
Changing the glory to waste

Tannenberg, if I had done wrong,
I wouldn't live too long... a regret so strong

09. Legacy Of Tudors

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Pastime with good company
I love and shall until I die
Grudge who lust, but none deny,
So God be pleased, thus live will I
For my pastance, hunt, sing and dance,
My heart is set!
All goodly sport, for my comfort,
Who shall me let? - Henry VIII

In a world of constant cruelty
Art and pleasure comfort all my senses
Game of thrones leading humanity
To lose the meaning of its existence

Love thyself last: love those hearts that hate thee
Corruption does not win more than honesty

When music plays its melody
Dancing made with majesty
Raise your stein of golden wine
We drink in the name of glory
But times are hard and men fall dead
If they betray off comes their head
Rejoice from bitter taste of crime
Legacy Of Tudors

At the age of obscure ignorance
Education is a precious gift
When faith is preaching intolerance
A righteous life becomes so hard to live

Learn to know and to deceive minds of foes
A man of true heart shall never fear woes

10. Royal Pain

Music & lyrics by Serenity
If so royal is my name
A blessing in disguise
No more suffering - no pain - these days

Waiting for my own golden crown
I can't feel a difference
This low life ends without a tear
Don't say goodbye

All I longed for feels like nothing
Of any meaning in my life
When the night falls
My graceful heart shows
What it tried to hide from you
Fears of breakdown, safe appearance
And I will never lose my faith
I'll rise even higher

No more count in this cold land - they're gone
Austrian empire they named - this reign of men

Bloodline will stay alive - my heir
I'm leaving someday
No reason to turn down this emotion of misery

I belong to a historic reign
My legacy will be recalled
By all the people in this world
I live on

All I wanted feels like nothing of worth

11. Fairytales

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Here I stand now alone to die
The empty space, no word from you
I cry
After all still loving you
Can't stop feeling this way
Sadness is a friend now
Dry my tears away

I'm not the man I used to be, I can't laugh anymore
My mind is dark, my blood is cold and lonely I will go

I don't believe in fairytales
After you anymore
See you standing with another man
I feel like never before
I don't believe in fairytales
Try to stop the dark fall
Fade away with an empty soul
The darkness I will call

Please forgive what I've done to you
All my words so hard to say, I'm blue
Tried to find another way than losing the best man
But love is incalculable when there's no time to wait

I'm not the man I used to be, I can't laugh anymore
My mind is dark, my blood is cold and lonely I will go

I don't believe in fairytales
After you anymore
See you standing with another man
I feel like never before
I don't believe in fairytales
Try to stop the dark fall
Fade away with an empty soul
The darkness I will call

12. Love Of My Life

Music & lyrics by Serenity
Love of my life, you've hurt me
You've broken my heart,
And now you leave me.
Love of my life, can't you see?

Bring it back bring it back,
Don't take it away from me,
Because you don't know
What it means to me.

Love of my life don't leave me,
You've stolen my love,
And now desert me,
Love of my life, can't you see?

Bring it back, bring it back,
Don't take it away from me,
Because you don't know
What it means to me.

You will remember
When this is blown over,
And everything's all by the way,
When I grow older,
I will be there at your side,
To remind you how I still love you
I still love you

Hurry back, hurry back, don't take it away from me
Because you don't know
What it means to me
Love of my life
Love of my life