Downfall Of Gaia - Ethic Of Radical Finitude lyrics


01. Seduced By...


02. The Grotesque Illusion Of Being

Footprints from the past, slowly covered in dust
Scorching echoes and voices of a time gone by
Crippled and broken, lost along the way
Still dreaming or drowning
Tell me, what have I become?

A glimpse of light is burning my flesh
The innocent are cursed
We are marching into oblivion
Betrayed by infinity

The illusion of time, the illusion of being
Seduced by the grotesque

03. We Pursue The Serpent Of Time

I pursued the serpent
Eyes blindfolded
Words of wisdom sung to the deaf
Dancing in ashes, drowning in tears

The bloom of dissolution, like a shadow close to my skin
Let me stare through your eyes into the void they created

A barren wasteland where dark wind blows and the great old ones reign
Slowly carrying ourselves to the grave
We're sinking in the rivers bleak
And in the end only ghosts will know your name

Suffocating by the grace of time
Starving by the hand that feeds
Bury me in the soil
The weight of life becomes my curse
Vestiges of the past
Vestiges of the fallen
Woe is me
In atrophy we will remain

04. Guided Through A Starless Night

Whispers of the void
Guide us into the painted grey
We're tortured by solitude
Oblation to the shrine

Darkness flows through the rivers
And my lungs are filled with water
The abstract beauty of a moment
Became my emperor of decay

As the stars shine through the night
Each breath reflects in the stream
Pale blue moon, shimmering lights
Cold and desolate, choking life

05. As Our Bones Break To The Dance

Gebrochene Knochen, glühende Asche
Der Tanz in den Trümmern, mein letztes Geleit
Vergänglichkeit folgt stets auf das Sein
Tief schwarz und ruhig schläft das was einst war
Auf Ebbe folgt die Flut und reißt mich hinfort, weit fort von hier
Und so ertränke ich mich selbst im Strom der Erinnerung
Mir dürstet nach Leben, doch die Müh' scheint vergeben
Lust schreit nach Ewigkeit, doch Ewigkeit ist ihr Tod
Mein letztes Geleit, zum Scheitern verurteilt
So ergebe ich mich der Endlichkeit

06. Of Withering Violet Leaves

The birth of violet leaves
Loss of embittered winter
Its steps can be heard