Rotting Christ - Satanas Tedeum lyrics


01. The Hills Of The Crucifixion

Bleeding sky is tonight
Seperation of gods
Blasphesy's cries (in the middle hill)
Divine ghost

Black the cross, bloody thorn
The horn shaped against the holy son

Infernal land
Scream the sky
It's tonight or yesterday
Blasphemy in godland
The holy land is offensed

Sabbatic light, the goatshaped
It's the final fullmoon

02. Feast Of The Grand Whore

Aclo Savaoth soth
The final chapter
Winds of chilling mayhem
Reborn through human blood

Narahousa raped and disgraced
Singing ancient necropsalms
They tresspass with no fear
The mystical acheron

Marking the point of voris
In the dust of IBN Gazi
They wait in silence
The cryptic sacrifice

Transformed into the winged leizard
Floating in distant unkown zones
Learning the parallel of Y'R
To welcome the great whore of babylon

03. The Nereid Of Esgalduin

Nocternal fog cover the river
The poisened water of esgalduin
The cursed bride of pyramis
Embody to the nereid of Esgalduin

After wind she appears
The blood kiss on his lips
She wears the crown of beauty
Obssessed by the thirst of power

04. Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom

Unholy dark angels fallen for ages
Fiht Asthar Messer blaspheme the ghost

Dark warriors celebrate the final dowraction
Turn the light off obey the megagoal

Ultimate triuph
In our masters name
The forest call its back low

Listen the winds
Listen the wolfs
The glorious beast
Half man half wolf

05. The Sixth Communion