After Forever - Decipher lyrics


01. Ex Cathedra

Nemo mihi obloquatur impune
Ex cathedra

A deo ipso verba mea ad vos proveniunt
Non obsequentes exsecratio condemnabit
Subicite fato vestro et obtemperate

02. Monolith Of Doubt

The ordeal has begun
To oblige the unknown, within me

As I drown
Cannot remember, cannot think
As I sink, deep...

Near the monolith of doubt
Creeps the fear
The fear to lose yourself
In the severe reflection

I don't know
A flashing moment that has frozen me
My whole existence passed by
Through the trusted eyes of a mirror
But it wasn't me I could see

This monolith of everything that I have been
Is vacillated and aghast
The inexorable time has taught me once again
That my features will change and macerate me

See, it's me, my monolith of doubt

03. My Pledge Of Allegiance 1 (The Sealed Fate)

She kept her beauty concealed behind a curtain of suspense
And endures her fate, moulded by an ancient culture

The honour wasn't allowed to be injured
She is going to live as her community expects her to
I find myself confined between furtive desires and feelings of guilt

(The letter:)
These are my last words
I'm gonna leave you
I can't stand your narrow mindedness any longer
Forgive me...

04. Emphasis

The game is over, time has taught life
Open your eyes and embrace our so-called paradise
All the notions and thoughts
Devise a way to make it yours
The enigma of a reason

How can life be what you want it to be
Find the emphasis in your own reality

Deviate from the search with episodic glimpses
Of a spectrum no one can see or feel, nor declare

Slowly become aware life knows its prophecies
Find the emphasis in your own reality

In all life you see
A sudden shifting of events
What's coincidence, what's faith?

The ambiguity makes the sense of our destiny worth searching for
What can it induce?

If our being was omniscient?
There's so much you'll never know, but

Your life will be what you want it to be
Find the emphasis in your own reality

05. Intrinsic

At night, assimilate life
In the infinite realm
Of our intrinsic side

Find, the missing parts of the mind
The hidden truth behind
Our dungeon of thoughts, this labyrinth

Search, it has a reason and a meaning
Remembered and repeated
A guide, not to be ignored

Feel, there's so much to feel
Amnesia must confiscate an elusive link
To consciousness

It's there; cause there's so much we don't know
Even our own true face
It's there, facing what we can't have

Our ideals ain't true, naked and exposed
To the bareness of what's real
Boundless fantasy, becomes reality
As we breathe water and run through the sand

Whispers and a scream, flying high, falling down
And a face with no features or name
Exposed to live, we can only divine
Tell me, what's your reality?

06. Zenith

Is there something you feel?
Is there something you furtively know?
Under the spell of science,
Can we declare?

Can we allow ourselves to experience?
Can we be open-minded enough?
Won't we fear what we cannot defy?
Do we need to declare?
Break the force of habit!

Why can't you see?
Fear will impede you to break through your trivial life
And find the missing aim to evolve

Is this the frontier, our zenith?

Can we be receptive to our ignorance?
Will or won't we be able to reveal?
Dulled senses and the need for proven theories
Has masked our natural insight in life
And mysteries

Life is discussed and measurable
Every aberration is observed with agony and suspicion
Until it is declared again

07. Estranged (A Timeless Spell)

Diving in the lake of thousand faces
Every sign seems a delusion
And fills me with doubt
I shouldn't look for certainty
Among these disorderly impressions
But still I do...

Being estranged
Slowly I loose the grip on the reality
Time shall shatter what we have built up
Being estranged
From the reliable
Don't even recognize the warmth
You always fulfilled me with

Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me
Enter my deepest inner self

Imprison the pain
Besieging in vain

It feels like I'm in the middle of a movie
Gazing at the script
It shows me new insights
Delighted by the bygone sufferings
But already waiting for the next ones

I bend forward and look between the ripples of the lake
It's the leading character...

Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me
Wherever you are

Deceitful memories mingled with reality
I hold myself to the timeless spell
Fascinated by never knowing if it really happened

08. Imperfect Tenses

Why can't they see?
They're to blame, I can't forgive
It left a permanent mark behind,
My weakness, my strength

I'm waiting for the perfect sign
To reveal what lies inside
There's no lie in trying,
Why do you fear me?

Why can't you see?
There's neither blame nor forgiveness
Be strong by being susceptible,
And don't quail; your frankness is your strength
And shows their weakness

I'm / Your waiting for the perfect sign
To reveal what lies inside
There's no lie in trying
Why do you fear me?

Why should I fear you?
An open heart is just as confronting as honesty!

Why can't I forgive?
You must stop to condemn the past

Why can't this fear be my guide?
It will be your strength if you dare

There's no blame in my life
Nor forgiveness for the pain

I will show them!
Let them know who you are!
This is my/your perfect revelation

09. My Pledge Of Allegiance 2 (The Tempted Fate)

My decision is fixed
The suitcases are packed
I'm laying the letter on the table

Tonight, I will be safe and the fears will be over
I shall outline my own way again!

I'm walking to the door
Open it and look behind for the last time...

But he's at the doorstep - this can't be real
He's surprised because he notices my bags
Immediately he grabs my wrists and pushes me inside
I realise I'm lost...

O no, what have you done?
What have you done?
Where is your self respect?
You've defiled our honour and your throth
You crossed the line

You won't get out this time
You won't get out
There's no other solution
Then requite you for this insult

But he's at the doorstep - this can't be real
He's surprised because he notices my bags,
Immediately he grabs my wrists and pushes me inside
While he's reading the letter I realise I'm lost...

Faded beauty, her body trembles...
The scars of this dream will always be remembered

10. The Key

The eyes, looking so cold
Condemn failure
And seek for perfection
What will never be attained

They're judging the denying face which stares back
A bewildered revelation

Show me objectivity
And let these eyes judge again

You cannot touch what you can't ever obtain
I'm inexhaustible
As well as empty in my bitter search

My words are yours,
My voice speaks for your thoughts
I am your mirror without remorse,
Your reflection without doubts

I fall and fall
I must learn from the bruises
The scars will be my guide

There's no excuse in ignorance
No time for weakness or regret
Face your mirror without doubt
Your reflection without remorse

If knowledge was wisdom
And wisdom the key to inner rest
Teach me...

11. Forlorn Hope

An old man is proud
But behind his modest smile lies the grief
Only one picture of his brave son remains

It seems that the vicious circle
Can never be broken through

The hopeful ones gathered their strength
To achieve the apparent impossible
But all plans seem to be in vain

As a soldier of Allah
He's an example for the others
On his bloody way to immortality

It seems that the vicious circle
Can never be broken through
Because old wounds are reopened every time

This Intifada as a device
To thwart the peace negotiations

He can rely on a reward in the hereafter
Eternal paradise awaits him

With our blood
Show no mercy
With our soul
Die for heaven
An eye for an eye
Burn to let them...
Suffer for all their actions

We will not move an inch
They won't play in our hands
We will not tolerate those who defy

We will not hesitate
To start an attack
If you undermine the agreement

Let them suffer!
Stop to let them suffer!