King Diamond - "Them" lyrics


01. Out From The Asylum

Look, the old bitch is back - yeah, finally we'll get some company again the attic room has been locked up for far too long - just like the old bitch herself - she's on time though - why that silly wheelchair? Oh she's pretending as always - but she does make a good cup of tea.

"Oh My God she's here. Missy, listen to what Mother says: Now You be good to Grandma; and remember she's been away on a long vacation. That goes for You too King. And stop playing that thing. Answer the door"

02. Welcome Home

Grandma' welcome home... You have been gone for far too long
Is this a dream, are You really back?

Let me help You out of the chair...
Let me touch You, let me feel... Ahhh

Grandma' take a look
What do You think of the house and the silvery moon?
We are going to repaint the front door soon

Let me help You out of the chair...
Let me touch You, let me feel... Ahhh

Wait till You see Your room up in the attic
Prepared just like You said, without a bed
You will find Your rocking chair and the tea pot that Missy found

Let me help You out of the chair...
There is someone waiting for You, now come along

Missy and Mother, they are dying to meet You
How strange... she's spoken no word...
I wonder Grandma'! Are You all right?

Guitar solo: Andy

Grandma' what was it like to be on that holiday site
"Oh it could have been worse but with "THEM" by my side
In the twilight "THEY" sang all the old lullabies"
Grandma' who are "THEY"... "never mind You dirty little brat"

"Let us go inside, something's on "THEIR" mind
"THEY" are still alive, can You feel "THEIR" eyes
Can You feel "THEIR" eyes?
Now that You are stuck with me You
better be my friend.

03. The Invisible Guests

Late that night I awoke from My sleep
Hearing unknown voices laughing insane
Grandma' was one, Oh it's coming from the room next to mine

It's Grandma' room... the invisible guests

As I stood there alone in the dark
Peeking through the keyhole, couldn't believe My eyes
I'd never seen anything like it, only
Grandma' was inside the room

Speaking to no one... the invisible guests

Cups were rising in thin air and then emptied on the floor
Suddenly the door was open and
Grandma' said
"Do come in My little friend"

Missy and Mother were sleeping downstairs
If they could see me in Grandmother's chair

Grandmother said "look Me deep in the eyes
You will forget what You saw here tonight"

"I will let You in on the secret of this house
The secret of Amon... that's what we call this house
Now I want you to go back to sleep,
now go back to sleep My dear"

The invisible guests

Cups were rising in thin air and then emptied on the floor
Suddenly the door was open and
Grandma' said
"Now you must go back to sleep"

"Go to sleep"... "Go to sleep"...
"Go to sleep"...

Missy and Mother were sleeping downstairs
If they could see me in Grandmother's chair

04. Tea

On the following friday as I turned out the light
Grandma' came and knocked at My door
"Wake up King, wake up My dear
I am gonna show You about the house of Amon"

It is time for tea, it is time again

"Even Your mother is present
We made her sleep in My rocking chair"
At first I felt really scared but there was no reason to
As I saw the knife sneaking out from
Grandmother's dress
Then it cut a tiny wound in My mother's little hand

It is time for tea, it is time again

Blood was running into the tea pot, then I heard "THEM" laugh
"A bit of this in a cup of tea, is what it takes to set "THEM" free
You will hear "THEM" telling stories from far beyond this earth"
What I saw and what I heard made me want to stay and learn

I really hope this dream will never end,
it's hard to describe the kind of
feeling that went on in My mind
A paradise

Hearing "THEIR" stories and feeling "THEIR" warmth
We laughed with tears in our eyes
From the first cup of tea, to the last drop of blood
Nothing seemed to matter at all anymore
My Mother? She didn't exist to me,
Oh I felt so heavenly

It is time for tea, it is time again

05. Mother's Getting Weaker

Tonight would be the last night that we had our tea
That bloody tea, which sent us into ecstasy
Yesterday Mother complained, feeling dizzy, all in pain

Mother's getting weaker, looking paler day by day

As morning came, she could not make it out of bed
And Grandma's spell was getting straight into her head
Not a single word, she didn't seem to be alive

Getting weaker, looking paler day by day

Then Missy came in and she led me by the hand
I didn't want to go, Oh but I should have known
Mother was barely conscious, why should I care
Just looking forward to the next ordeal

Guitar solo: Andy, Guitar solo: Pete, Guitar solo: Andy

I think I heard My sister begging me to stay
She gave me the phone, so I could call someone for help
I simply let go of her hand, then I cut the wire

Missy was crying as I left them both behind
And Mother's getting weaker, Missy shouted at My back
"I hate You"

06. Bye, Bye Missy

Tea time Monday night, I was waiting passing time
Then from the hallway, I saw Mother in her nightgown

Swaying up the stairs, up the stairs, it seemed so unreal
I knew Grandma' had sent "THEM" again, the invisible friends

A little later in the middle of tea we came close to ecstasy
"THEY" were telling tales from beyond when Grandma' rose

She opened the door, and there was Missy
Seeing Mother in Grandmother's chair, she went into tears

