Nails - Abandon All Life lyrics


01. In Exodus

Rejected from the start
Unleash the hatred within our hearts

There's no excuse
Return the abuse
Enforce your disgust
Burn in exodus

Never have done it their way
Resolve your vengeance make them pay

Wallow with us
In exodus

02. Tyrant

Lesser men want control
They'll never have what I hold
The power in my head and hands
Destroy all who oppose

I want to make you suffer

Hated because I don't belong
I live to prove you wrong
There is nothing you can do
I'll take what the fuck I want

I will make you suffer


03. Absolute Control

Force fed lies

You don't know
What you believe in

Your mental devastation
A violent confrontation

Shut you donw
Keep you down
Absolute control
Do as you are told

So pathetic

04. God's Cold Hands

Death, dying in a world below
Innocence lost, gross and disposed

Buried alive in a grave called life

God's Cold Hands

Starved in the arms of nothing
Cower in fear of what death will bring
Pray for peace to a god deceased

God will die with me

05. Wide Open Wound

Hate won't hide these wounds
No coming back from your abuse

I'm the wreckage you left
I'm the wreckage that crushed you

No cause; caught in your violent tide
The effect will be your demise

You expect faith but parade as a whore
You got your fair share but you took more

You have abandoned everything you've loved

06. Abandon All Life

Dead since the day of birth
Oppression by desire
The past is a scar
A reminder of my failures

Reject the lies
Live by your spite
What you feel is right
Abandon all life

Trapped in a world rejected
Darkness consumes all light
Wield the fucking blade
Pierce with fucking hate

Utter contempt for their weak ignorance

Your will is beyond what those cowards possess
Embrace your vision with no neglect

Drop out of the race
Burn through life as a knife to their faith

07. No Surrender

Feed the disease
No respect
Live life on their knees

No fucking surrender

Blind fucking pig
You can't see
I will watch you bleed

My goal; cause you pain

08. Pariah

So idle you sit
On your throne of shit
Making claims
That you'll later regret

Fool for abuse
In all you lose

So highly esteemed
Blind sheep lead blind sheep
You won't show
To maintain your control

It's so easy to talk about me
When you'll never come and see me

It's all the same
A pawn in their game
Your name is a shame

09. Cry Wolf

Gross, disgust, misuse
Attempt to ruin and abuse

So go talk your fucking shit

10. Suum Cuique

Septic incarnate
An enemy until your death
Scorn of the earth

Yo each his own
To me the most

By my hands you will feel my wrath
On your knees before me
I humiliate, I torture
I celebrate your failures

To me the most
To you nothing