Lantern - Doom-Scrawls lyrics


01. Revert The Living Into Death

Lyrics by Cruciatus
Through lids of coffins, through astral seas
Spiralled and ossified death's horns arise

A corpse clothed in linen as white as the bone beneath the skin
A remnant of one's time usurped as given scattered by a gust of unearthly winds

Existence - molten faceless mass
Swarming with serpents and foul rats
Come to cleanse - a calling voice of glass
Falling like a light from elder times

Again, caught in a secret glance beyond where effulgence sways
Salvage the remains from this fate: to be convicted in shackles of veins

Await; the mortal will shall break
Open the gateways to depths
Rivers of vital fluids gush: I exhale my epitaph said:

Revert the living into death
One by one - closing in the aspects of life
The illusions once measured with time shall die

The ecstasy of death
The sensation of nothingness reigns
Come, take me - to what ever lies ahead after death

Can you hear the echo from the depths?
The master compiles the scattered
The master asks you of your flesh
The circle closes, receive death

Follow, children, into death...

02. Slumbering Dying Dreams

Lyrics by Cruciatus
Awake yet in a dream
Wading through a thousand miles of demise
Where illusions come to reveal
The truth that used to brace strong minds, all lies

Indiscreet, yet in this evidence, the only truth
The weight of your visions - in due course - brings suffocation

For when all the structures break, the surface will shatter and wake
The view down beneath, the reality of our fate
I've explored before it's too late
To come into knowledge that death is all that surrounds
The rotting waiting for a chance to devour

My subconscious wanders, already I know, beyond sane return

You'll never come to understand me
Decay dwelling in man is what my fingers feel
...Doom-scrawls and drowning screams

Beyond the shambles of man slumber the dreams of the damned
That dance in your mind, screeching cursed cries
Scavenging hope to survive
The shadows defined by the fire, burn in your eyes forever
Incubating the visions so foul...
That refuse to slumber
Even when the flesh sleeps underground

Thus awaken the nether dreams
Confront burning torture of the soul
Here your human eyes shall see the roaring pits too ashen to behold
Here your blood, your hellborn wings come infested by the embryonic spawn of demons

You're never whole again
You slip away from the conscious
Born-again past humanity
Blind ones - you're never to be woken to see
That you're too far away in the darkness
Slumbering dying dreams

You'll never come to understand these
Mind-ripping dreams that drag you to the deceased
...Doom-scrawls and drowning screams

So you've found your very place in the unknown
So you drown in the dark side of the human soul
In swaying forms, out of life yet still in motion
How beautiful: here emptiness shall devour all

Beyond the shambles of life
There's nothing and no one to abide
The visions of 'live deceased, the profundity of the seas
The structures too weak for their weight
The truth it's already late to flee from the rotting
The void that will ever attempt to consume
Your truthful essence: worthless toil, the monoliths of man
Those drag us all below to slumber dying dreams

03. Those Long Perished

Lyrics by Cruciatus
Deep shadows entrenched in here
With wings to soar the chasms
Whispers lay beckoning
A secret meeting in the cleft of grasp

The miasmal presence of the unknown summons me
Towards my fear in an extent no words can tell
Where the holy sleep their dreams
Torn by evil...

Enticed by the stagnant air I share with ancient lungs
The innate scent of death floating like a word of lifeless tongues

Here I smell, my hands can feel
The winds beyond all life;
Fabric that is caught between two worlds
The virtues of the old torn by evil

Onward, I can't resist
The voices stuck in the apertures
Chanting on their spells...
The incantations of wordless screams in quiescence
Chanting on: "Embrace the one with horns and cloven hooves"

Moonlight shifts shades through the rooms
The illusion of light unveils proof
In silence one sound speaks out doom
A secret unfolds an age too soon

Come forth horrors - the ancient kin
Raped by time - torn by evil
Come forth, ones long perished
Rule over my world with your voices torn
Torn by evil...

Here I am, in your shades awake
In darkness, with knees too frail
In darkness, one world will fade
Another torn by the late

Here I see, my hands can feel
Winds beyond mortal storms
On which the mighty horns
Release me entirely out from this fleeting world

05. Ritual Unearthing

Lyrics by Cruciatus

Midnight secludes the graveyard
A shovel to consume the ground
A peek beyond to tear down
The balance of done and left undone

Upheaval of life... The scent of foul flesh
It's not how you figured
The source of true nature
Indistinct mess - sockets of gore scaling you

Unholy ways - the feel of this place
You welter in your shallow scare:
The candles are lit - fresh prints in the grit
Someone was already there

Ritual unearthing of false spiritual enquiries beckons
Silence and cold... The shadows to chase:
Your soul takes leave, madness remains

So keen you follow the marks in the soil
Your mind journeys beyond…

The shades of dead trees
Drawing you deeper into the mist
But you couldn't see, you couldn't feel:
Your shoulders in dead fingers' grip

The ritual ends
A casket impends to seal your life down underground
You're one with the damned, lowered in land:
Listen to the shoveling sound...

Call for darkness... And it will storm
Pray for evil... And it will stir
Speak to darkness... And your words dissolve
Whisper into emptiness... And death will answer