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Arch Enemy - Will To Power lyrics


02. The Race

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson
Lyrics by Alissa White-Gluz
I heard there was a place
Where we're all one race
Colour, gender, age never could dictate.

I saw there was a time
When we valued all life
Nobody oppressed, everyone had rights.

Suddenly, in an age where the distance between us is binary
All we see, is an internal war.
Friendly fire in the sky and respect on the floor!

Constricting like a heart attack.
A mythomaniac on the loose in the streets!
Blood billing with the burning heat of caustic defeat.
Now there's no turning back.

Ha! So we laugh while the tides all turn
Melting grew matter, voluntarily salves.
Always searching for the one real truth so we can misconstrue it to suit our needs

Ingesting operant conditioning
Divine contamination, like lye on flesh - it stings.
Trust your leaders, trust the system.
Reproduce, repeat
Never question authority, never suspect deceit!

Always on the run. Can't remember where we're running to or what we're running from, but we're picking up speed.

All the books and broadcasts? Jettison!
Without their burden true ethics are freed.

Extract the labels that lobotomize and you'll realize we are all one.
Fly or swim, fur or skin, we're alive!
Abolitionists rise!
Now don't go turning back.

03. Blood In The Water

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson
Lyrics by Michael Amott
There's Blood in the water
There's fear in the air.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
And we're all running scared!

Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust while bombs never rust.
Watch the war on your screen…
Yesterday's deals were just a dream
Bound and round we go…
Where this will end nobody knows.

There's profit in prophets.
Too much money in lies.
Missiles fuelled by hatred
As the blind lead the blind!

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Have we finally run out of road?
You can't build a wall high enough,
Can't dig a deep enough hole

Equality, now a profanity
Wave goodbye to humanity.
There's a monster under your bed.
You created it so don't be scared…

04. The World Is Yours

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson
Lyrics by Michael Amott
The World Is Yours
Rise into the light, set flame to the night!
Sick of being told how to run your life.
Their rules - their schools.
Empty words that promised so much.
Their precious status quo remained untouched

If you want the world
Use your mind - take control
Feel the strength rise from within
If you really want it, the world is yours

Every empire was raised by the slave.
Built through the ages, you can destroy it in a day
Turn the page, unleash the rage
Burn their golden cage and walk away
On your path towards ultimate power

Straining at the leash, foaming at the mouth
No more subservience. Justice will be done.
There was only so much you could take…
There was only so much you could tolerate…
When the bough breaks the empire will fall

05. The Eagle Flies Alone

Music & lyrics by Michael Amott
When I was born, the seed was sown
I will not obey my life is my own
Battle those who wish to enslave me
Expose the lies that enrage me

I don't believe in heaven. I don't believe in hell.
Never joined the herd. Could not adjust well.
Slave and master - it's not for me.
I chose my own path, set myself free!

I - I go my own way.
I swim against the stream
Forever I will fight the powers that be.
The eagle flies alone

Reject the system that dictates the norm
This world is full of lies and deceit
I have felt betrayal…cut so deep…
Suffered defeat…only to rise again!

06. Reason To Believe

Music by Michael Amott/Christopher Amott
Lyrics by Michael Amott
There's a scar on your heart
But your journey's just begun
A distant light that's worth the fight.
The story's far from done.
Stop hurting yourself.
Those tired sores have nothing more to bleed.

I know it well
It's dragging you down
Listen to me now

There's a reason to believe again
There's a reason to go on
Always keep on fighting, my friend
There's a reason to believe

They don't understand you
And they hate what they don't understand.
You are more than they'll ever know.
Like sand through your fingers
Don't let your life slip away.
This prison of glass can't hold you back no more!

07. Murder Scene

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson
Lyrics by Alissa White-Gluz
Turning a blind eye won't make the world disappear
The second sight returns so, too, does the pain and fear.
I'll refuse to acknowledge, I'll refuse to accept
Reality force feeding me anguish and regret.

You…once so close to me.
This once - so- sacred place is now a murder scene!
Your name? Just a soliloquy
Your presence forever will be exposure therapy.

