Amiensus - Gathering [Split] lyrics


01. Arise

Fight or flight
Instinctually I search for light
A light within or from without
The darkness never conceals my doubt
In infamy I'll live forever
My spiritual and saintly endeavor

To find the meaning of hidden truth
Do what thou wilt, arise with thy power
Love is the law, love under will.
Destroy all that leads you astray
This is the end, the beginning of the wrath
Where time stands still for those with no time left
Disguised as relief, eternal anguish
A sacred walk, a rite of passage
For now is the time to arise
A beckon to a gathering
Find hope in every breath,
Grasp ahold of life's every chance
Defend your honor, your life, your love
Grasp ahold of life's every chance
Defend your honor, your love, your life

Transitioning from the earthly to eternal
A voiceless echo resounds
The shallow crater opens
And engulfs them all
Arise, you are alive
Embrace the cold, the bitter unknown.
Transform inside, independent from strife.
Persevere, take hold, never step aside.
Brief is our truth, this external light
Eternal is our path into the outer reaches of darkness
A path all who seek must tread.
And hidden amongst its shadows
The understanding and acceptance that fuels the beacon
Wrought from the flame of desire and knowing
The fire of our intrinsic light

02. A Gathering

Night endures
Sun retreats from the cold
Pale moon wears a welcome glow
Darkness' hand retains its grip on the Earth
Autumn's past, winter is present and future
Hourglass freezes in time
Palette wiped of all shades of grey
Cold stream sigh
Harsh wind blow
Grievance die
Ember glow
Rejoice in tragedy
Pure dark night before the dawn

Behold the gathering
New star beyond the sky

Set fire to old home
No need where you go