Bölzer - Aura lyrics


01. C.M.E.

Habitue of helios high
Skin abloom in worship
Break your knees on the steep
Caressing the crevasse
Luna celibate
Bedding the abyss
Grant passage the father
In his ardour

Reign! Reign! Reign!
Solar imperator supreme
Forfeit! Forfeit! Forfeit!
Ye acquiescent concubines of his orbit

Dance! Dance! Dance!
The lofty whims of the great client
Feed! Feed! Feed!
Ravenous celestial furnace

Ultraviolet hallucination
Photosynthetic onanation
Ultraviolent stimulation
Coronal mass ejaculation

Ream the wreath, the flaming corona
Phallic crown, conflagrant vulva
Godseed, abscond the coil!
Rise! Rise!
Devotee, impregnate the temple
Autoerotic veneration
Cosmic womb awash with semen
Descend! Descend!

Combust! Combust! Combust!
Stella alpha omega
Release! Release! Release!
Yourself, all and I from this mortal service

02. Entranced By The Wolfshook

His tongue conjured up fire
In hearts of hope that did smolder
With words as clear as the wind
Blades sprang from ashes again


Sermon of the crooked cross
The pulpits rock with death

Chaos chorus deafening
Sure-footed might-machine
Dance floors of human flesh
Syncopated until the end

His dagger like eyes
Left you limp in their stead

Blood! Weak is the pride in your veins
Master! Gives your fear a face that you can hate
Iron! Is the solution to the problem
Slave! Is what you are, confirmed in unison

Entranced by the wolfshook
Hypnotized by blood
Condemned to the wolfshook
Accomplice in blood

His psalms emanate power
Beset with lightning and thunder
As you slip into trance
You swear allegiance to dance

03. The Great Unifier

Unifier to everything, divider of nothing
Divider to everything, unifier of nothing

Break them into shapes that fit the plan
The sculptor, the great unifier
Drown them in the sea of awakening
The saviour, the great unifier

Transition besieging your coil
Relinquish your body unto ethereal soil
My transaction is binding, clauses obsolete
A lightening delivery,
Sweeps you off your feet

Acceptance is to be advised
For all destinations are long since defined
If you wish to rebuke my flexible terms
Deem yourself worthy of worm-ridden earth

Inner calm, outer storm
My demons seeketh rest
Amidst cold, raging times
I am but a demon at best

This calm cannot last
Myself seeketh me
Outside warm, peaceful times
A man I must be

The great sanctifier, shadow-clad fist
The quantum curator, dancer in the mist
The grand neutralizer, in figure of eight
The sword in the seed, your fate germinate