Duskmourn - Of Shadow And Flame lyrics


01. Ancient Whispers


02. Through The Wild

Beyond the endless plains and wide open streams
Lies my destiny at the edge of a new world
Where woodland hawks soar
Above the forest shade
And sweeping trees fade beyond the sun

Even the wind held it's misty breath
For this journey will tread on soil unkempt
Through enduring rains and winters so cold
A great venture in which tales will be told

I wander over gray hills under a forlorn sky
Gazing beyond the boundless windswept fields

The silent air shattered by thundering clouds
Concealing my path within the darkness

Alone in the cold night
In the shadow of mountain heights
Take rest by the howling deep
By dawn I'll journey through the willows heap

When fires rise above gray hills
And my face set ablaze from the sun
I'll follow the ancient whispering gales
Where my fate will be revealed

03. The Frozen Mire

I've wandered with the sun having no air to breathe
Waiting for darkness to descend upon silent trees
An empty forest brings no witness for I am alone
Shrill my screams fade amidst the frosty stone

Clad in snow the trees bear the mark of winter
Guarding the forest with their stalwart shimmer
I have no path to escape the frozen reign
Entombed by an endless wintery bane

Mountainous shadows darken the forest deep
Earthen bonds covered by winters heap
I stray into shadow alone
Longing to escape the winters throne

Reaching towards the frozen northern flame
Strangled by darkness in this mirrored plain

As my footsteps press upon the misty glimmer
Cold gales blow through my face so withered
I writhe before great fallen trees
Wondering when all will freeze

My pale hands fade beneath the snow
The sun runs from darkness my fate is sewn

As the winter sky is strangled by the night
My frozen body has grown weary of life
The dying sun has left me here to wane
Sounds of all I knew fade to the winters reign

04. Where Shadows Lurk

Toward defiled lands
We gaze before the ravine
Carved by falling waters
Set ablaze by the deceiver

Once flowing with hope
Now frozen with grief
The barren mire strays
Embraced by fallen trees

Seeking the hidden gates
Obscured by a blackened cloak
Sweeping through mountainous shadows
We move ever onward

Through the brush and over veiled roads
To an unshown city of stone
My heart longing for deep seas
By wood and sinew I forge songs of thee

Before deep sullen dales
Pierced by fading green
Revealed a fearsome path
Shrouded by undergrowth

Light strangled by darkness
Through cavernous depths
Deceived by echoes foray
Glaring down into cold unknown

Over the mountains and through the gates
To an unshown city of stone
Towards a place where far light glimmers
Where one will be free from thralldom whispers

Gazing upon the great walls of stone
Its towers reach far beyond the sky
Many fair pathways lay across the plain
At last we have reached our home

None may be free to enter our unknown halls
For shadows lurk beyond our great walls

05. Mountains Of Darkness

Here I sit above all that is pure
Within my mountains of endless darkness
One who arises in mighty halls of iron
Casting sorrow over the world

With white eyes piercing the mists of night
Seeking all who escaped the land of shadows
Listening for whispers fleeing the fields
Searching the highest peaks of the world

Torment all who oppose me
Enslave the weaker kin
Your cries of pain will echo
Through the fiery pits

No gates can with withstand my power
No beauty will I ever revere
My soul cold and sharp like a jagged spear
Will pierce the beating heart of the world

From fire serpents shall rise
Dancing with the breath of wind
Above the pale fog
That rolls over the hills
You will meet your demise
Under a crimson sky

Kneel before my blackend throne
Let terror possess your spirit
For you shall do my bidding
Under a spell of fiery hate

Unleashing spirits of blazing fire
I will bring forth the end of your world
Rivers will flow with the innocent blood of men
The age of darkness shall bring your bitter end

06. Crowned In Flame

Behold the amber sky in northern hills
Mountain slopes begin to shed molten tears
The clamor of steel and fire shakes the walls
A great sundering lay upon the vale

Darkness walks among the light
As shadows breach the gates of might

A thunderous horn beckons the stout to war
Of wrath and trees ride into the flame
Great banners lay like leaves to caress the earth
Arrows pour like the cold rains of autumn

White walls torn asunder
Fallen into the maw of flame

Fiery whips dance around the trees
Distant screams pierce the air of night

The mountain snow stained with the blood of men
Great hammers fade like smoke in wind
Broken pillars crumble amongst the fields
Dread fuels these halls of perdition

Flames gust from the jaw of the serpent
Blackening the city walls
Lashing with power of eagle wings
Darkness falls before his knees

Mists of scalding heat roll over the land
Brought upon the flower of the plain

Left to wither in the fire
Ancient words a prophet once told

"Woe is me whose father awaits doom
But seven times woe whose lord has gone"
By grief our wits in a storm of weeping
The golden city falls to the floor

Loomed afar the hills crowned in flame
By dusk or dawn flee swiftly through the plain

07. The Last Voyage

I've sailed from vast icy shores
To red mountains of flame
On the winds of the emerald deep
Churning with the foamy sea

Embraced by eagle wings
Searching for all that was lost
By the twilight and under the moon
Till the dawn rises anew

Whisper to me across the wind
Ride the sorrow and flame within
Under the starlight you'll be free
To dwell with me

"At ocean's silent brim
Where the shores are sheer and dim
From the last and lonely sand
He sailed for westerland"

Sweeping across cursed shadowy seas
To the lands of feathery white
I ride with gales on northern waters
To the breaches of the world

Chased by the shimmering moon
Under the misty veil of night
By the sound of sea
Your wailing echoes to me

Sailing through the door of night
A star of hope lies within the darkness
Shining bright on eternal seas
I'll remain to die

I watched as ivory towers fell
To walls of flame that pierced the sky
My vengeance was born from the destruction
At the mouth of shadow and flame

Hear my plea echo over the seas
Sail with me on oceans we will seize

"Beyond the dark earth's pale
And behind the world set sail
Of the falling of their tears
On my journey through the clear"