Entwine - Gone lyrics


01. Losing The Ground

You used my heart
So, you killed me again
Because of you I'm crawling back to start
Wicked as you are
I think you could do it again
Don't you know you hurt me with your lies
…Don't hurt me with your lies

I thought that you could be
The one for me
The shining star in the sky
And the lunar light
The burden of your lies
It descends on me
Now I waste my time without your love
…I can't help it anymore

These tears they keep on falling down on me
These tears they won't be gone with autumn leaves

How can I fly when I fall
I'm losing my ground because of you

02. Snow White Suicide

I see a million stars ahead
I smell the heaven scent
This sadness stains all red
The nightfall's filled with ecstasy
The dusk descends on me
Soon we will be free

We must find the haven for our souls
'Cos we know that we have lost our will to live

Snow white suicide - the end is on its way
Snow white suicide - no longer burns the flame

We are kissed by the flaming frost
It seems that all is lost
Time is running out
The darkest light enwreathes the night
I'll leave it all behind
This is our last goodbye

03. Closer (My Love)

Closer my love
Veil me with your warmth
Oh how afraid we are
I hold my breath
I try to hide my pain
Here in your embrace
So this pain would be gone

This time I want you to
Dry all your tears as we make…

Love…for the last time
Replace your heart with mine…
Deep inside
Please stay with me through the night

I rinse my face
With your tears
Too many tears for the end
Darling please don't you cry
You hold your breath
You try to hide your pain
Here in my embrace
So this pain would be gone

Fly without sorrow
In my dreams we meet again
For you I live I would die for
You'll stay deep inside my heart

04. New Dawn

You said that you should be gone
Out of this place you don't belong
You said you might find the reason
Why we're so unforgiving

You said you'll try to make a new dawn
I know how hard it is to let go
Maybe we find the reason why we lie
Tonight's the night we…

Cry…all for love
You make me
Cry…all for love
You release me

You said that you need to be loved
So, I try to make a new dawn
And we will find the reason why we lie
Tonight's the night we…

Cry…all for love
You make me
Cry…all for love
You release me

05. Grace

Her grace, her love I adore
For her I do no wrong
Her wings I thought I saw
She's so strong

With you forever let me stay
I won't break your heart don't be afraid

The two of us in my dream
You're my star
This place we'll never leave
We're in love

06. Silence is Killing Me

As I open my eyes for the new dawn
I realize how lost we are
Today's the day when we open the new door
I think that I'm losing my mind
So, release me now

Different ways we have in this life
Our common life is far away from love

Our truth's made of lies
This silence is killing me
I believe I'm done

When you open your eyes for the new dawn
I'll be gone and you now know how to live your life

I think that I'm losing my mind so release me now
Too many lies for my pride, so I say goodbye

07. Thru The Darkness

I see your eyes, so sadly mesmerized
I feel your gaze, so dead and confined

I have never felt inside
So alone in my life
As I wander thru the darkness
I've been searching all my life
For you to make me feel alive
As I wander thru the darkness

All my life I've waited for this
All my life I've been longing for you

08. Blood Of Your Soul

Hear this whisper silently turn into a moan
The eye of the storm breaks the silence
Soon we'll be gone
We all shall burn
Yeah, we'll burn

Hear this sound of relief coming out like the rain
Blood of your soul, it'll wash away your pain

We lie to believe what we hide
We cry to release it…anyhow

You know there is sorrow
Inside your heart and it needs to break out
If you lead it'll follow
Wherever you try to lay down

You cover all your fears
That create your pain
Fiends they'll tease you
Until you break