Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War

Technical Deathcore 08.07.2015

Now this is a story all about how this world got flipped, turned upside-down.
Give Thy Art Is Murder 41 minutes, just sit right there,
And let them explain how mankind walks towards its despair.

Listen here.

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J. N.
Mr. Doctor, psykometal, GT

Anopheli - The Ache Of Want

Post-hardcore , Crust punk 03.07.2015

Having released one of the best EP's of the year in 2014 with their demo A Hunger Rarely Sated, Anopheli have followed this up with an equally brilliant yet slightly more refined debut album The Ache Of Want. This is 40 minutes of cello infused Crust punk/post-hardcore that deserves your attention, so go give it a listen NOW!

Listen here
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Darkside Momo
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Metallic Taste Of Blood - Doctoring The Dead

Experimental and noisy 30.06.2015

This album is an amalgamation of ambient atmosphere, structure and noise. It's convoluted yet sensible enough not to appear to be completely out to lunch. This is food for the restless mind. If you, like me, enjoyed their début album, this will definitely sit well with you.

Try the album teaser at SoundCloud.
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Darkside Momo

Heavydeath - Eternal Sleepwalker

death doom 30.06.2015

First offering from the former Runemagick members lives up to the name Heavydeath. Great doom tunes, deathy vocals - but a good share of droning elements are the perfect accompaniment. And it is a tad amusing that Eternal Sleepwalker was released on Caligari records.
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Marcel Hubregtse, Deadsoulman

Sleep Terror - Unihemispheria

Technical Progressive death metal 27.06.2015

I'm not sure what keeps instrumental tech-death musicians from sleeping at night, but as long they keep producing these fantastic insomnia-themed albums, I hope they never find rest. Bonus, better-produced versions of select tracks from 2006's Probing Tranquility. For the sleepless, fans of metal jazz fusion and these bands: Blotted Science, Cynic, Animals As Leaders, Exivious, Atheist, Pestilence, Chimp Spanner, Sky Sanctuary, Anup Sastry, Canvas Solaris, Cloudkicker.
Picked by: Introspekrieg
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Weedeater - Goliathan

Good ol' Southern sludge 24.06.2015

Nothing new and fancy to see here, folks, just pounding, crunchy sludge with a bit of a bluesy twist that hits the groove gene right where it needs to. If you can't get enough of the sound of bands like Bongzilla, Eyehategod, etc. and you haven't yet heard Weedeater, do yourself the favor. Finger-lickin' good!

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iwrestledabearonce - Hail Mary

Avantgarde Mathcore 18.06.2015

Everything you knew about the wacky iwrestledabearonce is gone: The band sold their souls and the outcome is Hail Sat... Mary.

Listen here.
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J. N.

High On Fire - Luminiferous

Stoner/Sludge 18.06.2015

High On Fire release another album. Bitter runs around Rancho de COld throwing empty beer bottles and air punching. Take a drink. Just be sure to empty it before throwing if you've got this album blaring in the background. That's a pro tip.

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My Sleeping Karma - Moksha

Psychedelic Stoner 14.06.2015

For some odd and inexplicable reason I tend to forget how damn good My Sleeping Karma albums are. What a fabulous trip this one is. Grab something relaxing to drink, hit play, and enjoy. Oh, and if you have a chance to see them live, do so; trust me, you're in for a treat.

Listen to "Prithvi" or "Moksha" off the new album.

Forefather - Curse Of The Cwelled

Sóncræft Angelcynnes 11.06.2015

Grab your sweord and scyld, because those pesky Danes are back demanding their Danegeld. How will you ever be Engla Cyning if you keep throwing all your geld at those wave-walking interlopers instead of building burhs? Arm thyself, ye thegn of Wessex, and let Forefather lead you to æsctír.
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Kontinuum - Kyrr

Post 07.06.2015

This is a fantastic album. Awesomeness runs strong in this one beyond my expectations even. I love how some of the songs almost reach out into gothic territories. If amidst the Sólstafir drama you are looking for a new Icelandic favourite, this should definitely be your choice.

Head over to Bandcamp to give it a listen.

Bong - We Are, We Were And We Will Have Been

Epic hail Shiva Hindu raga sitar drone 01.06.2015

Are Bong really doing anything new here? No. Do they need to? No. Coming back with another chapter in their sitar-fueled drone rituals, the band's music is as focused, relaxing, and meditative as ever.

Go get yo trance on.

Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice

Ambient Black Metal 28.05.2015

Too much of a fanboy? Probably...
Yet I still feel the obligation to remind our users that one of the modern classics of black metal has just turned a decade old.

It remains as unique and soul-draining as the very day it was released.
No happiness, no sadness, no fear, no hope... Pure emptiness.

Celebrate the void!

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Unrest - Grindcore

Grindcore 24.05.2015


Grindcore here.

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J. N.
Mr. Doctor, Darkside Momo

Izah - Sistere

Sludge 23.05.2015

I reviewed their 2008 EP and thought they had potential. Consider that potential realized. Four tracks, all over 10 minutes, one over 30 - including one from the EP - show they've improved significantly over the years. Well done.

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