Various Artists - 5 Years Of Doom And Dark Sounds

Various Artists, various genres 28.11.2016

A great comp, mixing in some of my fave Discos Macarras artists (Tort, Santo Rostro), newer faves (Rosy Finch) and new tunes (well, to me) altogether. Love what DM has been putting out and this is a great starting point to check out their stable.
Picked by: BitterCOld
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Church Of Misery - And Then There Were None...

Doom 16.11.2016

Wowzerz! It is as if Church Of Misery distilled mid-90s Cathedral down to my favorite bits, only with better vocals, to lay down one swell album.

Oddland - Origin

Progressive metal 13.11.2016

In a year with many strong prog releases, one of the outsiders is Oddland's Origin. A tinge of Pain Of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw on the vocals can only be a good thing, and the technical prowess adds to the melodic nuances of the music. Edgy, powerful and masterfully heavy, the Finns carve their own path with this new album. Seemingly accessible, Origin reveals exceptional layers throughout.

Full album on Bandcamp.
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Dark Tranquillity - Atoma

Gothenburg 11.11.2016

Dark Tranquillity are on a forward momentum again. Their best since Character, no less.

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Deathspell Omega - The Synarchy Of Molten Bones

Return of the king 08.11.2016

So here we are. Six years and two EPs later, the mighty Deathspell Omega have returned with new material. It's not "Doomspell Omega" or a reggae black metal album, and sure, one could complain about a rehash of old ideas here. But I'll be damned if it isn't nice to have these titans of French black metal back on the throne showing all their emulators how the game is really played.

Go and get it.

Dysylumn - Chaos Primordial

Progressive / Black / Death 05.11.2016

This two-piece band from Montpellier, France offers you an incredibly fresh sounding mixture of black and death metal with some progressive touches. Noteworthy is also a stunning graphic design by Lambrith. You simply can't miss it!

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Cult Of Luna - Mariner [Collaboration]

Post- 04.11.2016

While Cult Of Luna are busy doing five shows with Julie Christmas this week, let's listen once again to what's probably the best post-stuff album this year.

The travel begins HERE
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Darkside Momo
BloodTears, Mr. Doctor
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Abske Fides - O Sol Fulmina A Terra

Funeral Doom / Death Doom 19.10.2016

It seems this bundle of Brazilian funeral/death-doom joy, released 6/6/16, flew under a lot of radars. O Sol is a miasma of negativity from the concrete jungle of Sao Paolo, which has a lot more going on to keep it more interesting than the atypical glacial-beat, four minutes to complete a riff funeral doom. Give it a listen now and toss me an "obrigado" later.

Spaceking - The Piper At The Gates Of Stone

instrumental psychedelic stoner post 29.09.2016

Spaceking's Piper At The Gates Of Stoned is instrumental stoner-post with psychedelic/trippy effects tossed in for fun. Spaceking are possibly best enjoyed with Spacegrass.

Whenever it feels right

Southern Empire - Southern Empire

Prog 28.09.2016

If prog along the lines of Unitopia, Neal Morse or Transatlantic is your thing, don't miss out on the début album of Australia's Southern Empire, formed by the former Unitopia's keyboardist Sean Timms. Not only do they know how to write good prog tunes, they also have a handle on producing epics: clocking in at almost half an hour, "The Bridge that Binds" is brilliant and worth every moment of your time. Danny Lopresto on vocals is also top-notch. This album is definitely one of my favourites this year.

Try "Forest Fire" or "Hold" and hear for yourself.
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Spheron - A Clockwork Universe

Tech death 16.09.2016

Spheron's much-anticipated sophomore record was released earlier this year and what a record it is. Technical death metal with such a dense atmosphere and the odd progressive touch make this strong follow-up a must listen. Without sacrificing their immense skill, addictive groove, or crazy aggression, Spheron certainly colors outside the lines with this one. Go exploring.

Melt your face at their Bandcamp.
Picked by: Susan
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Vôdûn - Possession

Stoner 04.09.2016

If there is an album released this year that will knock you flat on your back then this has got to be Possession, a début album by Vôdûn. A powerful rocking statement, this has been one of the most memorable releases this year and my personal go to album when low on energy. It can kick start you like no other and goes to show that a trio of guitar, drums and vocals is still enough for good music.

Try "Loa's Kingdom" or "Mawu"
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ScreamingSteelUS, Susan, BloodTears
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Inquisition - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith

Black 01.09.2016

Apparently the band has read on the internet that their vocals are ridiculously annoying and acted on that. They managed to craft a lot of great music too.

Hammers Of Misfortune - Dead Revolution

Progressive 23.08.2016

Intelligent, expansive, diverse. Engaging, intriguing, inspired. If these six adjectives appeal to you, give this album a chance.
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Fat & Sassy!, Marcel Hubregtse
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Wo Fat - Midnight Cometh

stonerdoomsludge 22.08.2016

Discussing this with Pippin, he described as "If Orange Goblin and Tool had a psychedelic doom baby". What he said. bandcamp cometh

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