Missy was screaming
"What have You done, what have you done to My Ma", crying louder now
"We better get rid of her, She's too young anyway", it was Grandma' who

"Bye, bye Missy, be gone forever
The beautiful fireplace in the kitchen will do"

I saw Missy struggling in Grandma' wrinkled hands
"Oh No, let me be, Oh No Please No
Grandma' Please
Aagh Grandma' You're hurting me.
Don't touch me or I'll break it, I've got the tea pot, I'll do it anyway"
I saw liquid spreading, the bloody tea all over the floor
Now I heard "THEIR" voices, some kind of demon growls

"THEY" dropped "THEIR" tea cups,
Grandma' stood still forced by invisible hands, Missy went down the stairs
As I waved her goodbye, Missy was sobbing away

Will I ever see her again, Bye bye
Missy, don't be afraid

07. A Broken Spell

I stumbled out of Grandma's room, down the stairs and out of the house
Once outside I felt My mind begin to fight a battle for control

With the tea pot broken I kind of realized
That "THEIR" power was less here, here on the outside

I fell to my knees in haziness
And I looked in through the window to the cellar
Things were moving down there, "THEY" were searching for something
And "THEY" really found it, the big axe was flying

Flying out through the cellar door
Up the stairs to the kitchen...
Then I passed out

The next thing I remember seeing was the smoke coming from the chimney
I soon realized the smoke I saw was actually... Oh No!
All there was left of Missy and her dress, poor little girl

The spell was broken, I really felt the change
As my mind and body became one again

The moon was alive with its silvery eye
Staring right into My evil heart

I went back to see if My Grandma' was still there
Waiting for me in the attic... Oh I hate that bitch

08. The Accusation Chair

I kind of knew that she would be waiting for me in her room
With a sick smile she told me not to be a fool
Her eyes went hard, staring right into My brain
But I convinced her that I was feeling real fine

Oh, I was lying... seeing the look in her eyes
Clearing My mind was important

She believed everything I said
And then she asked me if I would help to bring her outside

Oh, I was lucky... "let us stay for a while" she said
"Bathing ourselves in the moonlight"

So there she was, unprotected by "THEM"
I grabbed her cane, and tore it out of her hand
"No way, You're not going to escape"

"Now that I've got You... here You will pay for Your deeds
Your sick mind has come to an end now"

"Stop it"

Nowhere to hide, Grandma' had died
Alone in the night
And "THEY" were waiting for me waiting inside
Hoping that I would come back in
But I just ran away
Into the woods, as far as I could
I saw "THEIR" eyes
And then I fainted again, going insane
Dreaming that I was one of "THEM"...

I hear "THEIR" voices all the time

09. "Them"


10. Twilight Symphony

Morning came and so did they, flying questions from the police
I'm waiting here in an ambulance for Dr. Landau
To return and tell me why they're taking me so far away
"I did what I did and I'm glad I did,
'cos I could have been the...
I could have been the next in line"

Nobody found a trace of Missy
I'd be the last to tell them anyway
How could I ever ever explain

Now I hear "THEM" again, singing
Twilight symphony, twilight
I hear "THEM" again, singing
Twilight symphony, twilight

Grandma' was dead with an open neck
Blood still running from My open mouth
I knew they would blame it, they would blame it all on me
How could I ever ever explain

Now I hear "THEM" again, singing
Twilight symphony, twilight
I hear "THEM" again, singing
Twilight symphony, twilight

Dr. Landau returned, and I told him the story
"Are You mad or just insane?"
I tried anyway

"You can take him away now, the boy has lost his mind"
Oh no no

I haven't seen My Mother since they took me away
And Dr. Landau wouldn't tell me
He wouldn't tell me anything
Oh I'm back on the outside

Time has caught up with me, and I must leave for the old house
Yes I must leave now
Grandma'... I'm coming
I'm coming home now
I'm coming home now

11. Coming Home


"I knew it was You at the door, I saw You from the window. Now come inside My dear. It's good to see You again, despite what You did to MY throat. "THEY" are waiting upstairs. Come. Missy is there too. She's sitting on Grandpa's lap. I bet You're dying for a cup of tea."

To whom it may concern.

I am scared to death. 9 years ago they finally let me out, and I was just beginning to feel better. I am not Myself any longer. I guess You could not even recognize My face if You saw Me now. That phone call 2 hours ago has torn Me apart. It was Grandma. She invited Me back to the old house. I do not want to go back, but I must. Maybe You will understand My fear if I tell You what happened during My childhood.

18 years ago I was living with My mother and My sister Missy in Grandma's old house. I had been told that Grandma was away on a long vacation, and that she would soon return. She did.

I have later found out that she was actually being released from that same asylum. "She's insane", they said, when she kept on babbling about "THEM". I still cannot make up My mind about who really did separate Grandpa's head from his shoulders. You see, "THEY" were always so nice to Me.

Anyway, time is short and I must leave for the old house. So here is what happened 18 years ago. And in case we never see each other again, at least You will know why.

I bet we are going to have tea.