There stand strangers where the world used to be.
Can't take change? Or are retinas still not letting me see?
No "we". No "us".
Two halves un-whole.
I'm your Sisyphus.
You laugh every roll.
And you will suffer. And you will drown.
You are the victor? How heavy's the crown?

Your presence forever will be dead to me.

08. First Day In Hell

Music by Michael Amott
Lyrics by Alissa White-Gluz
Torn from home, sent down death's railroad, are we.
When we wake up tomorrow, will we still be wearing this curse?
Will we wake up tomorrow? Which punishment is worse?

Day 1: No sun.
Stripped of our names.
Now we are merely numbers, permanently inked in the flames.
Our kind - our existence lights the fire,
Igniting hell on earth.

Archangels bending crosses, hooked.
Innocent men, women, children, sentenced before conviction.
With golden stars to guide them, their gavel is the end of a gun!

Day 2: lived through.
More culprits arrive.
Every cage so crowded…How will we survive through the night?

First day in hell.

See the terror in abandoned gazes…
Fear sunken eyes.
Get the guards and walk a dozen paces,

Incarcerated without reason.
Doomed by blood.
Anti-venom for a poisoned nation.
Our birth-right.

Week 5: Alive.
Soon out of time.
After all that I've, here, witnessed, there's no value in life.

First day in hell. First week in hell.
First month in hell.
Last day in hell.

10. Dreams Of Retribution

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson/Christopher Amott
Lyrics by Michael Amott
Dreams of Retribution
Screams echo through the halls
Fingernails dragging down the walls
Broken down, betrayed, abandoned.
Never thought you'd see my face again?

Well, did you?

Behind barred windows I watch the sky.
Not an hour goes by without asking why?

Plotting my revenge is the only thing keeping me alive!
Then they administer the medicine - straight to my heart.

Listen to me! I'm not insane!
Leave me be! Set me free!

In a place so dark that demons fear
I'm rotting away, year after year
You're on the outside, you're laughing at me
One day, you'll pay. You will see.

You made them believe in the lies that you weave
Now everyone's an enemy. Who to believe?
They shut off the lights…
Another sleepless night awaits

Dreams of retribution keep me awake.
My vengeance will be glorious. Victorious.

11. My Shadow And I

Music by Michael Amott
Lyrics by Alissa White-Gluz
You bathe in sorrow, drowning in hate.
You kill tomorrow, fighting against the fates.
Raise hell - wipe that smile off your face.
Raise hell - fall into place.

Pick up your entrails, the time has come
Leave the bed of nails. Let it all burn!

Raise hell - embrace hell.
Nobody drives you down the less travelled road
Me and my shadow- we know the way through.

Your face disgust me, turn it away.
You think you know at whom you're staring?
Raise hell - I'll scrape that smile off your face
Raise hell - the end of all days.

What is this defense you're drowning in?
Give up the pretense. It's sink or swim!
Right behind me matching every stride
Though you're made of darkness you only appear in the light.

You made your bed. Now lay.
Why die in peace while living in fear?
Didn't you know your heaven was insincere?
Raise hell - unite the fire and sky
Raise hell and burn the lie.

Me and my shadow - we know the right way to go

12. A Fight I Must Win

Music by Michael Amott/Daniel Erlandsson
Lyrics by Michael Amott/Alissa White-Gluz
I've lived in darkness, stood in the light.
Crawled through the shadows
Between wrong and right

One thing I know for sure…
This is a fight I must win.

With wings of tin and feet of stone
I crash against the ground below.
It's not the first time, won't be the last time.
Got to pick myself up - get on with the show!

I can feel the coming storm
There's a demon I have to control
One fore fight I must win
Fight the demon dwelling within

I'm not like I was before,
I'm something less,
I'm something more.

This life has been bittersweet.
Blackened heart stays on the beat.

Alone in my cloak of lead,
Choking on words of advice…
Heard all the answers - most of them lies
One last fight I must win…there's a demon dwelling within