Wolfheart - Winterborn lyrics


01. The Hunt

Blood Marks the Trail
Red Paints The horizon
Hunter's Moon Embraced With Howling Forlorn

Daybreak Reveals The Marks
Traces Of the Wounded Leader
Rules The Lands From These Woods And Beyond

Race Through The Woods
Hasten Over Waters
Run Upon The Frozen Lakes

Reach A Higher Ground
That Reveals The Realm
Under Your Might
White Kingdom Of Frost And Ice

Ruler Of The Frozen Lands From These Woods And Beyond
Embraces The Hunter's Moon With Howling Forlorn

02. Strenght And Valour

Defeated And Conquered
By The Rival Superior, Adversary Greater In Worth
Vile Horde From The Dark

Destroyer And Slaughter
Of All Adored, Pure And Divine
All Torn Asunder, All Torn Apart

Last Day Of The War
Last Line Of Defence
Few Still Standing Tall
Outnumbered Are The Men Of Valour

First Strike Of Assault
First Blood That Was Drawn
Brought The Demise
Death By The Blade
End By The Sword

The Absence Of The Light Replaced The Fallen Sun
And The Dusk Veiled The World Deserted
Last Rays Of Light Reached The Heroes Unsung
Before The Dawn Of Darkness Ascended

Headstones In A Frozen Ground
Mark The Tombs Of The Courageous
Killing Fields Conceal The Tombs Of The Braves
Infinite Slumber In Six Feet Under

Last Day Of The War
Last Line Of Defence
Soon Defeated And Conquered
Outnumbered Are The Men Of Valour

03. Routa Pt.2

Laying To Rest
And Summon The Death With Profound And Fierce Fire
Cleanse The Soul In The Blaze Of The Ancient Wrath

Searing Grave
Black Flames From The Void Tear Through The Pyre
From Fire To Embers With Strength I Burn

Resurrection Of The Fallen
Into The Lifeless Lands Of The North
From The Abyss From The Core

From The Depths Of The Damnation
The Infernal Regions
I Was Reborn Into The Coldest Dawn
The Coldest Of Them All

Once Departed And Reawakened
I Carry The Mark Of The 4th Rider
Of The Pale Horse
The Bringer Of Death Upon The Earth

I Was Brought Back With A Coal Black Soul
My Heart Beats Still Forevermore
In The Flames Of The End I've Been Reborn

04. Gale Of Winter

Beauty So Grandeur
Voice Like A Wind
That Carries From Afar
Flawless Appearance
But Shattered Within
Her Wings Tear The Sky Above

Into The Dark And The
Everlasting Night
Into The Welkin
She Draws The Stars

With Frosty Hands She Guards A Broken Crown
Skin Cold And White As Snow
Her Eyes Like The Deepest Waters

Raven Hair Is Dancing With The Storm
That Brought The Frozen Rain
She Is The Gale Of Winter

Pristine In Grace
All That's Fragile Is Concealed
Strength Of A Legion
Might That Compares
With Forces Of Nature

Into The Dark And The
Everlasting Night
Into The Welkin
She Draws The Stars

05. Whiteout

In The Eye Of The Storm
Waiting For The Winds To Strengthen
A Gale Of To Grow

In The Core Of Confusion
Awaiting For The Fall

It's Not A Fault
Imperfection Of Sort
Not A Sin To Be Forgiven

It's Not A Failure
To Refrain From Light
When There Is Only Darkness In Sight

In The Heart Of The Chaos
Unease And Disarray

Awaiting For The Whiteout
To Bring Conclusion For Us All

It's Not A Fault
Imperfection Of Sort
Not A Sin To Be Forgiven

It's Not A Failure
To Refrain From Light
When There Is Only Darkness Inside

Embraced By The Nightfall
The Darkness Came To Me
Without Descent Of The Sun

Before The Flames Shall Return
And Ablaze The Sky On Fire
I Will Hide Myself
In The Shade Of The Moon

Last Ray Of The Light
Sole Spark Of The Sun
Final And So Fragile
Traveled From Afar

06. Ghosts Of Karelia

In The Eve Of The Warfare
In The Silence Of The Woods
Soon Comes The Blood Red Dawn

Death Will Fall Upon These Fields
No Armour Or Shield
Shall Defend From The Blade Of The Winterborn

Crimson Sun Is Rising
And Soon The Enemy Is Moving Forward

Frozen Blood On The Snow
Not In The Name Of The Vengeance
Or The Path Of Retaliation
We Stand To Defend With Supreme Defiance

In The Eye Of The Storm
Not By Bloodline But As Brothers Of The War
Last Line Of The Defence Worn
With Their Blood New Borders Shall Be Drawn

Enemy Defeated
Bloodless Legions
On A Cold White Ground
On A Frozen Soil
Of The North

07. I

I Know The Deepest Oceans Arc
Darkest Abyss Where To Pull Me Under

I Am The Guardian Of Life And Defender Of Death
Keeper Of The Eternal Slumber

I Am The Blade, Thorn In My Flesh
Cut Between The Bones Where The Pain Is Grander

I Am The Storm Of The Ages
I Am The Skies Torn Asunder
I Am The Darkness Grandeur

08. Chasm

Behold Of The Moon
Full Circle Of Suns Reflection
Silvery Light Illuminates The World Below

Gaze Upon The World Of Frost
Forged From The Ice of Ages
Dominion Of Winter, Realm Of Snow

In The Snow
Traces Of Wolf
A Trail Leading Into The Wild
Untamed And Fierce By Its Nature

Across The Woods
In Absence Of Warmth Forevermore
The Soil Is Frozen To The Core

On The Shore
Of The Stream Colder Than Ice
A Tomb Built Into A Perfection

A Grave That Shall Never Be Frozen
Dark Waters
Calm Surface
Gives No Reflection

On The River Floor
Underneath The Countless Fathoms
In The Pitch-Black Depth
Lies The Fallen Ones Great In Numbers

Beneath The Icy Flow
Buried In The Lightless Vault
Laid To Rest Into The Deep
In The River Of Ice They Sleep

What The Chasm Seizes, The Depth Will Keep
No Deliverance, Gate To Break Free
No Redemption, A Salvation To Seek
In The River Of Ice They Sleep

09. Breathe

When Sorrow Calls My Name
And Grief Runs In My Veins
Can I Begin
The Bleeding

When Air Becomes A Pain
And It Hurts To Inhale
Can I Just Stop
Cease Breathing

A Shriek From The Void
Exhales The Words
Painted To Be Seen
Screams From Within

Speaks Softly, Howls Aloud
Rushing Towards Like A Tide
Drowns Like A Flood
Buries Inside

Vaikka Aurinko Jo Nousi
Ja Valossa Kylpee Maa
Jää Minussa Ei Murru Sillä Sisälläni On Vain Pimeää Ja Kylmää