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Young And In The Way - V. Eternal Depression lyrics


01. Descending The White Mountain

Nested at the peak
Of the coldest mountain
I stare down to the valley
Because home isn't home

I'll take the long way down the mountain
To see and feel it all
I'll take the long way down the mountain
Carefully marking my tracks

02. Times Are Cold

Times are cold
These days when you look at man
And see him on his knees in debt to ghosts

I look at myself
And plunge
I've never felt chills
Like these
Yet I am here
Drenched in absence
Linger in season
And never kneel
These are the ways that i am brave

Times are cold
These waters are mine
Yet I am
Drenched in absence
Linger in season
And never kneel

It's true i use my chest
To purge the ice
My hands remain unclasped

I grip the surface

03. The Great Blue Norther

Behind my eyes
Desperate clouds surround the sun
All has vanished
And I am left
Tense and empty
Face down in my palms again

Vengeful winds whisper in my ears

Embrace me
Seize the light
Erase me
If it takes the night

I've tried to drown you out
Familiar words freeze my bones
Honest tears fill my hands
And I follow them down

Am I alone?
My body is numb
Am I alone?
I'm weak

The sun knows my name
I can't relate

04. Oceans Of Eternal Depression

Forever yearning
For what is not
All obsessive dreams
Live and die inside

I let them phase me
And drive me away
I'm drowning with the weight
Of fear

You've dragged me here to



Endless dreaming
In the darkest ocean
Of eternal

Leave me
To rest

05. The Gathering

From the highest branch
You have been

A gathering of the weak
Wilted and grey
To crumble and decay

Herd of the unwashed
The trampled
Confined and broken

On this cold earth
Only the darkest linger