Andy Winter - Incomprehensible lyrics


01. Reversed Psychological Patterns

On the verge of tipping over
The sensation of insanity knocks on the door
I want to clean my madness from my brain
Get rid of the filth from my system

The shutdown process is almost complete
The ship is sinking into the sea, or what have you
It's like I'm controlled by forces I do not know
I am no longer me and the self is weak
Letting go seems only a step away

To regain control by giving up restraint
The definitive move in crossing over
An outlook of question marks
Letting go seems only a step away

Tired but can't sleep, worn but not tired
Walking around in a constant state of flux

Numeric patterns between the lines
Strikingly fascinating
The feeling of satisfaction is in the air
The clichés prove true once again

When given the means
To chose my own direction
I want only what's mine to have

For my senses tell me I'm right
They give me insight into this
Oh, and by the way
It was never all it was cranked up to be

Once more, let me explain
But wait, there's nothing to explain
In the end the feeling's always there
Staying around for the grand finale

When time comes around
Today, tomorrow, or another day
Living for the moment
Then going out with a bang

02. My Illusions Are My Own

Connected to wires
Wound up like a string
Controlled by an artificial force of life

Bits and bytes in my veins
No need for individual thinking
Project control a mighty success

The need for human life grows thinner every day
We are near obsolete in this age of defiance

All that's been said has been said before
Nothing new under the sun anymore
Listen to the raindrops fall and let them wash away
Chaotic images take over our logic

Judgment has fallen
A just dose of methodical failure
Reminded of the day everything began
How the turn of events were short lived lies

Deception is the trade of the sinner
Living a life of illusions of the mind

03. Perfection Is The Blank Page

Welcome to my house
An essence of thoughts
Just like a painting
Waiting to be created

Returning to a familiar place
Sharp colors shine clear
Not like the emptiness inside
Beyond day and night

Then I come to realize
The more you have
The greater the flaws
Each stain another imbalance

When the page is empty
There is something left
When the page is filled
You might as well be dead

04. Somewhere Else To Disappear

Quiet now between the folds
Scenery of leafless trees
Whistling in the wind
Cold dark and rainy

Watching life pass by
On a fast track to nowhere
Where we are not sure
Why we do not know

Immobilized random thoughts
Pain in the center cortex
Droplets on the wall
Creating more distractions

Where to go from here
Taking a deep breath
Brainstorming seems to work
Creating more imperfections

It's a soothing feeling to know
Wherever we go from here
There's always somewhere deeper to fall
Another time and place to disappear

05. Through The Eyes Of A Surrealist

A strange mood comes over me
I'm feeling like I'm floating in space
And in the back of mind I hear noises
Of a broken merry go round

The cosmic clock is ticking
Doing backspins in my mind
The slow steps of time winding forward
Until the start of the breaking point

Five minutes past the stroke of the hour
Sensory overload of strange sounds and sights
Like a bizarre dream on auto repeat
In constant playback mode

Incomprehensible and inaudible
Outside of the grasp of human minds
Stranger and stranger by the minute
In a trancelike state of mind

06. Far Beyond Autopilot

Everything passing by
Trying to slow it down
People on the way
To everywhere and nowhere

No time to stop
No time to sleep
Somewhere to be
Always someone to meet

Full speed ahead
No turning around
The course is all set
No way to backtrack

Trying to find meaning
To have something to say
It doesn't have to be important

07. The Transversal Conjecture

I listen to the sound of the echoes
Fascinating yet nauseating
I feel I'm getting closer to being insane
After all, I'm only human, not humane

Madness is such a comfort zone
Just a trip inside one's own head
It doesn't have to be real
As long as I'm not dead
And since I'm still alive
Into my insanity I dive

Desperately searching
I know it's in there somewhere
I can feel it, taste it
It makes no sense to waste it
A sense of security in the familiar
The cave of self importance is my home

Why are you still here
I want to be alone now
Escape, escape, escape
Hope to die before I wake

08. Back To Square Two

And so comes the end of our journey
It's been a long and interesting ride for sure
Then again, time has no meaning here

If only I could describe the sensation
Like walking on clouds of smooth silk
Light everywhere, bright and binding

There are many paths before me
I know I've been down them all before
That is, all of them except for one

Of course it's clear to me what I have to do
Which door I have to take
Everything so obvious on the other side

This is not the end, only the beginning
A gateway to the rest of the universe
And so the journey begins...